Instagram on Tuesday announced that it would be adding two new options to the suite of tools in its photo editing app. Those tools are ‘Fade’ and ‘Color,’ and they will allow users to further tweak the appearance of their photos before sharing them on the social network.

More specifically, Color will bring about the ability to tint the highlights or shadows within photos with choices of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, cyan and green. Fade, on the other hand, will enable users to bring a quiet tone to their photos by softening colors.

Additionally, TechCrunch notes that Instagram has also added alerts for individual accounts, allowing you to receive push notifications when your favorite users post updates. It’s a great feature, and should play nice with the Apple Watch when it launches later this month.

Today’s update, which is labeled as build 6.10.0 for iOS, comes less than 6 months after the last major Instagram release which added 5 new filters and support for slow-mo video uploads. It’s available today on Android, and will be rolling out to iOS over the next few days.

If you don’t already have it, you can find the Instagram app in the App Store for free.

Source: Instagram

  • Merman123

    Wake me up when they update their icon… -___-

    • Ethan Humphrey

      Yeah, they designed a new icon for the apple watch app that looked pretty good but I don’t get why they don’t just use that as a new icon.

    • Miguel John

      it’s so annoying and an eyesore on my homescreen

  • Jeiivy

    no share extension, no ipad one smh

  • Still missing:

    1. Lens blur
    2. Soft focus


  • workin

    instagram crashes on me since 6.5.3.
    They updated 8 times in 2 weeks but only 6.5.3 works for me still.
    Iphone 4 jb

    • leart

      I’m fine with this one

      • workin

        All my apple devices that used taig to jailbreak don’t work with newer instagram versions. I’ve a few issues with taig.

      • leart

        no clue, I’m using 3-ios 6 devices and one on ios 7 🙂

      • workin

        Ohhhh it was a conflict with Instahancer.

  • We want an official iPad app.