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The Apple Watch sales process and purchasing experience will be more elaborate and exquisite than originally thought, according to internal training documents seen by Arnold Kim, who runs MacRumors.

Apple is revamping its retail stores ahead of April 10 Watch pre-orders and try-on appointments and has detailed in an internal brochure for retail staff the various process for both customers and employees, including playing with different bands, trying on demo units and more.

We also got our first good look at special display cases for the Watch that will be installed in Apple Stores and learn about other interesting details surrounding the shopping experience as Apple has envisioned it.

“According to leaked Apple documentation, the company will not be selling the Apple Watch to walk-in customers at launch,” Kim writes. Between April 10 pre-orders and April 24 launch, would-be Watch owners will be permitted to have hands-on try-on appointments at Apple’s retail stores.

Making a try-on appointment for a specific Watch model does not automatically reserve that device for purchase.

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The documents suggest that walk-in retail purchases for the Watch won’t be allowed at launch so you’ll need to make an online appointment using the new Product Reservation system which Apple is using for the Watch instead of the regular Personal Pickup.

“If a customer walks in and wants to purchase a watch, offer the option to try on a watch,” reads Apple’s internal memo to retail staff. “Then help them place an order online or through the Apple Store app.”

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Walk-in purchases will be likely permitted at a later stage, after the initially strong demand has cooled off. I’m liking that the luxury aesthetic is being applied to the Watch sales process.

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In another article, Kim added that arbitrary mix and match Band options outside Apple’s casing and band combos listed on the online store won’t be allowed during Watch try-on appointments.

There will be eighteen specific Watch combinations on display at try-on tables and ten specific combinations at try-on cases. Watch units inside these specially designed tables will run a demo loop showing off key features, “making it a magical display”.

“We will not size links or swap bands” at the try-on table or try-on cases, reads Apple’s leaked document. Each customers will have between five and fifteen minutes to play with the device during his or her try-on appointment.

As for the Apple Watch Edition, people interested in the $10,000 – $17,000 edition of the 18-karat gold devices will skip the lines as Apple will treat them to a one-hour appointment with private lessons, 24/7 support and other perks.

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That’s because Edition customers are “interested in this collection for the intrinsic value that a gold watch offers along with the unique style choices available,” as per internal docs, so the sales experience “is intended to be extremely personal, elegant and purposeful”.

Briefing notes to employees describe the Apple Watch Edition as “the ultimate expression of extraordinary craftsmanship, incredible innovation, and design driven by functionality and end use”.

It’s about “technology becoming seductive, with desirability not necessarily defined simply by a price tag or elitism, but rather meticulous focus on usefulness and utility rooted in beauty.”

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Source: MacRumors.

  • ieatcalcium

    Just because the experience is special doesn’t make the minimum 10k price tag worth it. I will NEVER buy a stupid watch that will be outdated in a few years for my wrist.

    • you won’t but there are people in this world who don’t mind dropping tens of thousands of dollars on watches each year so the Edition sales process has obviously been tailored to those rich customers who expect special experiences in return for their cash.

      • Franklin Richards

        I agree most of these people are expected to have exclusive customer services such as the services they get in LV or Gucci stores. Practically one to one service if not more.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Year, not years.

  • Alberto Espinal

    And you go to Best Buy and you pass by Android wear and don’t even realize is there, why because your product was not thought out, it was rushed out because you heard Apple was coming out with a wearable and let me leave you with this thought “The difference between the Apple Watch APIs and the Android Wear APIs are so big it seems like Google just rushed something out the door to compete with the Apple rumors. You can tell Apple put a lot of thought into everything and spent a long time developing this”

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Dude don’t suck up to Apple to that extent. It’s just a freaking watch with a tiny processor. Think about your TV and the rest of the stuff you own, you didn’t have to deal with this BS of seeing it and then going home and placing an order online. This is plain frustrating and if what is mentioned in the leaked doc is true, will turn out disastrous. No one likes to be told to go home and then place and order when theyre there with cash in hand.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Yeah so what, if I have to order online I would and I will, what do you care!

  • I like this idea. It helps keep in control the supply of Apple Watches somewhat (even though they’ll probably be very hard to find for months). I’m glad I’ll be able to reserve it for a pickup at a store through the Product Reservation system on pre-order night. First Apple product campout!

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Camping out for a watch? And for one you CANT buy lol? Batshit crazy yo

      • Gary LE

        It will be funny if people are camping out and then they were told u cant get one at the store on launch day! Lol

  • Eikast

    Do you have to show proof of income to try on the Apple Watch Edition? If not, then I don’t see why anyone would chose the other method

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Looking forward to the awesome of experience Apple has conjured for possible customers. Right on Apple.

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      I disagree, nothing special in trying on a watch. The first class exp for the premium edition is a nice touch, them folks love to be handled like kids with the confetti and a certificate

  • Lucus Bendzsa

    I a my going to probably buy Sport, but try on Edtion just to take selfie and have more play time!