Auxo Legacy Edition HeroThe wait is over; Auxo Legacy Edition has just touched down on Cydia. For those of you that purchased Auxo 2 or Auxo 3, Auxo Legacy Edition will cost $0.99. Everyone else is asked to pay $1.99 to join in on the fun.

And fun it is.

While I liked the sequels to the original Auxo, neither of them felt as cool to me as the original version—a tweak that arguably laid the groundwork for the modern App Switcher that we enjoy today on iOS. Auxo Legacy Edition, Auxo LE hereafter, brings the well-liked card preview interface back to iOS 8 with a modern look and new features.

Using Auxo LE

Auxo LE Swipe Up

To use Auxo LE, simply swipe up from the bottom of the screen like you would for invoking Control Center. Since Control Center is a part of Auxo LE, it doesn’t omit any feature that stock Control Center offered. Think of Auxo LE as a supercharged Control Center that features the added ability to preview and switch apps.

Auxo LE can be configured via a preference panel in the stock Settings app. There are three main sections: App Switcher, Auxiliary Pages, and Advanced Options.

Auxo LE Settings

App Switcher

The App Switcher preferences allow you to configure how the app switching interface works in Auxo LE. This is the primary part of Auxo LE, so configuring it to you liking is crucial. You can setup pagination for App Switcher cards, and assign actions to both the swipe up and swipe down gestures on preview cards.

The default swipe up gesture is a satisfying gesture that allows you to take quick glances at running apps, or open the app fully by completing a full swipe. You can also switch directly to apps by tapping on the card preview, and of course, the standard app switching interface can still be accessed with a double-press of the Home button.

Users have the ability to close apps using a swipe down gesture, or close all apps using a tap and hold gesture. Auxo LE contains a whitelist for indicating which apps are eligible for close all, and which one’s aren’t.

Auxiliary Pages

Like the original version of Auxo, Auxiliary pages exist for controlling music and system toggles. You can set default music control interface elements, along with configuring the AirDrop/AirPlay positioning on Auxo LE’s Auxiliary Settings page. If you’re not a fan of the ordering of the auxiliary pages, you can easily rearrange them from this section.

Advanced Options

There are two main advanced options included with Auxo LE. Open To allows you to select what page is opened upon invoking Auxo, and Visible Pages allows you to hide the App Switcher, Playback Page, Settings Page, or any combination of the three. Unsurprisingly, Auxo LE lets you open to the Playback Page when music is playing, and lets you hide the music interface altogether when music is not playing.

Why I like Auxo LE

If this happens to be Sentry’s swan-song as far as jailbreak tweaks are concerned, then he certainly went out with a bang instead of a whimper. Thanks to Ryan Petrich’s razzle-dazzle development skills, Auxo LE is able to match its design prowess from a stability and functionality standpoint.

Previous versions of Auxo, while really good, always felt a bit off due to some of the lag and delay present when switching apps. Although Auxo 3 updates fixed most of these issues, Auxo LE is nearly buttery smooth from day one, and that means a lot.  The only thing holding Auxo LE back is the iPhone’s serious lack of memory, as app cards often have to refresh after being switched to.

Auxo LE Auxiliary

But the actual switching is far and away better than any other launch version of Auxo, outside of perhaps the first version. If this is indeed the last edition of Auxo that we see for jailbroken iPhones, it’s nice to see that it has gone out on top of its game.

Again, Auxo LE is available for $1.99 for new Auxo customers. If you own Auxo 2 or Auxo 3, then Auxo LE will be $0.99. The reverse is also true; buy Auxo LE, and get Auxo 2 or Auxo 3 for only $0.99.

Be sure to watch our full video above for a step-by-step walkthrough of what makes Auxo LE tick. Once you watch it, be sure to sound off down below in the comments with your thoughts.

  • Zaid Syed


    Just kidding. Great post as usual Jeff. Looking forward.

  • Thomas Hopkins

    Your showing bias to Auxo again…

    • Tony Trenkle Jr.

      Lmao! For good reason this time! The original was amazing!

    • Dan

      It’s his opinion, and imo it’s justified

    • Marcus

      This is a tech blog. It’s not a news website like CNN, Fox, etc. You’re allowed to show bias on a blog. That’s what a blog is in some respects.

  • Elias

    Great post and great tweak!

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    So getting this! Nothing has ever come close to the original. Stratos was too slow for me and the fact you say this is quick and smooth is a great thing to hear!

  • nemopsp

    “The only thing holding Auxo LE back is the iPhone’s serious lack of memory, as app cards often have to refresh after being switched to.” Well said Jeff!!!

    I’ve always felt auxo had issues in speed, even the original back on iOS 6… back on iPhone 4S and iPhone 5

    I hate to say it but Apple hasn’t done anything with iPhones in the past 3 years, they all are very close in hardware iPhone 5/5c/5S/6/ 6+ all have 1gb of ram.. ouch! you’d think they would have updated atleast to 1.5gb or 2gb ram

    as for CPU isn’t much of a Update either 1ghz to 1.3ghz to 1.4ghz and only dual core… ouch!

    like if the iPhone 6S has 2gb ram with 1.5ghz quad core and 64 bit chip, it would b close best phone on the market

    For the lack of memory and battery life and memory is the reason y I couldn’t buy a iPhone 6.. I bought Galaxy Note 4…

    I love iPhones but they haven’t gone anywhere, as future progresses the old hardware is going to affect new updates, performance, and battery life…

    • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

      Why exactly does anyone want an app card? Are they actually going to read the twitter updates within that card and say, nope, not opening that. Seriously what is the problem with the devs here? No common sense?

    • Sleaka J

      Your post confirms it.

      You know nothing about CPUs.

      • Inseltraeumer

        Hell yeah he does! Bigger numbers r better!!! 😉

      • kron1k 

        More GBs and GHZs

    • Alberto Espinal

      Someone is mad, wooow

  • czarczarczar

    Shoulda been an update for Auxo 3 not a new tweak that we have to buy after already purchasing Auxo 3 . Even though it’s only $0.99 it’s still BS

    • Sharma15

      These guys did months of development into making this “update” and you’re here complaining about 0.99 cents lmao

    • SharP EYE

      Lol it’s like you would want a free hamburger in a restaurat in which you bought a cheesburger half a year ago.

      It’s a different item made by different people and for different people and the only thing the two have in common is that they share part of their name. Lol you must be either joking or desperately stupid.

      • Donato Bearint

        Do you buy your hamburgers In a ” restaurat”? I think restaurats do give u cheeseburger. Idiot

      • Niclas

        Wow, you target a totally irrelevant spelling mistake and call him idiot? On top of that his facts are 100% correct.

        GTFO and don’t come back.

    • Alberto Espinal

      It’s $0.99 cents just give to them like I did and never complained about it, a pack of gum is 99 cents and you chew it and throw it out, where is it now? On the sidewalk or on your shoes cause someone spit it out!

  • Dhoklastellar Fafda®™

    Im going to wait for the Auxo – Legacy Edition 2015, which will combine all the ‘tweaks’ in Auxo 2, 3 and LE for just $0.99 yet again.

    these guys are effing shameless. Do they even realize that Tage does a damn fine job without releasing 23 different versions in a span of a year?

    • kron1k 

      Enjoy Tage….

  • John Smith

    There you go again comparing tweaks with auxo. 🙂 🙂 JOKE. Like this tweake and a will buy it right now!

  • SkyFall

    Auto Legacy Edition, Auxo LE hereafter….

    Should be *Auxo Legacy Edition.

    • TonyVee73

      I read “Auto” a total of 4 times.

      • Yeah, my Mac’s auto correct hates me. Thanks.

      • kron1k 

        Auxo correct?

  • sharp44MAG

    Sentry are you going to add a double press of the home button to activate Auxo LE in a future update? To completely disable the stock app switcher.

    • Tyler Smith

      Get speedy homey. It disables any press besides the first one.

    • kron1k 

      Use activator

  • Tommy Gumbs

    Nice vid Jeff. Well scripted. I loved that you were able to cover all the options. Good stuff.

  • Shaw

    QuickDo has similar but more powerful feature in its app switcher for a long time. This Legacy edition was not so impressive though it’s a Ryan’s tweak.

    • kron1k 

      Quickdo uses Activator code…;) who’s king?

      • Shaw

        I was wondering why the Flipcontrolcenter switch toggles are not included here. Even if you are right about the code thing, the king Ryan did not give a better tweak this time.

  • Jason Dieter

    I wish it had the feature to close an open app from the right side similar to the other version. I know I can get something like Tage to make it happen, but I’ll stick with Auxo 3.

  • Al

    Maybe I missed it. Does it support landscape? And is it iPad compatible?

    • kron1k 

      Landscape yes not sure about iPad

      • Al

        I had purchased it already. Was hoping Jeff would had covered it.. Disappointing, the iPad isn’t supported. I’m currently rocking ALE on the iPhone & Auxo3 on the Pad.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Auxo Legacy Edition looks awesome. But sadly I don’t have use for it. I have use a iPhone 6 Plus and have a fairly big hands.

    The position of my hands is more in the middle of the phone except when typing. I use two activator gestures to activate the App Switcher. View pic…

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Auxo Legacy Edition looks awesome. But sadly I don’t have use for it. I have use a iPhone 6 Plus and have a fairly big hands.

    The position of my hands is more in the middle of the phone except when typing. I use two activator gestures to activate the App Switcher. View pic…

  • I have no problem with the CPU speed of an iPhone, but I definitely agree that more RAM is needed.

  • Luis Martinez

    Release date?

  • Linton Findlay

    Pretty useless, considering that Auxo 1 was only made because there was no such thing as app previews before ios7. This only really makes the app previews smaller

  • Hmm what of you bought every Auxo? Lol

  • iLegend

    Auxo on iOS 6 was the best tweak! Glad to see classics coming back!

  • Frizzle

    CSWITCHER free

  • Tommy Trinh

    Is it compatible with flipcontrolcenter and tage?

    • Mr_Coldharbour

      I’m using CCSettings which is exactly the same as FlipControlCenter and I have 2 pages of toggles (5 per page) and it works just fine. FlipControlCenter should be more than just fine considering as it’s by the same dev of AuxoLE (Ryan Petrich). I don’t know about Tage though.

  • Kevin Chen

    I cannot find Auxo Legacy Edition on Cydia. Is there a specific source I need to add?

  • Buzz { Light:Year; }

    Looks pretty bad

  • Templar

    No Hot corners rather stay with A3

    • kron1k 

      They are fully compatible with each other try it out!!

  • David Arranz

    I have installed Auxo 3. When installing Auxo LE always stays in Safe Mode. I have to uninstall Auxo 3 to run Auxo LE properly?

    • Blip dude

      They both work together apparently.

  • Melma

    Just bought it nd its working perfect on my iphone6+ Thank you.

  • MSiqueira

    Jeff, any word about compatibility with Control Center toggles Tweaks like Flipcontrolcenter, CCControls, etc.?

    • kron1k 

      Good to go

  • CanadianEh

    Hate how the app switcher isn’t part of this.

    • Al

      Not sure what you mean? It’s apart of it.. Just a swipe away..

      • CanadianEh

        When I hit the home screen button twice and the app switcher pops up, I want something there

      • Al

        Not sure if you have Auxo 3, but your best bet is to stay with Auxo 3 if you want to combine AppSwitcher & CC. Because Auxo Legacy is for people who prefers the old style of AppSwitcher instead of the iOS 7/8 way.

      • CanadianEh

        I want the same card style on auxo legacy on the app switcher. Does auxo3 have that?

    • CanadianEh

      any good app switchers to go along with this jb?

  • Kevin Chen

    Help me? It puts my iPhone 6 Plus into Safe Mode

    • kline1

      Same here!

      • Kevin Chen

        I have removed all the control center extension tweaks and it still does that. Is there some sort of tweak I need to uninstall?

  • bd14u

    what if I disable control Center in Apps, will this work as well or be disabled?
    I hate it when i’m playing something and I will swipe the control center accidentally.

  • Roderick Lathon

    So does this edition not include being able to swipe up from the left to go to the home screen and/or lock your device. I really liked that function to keep me from using my home button as much.

  • Mike Ochoa

    Hi Jeff. Is there anyway to make an iOS divice an airplay reciver?

  • john diaz

    Be careful not to install with the original Auxo as it got my phone bricked.

  • bln

    Same Problem with iPhone 6+ After installing device go into Safemode. Somebody Kow the reason and how to fix?

  • Adrian D.

    Why have pages in control center when the default iOS has all of these controls (with the exception of app switcher pages) in ONE view? It seems like more work to swipe between pages rather than having all of them in one shot. Just doesn’t do it for me.

  • Blip dude

    Hmm, got it, but gonna pass. No iPad support, and while this does work in Landscape mode on the iPhone 6 Plus, it just isn’t what I was expecting. Switchr for iPhone on iOS 7 (sorta) worked the way Auxo 1 worked (but even Switchr had its share of bugs). Also, this quite doesn’t play with Auxo 3 the way I wanted too. This truly just wasn’t what I was expecting, so I’ll stick to Auxo 3 and hope they fix those Landscape Bugs.

  • Richard Clark

    Note that on the vid it works with 8.2.1 can’t even buy this cydia won’t let me even though i have auxo 3 working fine on my iPhone 6plus iam having a few tweaks telling me this any way off getting round this thanks richard

  • B.A.M.F.

    the only

  • Skyline83

    Does it crash springboard on first respring for anyone else? For some reason I’ve been having issues with his tweaks lately, I had to get rid of the biolockdown for not working right and I tried contacting him about issues many times and it’s like emailing a brick… Disappointed cause I paid for all his tweaks that I owe!

  • Johnny Bravo

    Do I remove Auxo 3 before installing?

    • Joe

      Bump! Should we remove Auxo 3 before using Auxo LE?

  • Luis Martinez

    Does anyone know how to disable the standard app switcher?

  • OrlandinhO


  • Does it Matter?

    The best way to use ALE is with TAGE. TAGE really has some cool features like swipe up from right to close an app and double click anywhere on home screen to lock the device. ALE + TAGE = Killer combo IMHO

  • Mr_Coldharbour

    Just got this today from a tweak giveaway, been waiting for weeks but I finally have the privilege to use it and it’s absolutely amazing! Thanks Sentry and Ryan for making this amazing tweak.