Spigen Air Soft Clear Ultra Thin iPhone 6 case

Now that the iPhone screen size is so much larger, a thick case is out of the question for most people. Protecting your iPhone 6 while maintaining the slim feel is not that easy, considering even a quarter of an inch makes a huge difference.

Spigen’s Air Skin Soft Clear case is thin enough to cover your case with the thickness of a piece of cloth, so the added coat is practically unnoticeable.

The case is made from polycarbonate with a urethane coating, which helps prevent yellowing and discoloration. It is form fitted specifically for the iPhone 6 and weighs only three ounces. Spigen claims it is the thinnest, lightest case on the market.

It only comes in clear, which is a semi-transparent frost. It is rigid, but like the name suggests, soft to the touch.

It features cut away portions at the bottom for access to the Lightning port, headphone jack, and speakers, as well as holes for the volume and mute buttons and the camera.

This case is so thin that it does not have a lip that extends past the screen, nor does the camera hole extend past the lens frame. So, if you are looking for protection from screen and camera lens frame scratches, this case is not for you. But, if ultra thin is what you are looking for, ultra thin is what you will get.

Spigen’s Air Skin Soft Clear case costs $12.99 and is available from Amazon. Please note when purchasing the case that Spigen offers a variety of different cases under the same ordering window. The ultra thin one does not come in different colors. It is called “Air Skin Soft Clear.” The other options are completely different cases (and not nearly as thin as the Air Skin Soft).

The Air Skin Soft is also available for the iPhone 6 Plus for between $14.99 and $17.99. It comes in a variety of different semi-transparent colors, but pay attention to the title. Similar to the iPhone 6 model, there are other types of cases listed under this ordering window.

  • Rahnold

    Best case I’ve ever put on an iPhone, by far. Especially so when you consider the cost. Have had it for a few weeks now, holding up just fine.

  • Jason Baroni


  • f1ght3r

    Their quality has gone downhill as of late, I’m a bit skeptical for now until I can try one out for myself.

  • Joshua Thomas

    I bought this case (for 6 Plus) pretty much as soon as they made it available online. Very impressed with the quality, touch & feel, and the clarity of the ‘clear’ color. It’s perfect for someone that wants to keep their phone scratch free with a ultra thin case.

    • Alex Nicolai

      Hey Joshua,
      Does the case allow the experience of the curveness of the screen edges that allows your thumb to smoothly scroll from left to right? I love that feeling of scrolling left to right that seems so natural when the iphone has no case.
      You know what I mean? I’m probably describing it wrong.

      Thank you

      • Joshua Thomas

        The case has a slight lip on each side, it is not complimentary of the natural curve of the phone.

      • Alex Nicolai

        Aw..well I’ll probably won’t get it. I’m all about that curves.

      • h4nd0fg0d

        Yup, deal breaker!!!

  • What’s the point of a case if it doesn’t provide protection?

    • Did you really just ask that? lol

    • Dan

      Scratch protection. I always get a thin sillicone case for every phones. I’ve never dropped em.

  • lemonhead

    bought one myself as soon as it was available…

    I would recommend this anytime ! saved me from some pretty deep scratches, even one drop not as high through…

    And it adds like zero weight nor additional width to the iPhone !

  • This will definitely be the case I get when I get the 6S Plus! I have been using Spigen’s products for some time now and have always loved any product I have purchased of theirs.

    Are the day of the huge Otterbox cases finally over yet? I can’t believe how popular those bulky cases had gotten.

    iDB should really do an article on Apple Care and the benefits of it over the garbage insurance offered by providers. What is sad is that AT&T acts like it doesn’t exist and is impossible to add to a new iPhone purchase. My parents have been suckered into the insurance they offer and they are now finding out why I always get Apple Care. Seems like an article that really needs to be done IMO

  • Dustin Cravens

    I have the caudabe veil and really like it.

  • Jerry

    Or just buy the RingkeSlim which is VERY slim and still has a lip for screen protection. When I hold my phone it doesn’t feel like theirs a case on it.

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Still loving my scarf.

  • Anthony Antunez

    Just a heads up, the case pictured at the top is not the Air Skin Soft Clear.

    • h4nd0fg0d

      Ha, what I thot! Good call hombre.