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Over the past few days, I’ve been working with developer MohammadAG to test his in-progress iOS-to-Android Wear application on the LG G Watch. This application, which has a ton of potential for both jailbreakers and non-jailbreakers, allows iOS to forward notifications to Android Wear devices. In the video that follows, I showcase some of the features that are in the current version of Mohammad’s new Android Wear APK.

How it works

You might think you’d need to jailbreak your iPhone in order to have it send notifications to anything that’s not an Apple Watch, but that isn’t the case. As the Pebble Watch and other similar devices have proven, you can have limited communication thanks to the ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service) spec.

According to Apple’s developer library, ANCS does the following:

The purpose of the Apple Notification Center Service (ANCS) is to give Bluetooth accessories (that connect to iOS devices through a Bluetooth low-energy link) a simple and convenient way to access many kinds of notifications that are generated on iOS devices.

The ANCS is designed around three principles: simplicity, efficiency and scalability. As a result, accessories ranging from simple LEDs to powerful “companion” devices with large displays can find the service useful.

The key here is simplicity, as this won’t allow for complex two-way communication like will be possible with Apple Watch. Just like the Pebble Watch is limited in scope, so too will Android Wear devices be.

Of course, if you’re jailbroken, then that can open up a range of possibilities that aren’t normally possible. As of now, though, Mohammad is focused on the stock experience before venturing into the infinite possibilities jailbreaking might offer.


During my testing period, Mohammad and I have spent several hours testing out iOS notifications on my LG G Watch. The installation isn’t completely streamlined at this point, but he’s making some serious progress. Mohammad is a very smart guy, and he’s been quite patient with me throughout all of this. That, in and of itself, is no small feat :).

Android Wear Battery iPhone

Installation basically involves installing an APK on the Android Wear device, enabling Bluetooth Sharing on the iPhone, and pairing the watch with iOS. That’s the much-abridged version of the story, anyway.


My LG G Watch can control music playback, answer calls (the actual talking is still done on the iPhone), receive and view notifications, and provide iPhone battery status. I’m probably missing a thing or two, but progress has been steady, and more features are thus planned.

Android Wear FaceTime


I think it’s only a matter of time before Google opens up Android Wear to iOS, and that may come as soon as its annual I/O developer conference this May. Android Wear has the potential to be just as good (or better) than the Pebble Watch on iOS devices right now. Obviously, it (and nothing else) will not be able to compete with the Apple Watch in terms of features, simply because ANCS is limited in scope. But if you throw jailbreaking into the mix, then certainly, anything is possible.

What do you think about having iPhone notifications sent to an Android Wear device? Is this something you’d be interested in using?

  • disqus_MgRQT3ajD1

    would have been great if the apple watch wasn’t so close.
    Makes it function like the original pebble.

    • Judge

      I agree

    • Antzboogie

      I can’t wait for them to implement this. It would be great to use my Galaxy Gear with my iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Haduken2g


  • Andrew

    Hmm… Now the decisions… Should I get an Android Wear device, or get the next gen Watch?

    • Merman123

      AppleWatch of course.

      • Geekhound


      • igorsky

        Personal preferences are awesome.

      • Geekhound


    • Judge

      I have the pebble. I’m going to wait for 2 way notifications. It’s coming

      • Andrew

        I have a Pebble too. It’s coming to Pebble? Perhaps I’ll hold off a bit then.

      • But how? Is it going to be jailbreak only? Two-way communication doesn’t sound like something that could easily be pulled off without direct access to the OS i.e not sandboxed like an iOS app or as a jailbreak tweak but with serious battery drain or with an SDK requiring all notifications to be sent to pebble and for pebble to deliver them to the device (this would work but would be incredibly ‘hacky’ and also a potential security risk since all notifications are handled by pebble – or all that use the SDK anyway).

      • George

        Remember when multi window was coming to the iPad. Been enjoying it on my galaxy tab 4 forever now.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        I enjoy on my iPad.

      • Jonathan

        What. Tweak.

      • Mike Colacone Saal

        ReachApp with a triple press activator gesture.

      • Jonathan

        Wow, iPad too? That’s awesome. Thought it was iPhone 6 (Plus) only.

    • Antzboogie

      Apple watch battery lasts 18 hours I have gotten 3-4 days of battery with the Galaxy Gear Neo 2.

      • igorsky

        Yeah but the Galaxy Gear Neo 2 looks pretty awful, so…

  • Merman123

    I thought it was iOS that needed to open up to AndroidWear and not so much the other way around ? Guess I was wrong.

    • Apple still needs to open up more. Take handoff and continuity as an example. How awesome would it be if Apple opened it up so it was OS agnostic and provided developers with an api to impliment making it work on any OS e.g Windows, Linux games consoles, your smart lightbulb, your toaster, etc…

  • Jonathan

    I would love to get notification on my Android Wear Device

    …if I had one

    • Freddy Born


      • Jonathan

        Do I sense sarcasm?

    • Waleed


  • Michael

    I love it. The Apple Watch is ugly (imo) and I prefer the android wear devices over it. Again, in my opinion.

    When will this be released?

    • Ali G

      You can get the beta apk right now from his twitter I think

    • Alberto Espinal

      They have an android website, you are in the wrong one buddy!

      • Michael

        I’m not into android. I just happen to thoroughly enjoy the look of the Moto 360 more than the Apple watch.

  • RarestName

    Oh yes!

  • Waleed

    many of my friends been asking me “yar do you know anything if i can connect my samsung gear to iPhone?”

  • port87

    my make it or break it is answering calls via watch. if u cant do that, you’re not a power ranger.

    • George

      If you do then your battery dies in like 10 minutes talk time.

      • igorsky

        {Citation needed}

  • Without the two-way communication it’s pointless since you always have to resort to pulling out your iPhone to do anything…

  • lolbrown

    Sucks that you can’t change the watch face from iOS yet. Sadly we may have to wait for official Android Wear support for that.

  • Chang in Charge

    Do I hear Jeff rapping in the background?

  • GrandMasterB

    I am seriously dying for this…..feels like it has been years since we first heard about it. I love my Moto360 and I love my 6 Plus and I want them to have a play date!

  • Alberto Espinal

    Ewwww that G-Watch it’s ugly, and Android wear looks so Damn cheap, can’t touch Apple, sorry Android guys but you came out with something not well thought out, just because you heard that time Apple was coming out with a watch and you like monkeys like you are said let’s hurry and come out before Apple does, LOL!

    • Benedict

      No need to hurry when it comes to Apple. They are always last – if they adopt it anyway. Smartwatches are on the market for years.
      And the Apple watch with it’s excessive roundings looks something like a toy but not a watch or anything you really want to wear.
      You have to admit that these Android watches look alot better: (Huawei Watch, black G Watch (mine))

      • Carlos Medina

        OMG! that Huawei Watch though! Oh So sesy yah (Borats voice)

      • That_Fruitarian

        In your opinion those watches look good? My taste must suck… To me those look like feces.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Nope I don’t agree

      • Benedict

        …clear case of fanboyism – Thanks and good night 🙂

      • Alberto Espinal

        Exactly, so what!

      • igorsky

        Thanks for that supremely ignorant statement. Let me point out…

        iPhone – created the current smartphone market.

        Apple Watch – smartwatch market was created because of the rumor of Apple working on a smartwatch.

        AppleTV – created the set top box market.

        So in conclusion, do some research before making silly, incorrect statements on a public forum.

      • Benedict

        Sorry but..LOL!! Since how many years are you with us on this planet?? …my favorite comment is the one about the settop boxes!! 😀
        Do some research yourself on smartfones, smartwatches and settop boxes before you post awkward nonsense! – and try to use something like wikipedia.

    • Dan

      You know there are a lot of android smart watches right? This one has Apple beat by a long shot.

      *edit: this smart watch will actually run webos, not android. But it will have LTE connection which enables the device to make and receive calls as well as text messages independently.

      • That_Fruitarian

        There’s no way I would wear that. It looks so ‘unoriginal’ and cheap – I admit though, I’ve never been a guy who appreciates the look of watches. If I had to wear one, it would most definitely have to be some sort of sport – looking watch. Nothing that resembles jewelry.

      • Dan

        Well that’s up to taste really. I wouldn’t wear this one either, but I do think it looks better than Apple watch. These are the two watches I own right now, when smartwatches look like that, I’ll consider them 🙂

      • Alberto Espinal

        You are joking Dam right, I will give you the Apple Watch Anna’s this G Watch and I will bet you you will pick the Apple Watch but one question what device do you own?

      • Dan

        Speak English please

      • Alberto Espinal

        Fixed! I’m using TouchPal as my keyboard and I didn’t bother to check the spelling, so my question is, what device do you use if you don’t mind saying it?

      • Dan

        I am using the Note 4. My comment about the watch is concerning the esthetic. And in my opinion, there are better looking out there.

      • Alberto Espinal

        I knew too were trolling

      • Dan

        Of course, since I do not currently own an Apple device my opinion is considered ‘trolling’. I simply commented on the aesthetic of the device, I clearly said it was my opinion.

        You on the other hand said Ewwww that G-Watch it’s ugly. You sir, have the spirit of a critic! Being a Apple fan doesn’t make you less of a troll. Learn the difference between expressing an opinion and blatantly spewing out trash.

      • Alberto Espinal

        But the only difference is that this is an apple blog and own an apple device, in the other hand you don’t and that makes you what?

      • Dan

        Someone who has an open mind and is interested in tech be it android, apple or Windows? I had an iPhone before and jailbreaking brought me to this site. Anyway man, I didn’t read in the site rules that having an idevice was mandatory. Stop being an apple bigot.

  • Dudu

    Where is the tutorial ??

  • Andrew Myrick

    I’ve been holding back from selling my Moto 360 just on the CHANCE that this would become a reality.

    • Michael

      Same here

  • Utrarunner5

    The music reminds me of serial.

  • Crazy App Inventor

    Smart move to make android wear cross platform. Apple Watch is ugly and costly. I am open to Android wear but need more than notifications and music control. I have a pebble and LOVE it (7day bat, waterproof 100ft, iOS & Android, etc). New color pebble on its way with two-way communication. These are the things Android wear has to look at but, Moto 360 is sexy!!!

  • john diaz

    Can’t wait for samsung’s rip off of the apple watch.

  • Gabriel Rodriguez

    Apple reject MohammadAG apps helper!!

  • kloan

    Is this available for us to test out as well? Or are we blessed with the privilege to only seeing you reaping the benefits?