Apple TV Standing

John Paczowski of BuzzFeed reports Apple plans to show the rumored, redesigned, Apple TV this June at the World Wide Developers Conference, notably featuring an App Store and Siri.

The report echoes previous rumors, and Paczowski says Apple is finally ready to take the Apple TV from a “hobby” to a serious device through a significant overhaul to make it ready to take on the rest of the cluttered set-top box market.

Past new software, the new Apple TV box itself will feature an updated, slimmer design. Inside the device, the report says you’ll find Apple’s latest A8 system-on-chip (or at least a variant of it) and an increase in storage to house the upgraded operating system and app downloads from an App Store.

At WWDC, Apple will show off a new software kit that will allow developers to populate the Apple TV’s App Store with apps.

Paczowski is a former Recode and AllThingsD reporter who is well-connected into the world of Apple.

Apple’s plans for the television have been becoming more clear over the past few days, as the Wall Street Journal detailed Apple’s plans for a web TV service that will work on the Apple TV. Apple is said to unveil this new $30 to $40 per month service at WWDC in June and launch it in September.

Apple first hinted plans it’s doing something with the Apple TV line when it cut the price from $99 to just $69 at a recent media event and announced a new partnership with HBO.

Previously, Mark Gurman of 9to5mac reported Apple has a redesigned Apple TV in the works with a slimmer design and App Store.

Source: BuzzFeed

  • philip Mills

    they can’t get siri to work on iPhones lol

    • Jason Baroni

      Because we are probably going to see some improvements on Siri for this Apple TV to come out.

  • Neat, slowly catching up to the competition…

    • Sometimes slow and steady wins the race…

      • We’ll see how close to the finish line this new product gets…whenever it joins the race.

      • The fact its still around means its part of the race and hasn’t dropped out yet.

      • True.

    • Vince Reedy

      They aren’t interested in the competition. What they are interested in is having the best product in every category they’re in, in their own time. The only thing they don’t do better than the competition is price usually. I don’t mind waiting for a polished product and paying a premium for it, although the polished product isn’t as polished lately. They need to tighten up a bit.

      • “They aren’t interested in the competition. “

        Really? Wonder why they insult the competition then build their own version of the same competitor category. They did that with 7 inch tablets and phablets, and now they’re doing the same with AR glasses (http://bit. ly/1GzIvuc) and 2-in-1s (http://bit. ly/1CCEiGY).

      • richard bryant

        Those were Steves’ words. Notice how he’s not around anymore? I liked his thinking process about bigger phones but unfortunately he’s not here to make that call. Oh and as far as tech goes, yeah Apple isn’t the first but they damn sure know how to make a product and sell it. Just look at all the switches from android to IOS.

      • XZavier

        Steve’s not around because he’s DEAD, if he was still around Apple would be a lot better, at least that’s my opinion, of course I still fall in as a fanboy of Apple, which annoys me, but this is because they really know how to market… But also about the android to iOS, i could be wrong but pretty sure there are a lot of iOS to android also… I would if i didn’t already invest so much in iOS, i mean seriously they are messing things up…

      • smtp25

        You would still have apple phablets because want them. I haven’t seen 6 vs 6+ stats but they would be interesting. Either way the old and small 4/5(sic) inch screens had to go

      • BoardDWorld

        I like your honesty… I said stuff my investments, particularly in apps, and bought a 64Gb Xiaomi Mi3 as a pre-trial to the Mi Note Pro for $240. Best choice ever. So many things you choose to ignore when you’re on Apple.

      • richard bryant

        Yeah they’re are defiantly IOS to Android but I hardly hear Android being able to brag about those numbers so Apple gets the line light. I’m a fanboy too and I’d love Apple so much more if they still had Steve. What do you think they’re messing up?

      • Still Apple showing interest in the competitor’s product, which is what @vincereedy:disqus was denying. As for the sales, I agree, they sure know how to market unlike any other, no matter how overpriced or underwhelming the product may be compared to the competition, it will sell like hot cakes. I believe the same will happen with the Apple Watch and the new MacBook…

    • Joshua The-Legend Wiebe

      It’s not about “catching up to the competition” Apple takes a different route when it comes to technology. They’re not trying to be the best that there is, but simply being different.

      • Unfortunately, only way they’ve been different is after they copy (http://bit. ly/1si5DVX), they tend to hypocritically sue the competition. Other than that, they haven’t been much different from any other compeitor; releasing a certain product category with their own touch-up on the tech.

  • Said it before, an app store could easily run on ATV3 but the OS itself needs a major overhaul! It’s basically IOS 1 and 2 in terms of functionality. Time to step it up if they really want people to purchase a new device. This is obvious rumor that will be confirmed because Apple doesn’t drop prices on things just to get more people to buy them. They drop prices to get those last stragglers in before they release an upgrade. As long as the price is 99.99 for the new model I’ll snag it since the Apple Watch is a bust for me.

    • Rowan09

      Yes but you do need space to install apps and you can’t replaced that on the ATV3. I own an ATV3, multiple Fire Sticks (sell them hacked) and a Fire TV. The Fire TV and Stick biggest flaw is the lack of space for apps. It only has about 5GB of usable space for app downloads.

      • I’ve always been curious, what does a hacked Firestick allow you to do? What is the advantage?
        I have a Chromecast and never took the time to root it because it seemed pretty pointless. Maybe the Firestick has some benefits?

      • Rowan09

        I’m not sure if you’ve ever used an Android device but since it is Android based you can do anything an Android phone can. I have SNES on mine along with Showbox (moviebox for Android), and XBMC. You can watch movies, tv shows, PPV, live tv etc with a hacked Fire TV or stick. The chromecast isn’t really a standalone device and it can’t do half those things I mentioned.

      • Hey thanks for the reply buddy. I just might have to get a Firestick. I would love the SNES on mine. I however have never been a big fan of Kodi (XBMC) very much. It is cool for some very select programs that I don’t have access to with all my other devices, but never gt the hype.

      • Rowan09

        I love Kodi (XBMC) never had any issue with it. Get SNES EX+ and a classic wii controller and you’ll be good to go.

  • Ralph Castro

    It’s happening guys!!!!!

  • sh1ny

    Slimmer Apple TV. Who cares? Just let it have App Store and Siri and probably a new Remote with a microphone… and iCloud Photo Library integration too, please.

    • Vince Reedy

      I could see them incorporating a mic in the remote. I have my ATV3 and 2 showing iCloud photos now.

      • sh1ny

        You can have iCloud photos as of now, but only using My Photo Stream and/or Shared Photo Streams. No shiny new iCloud Photo Library (which resides in iCloud Drive) support yet. Well, it’s beta than nothing.

    • James G

      Needs some serious storage upgrades if it’s going to support iCloud photo library. I have a 200Gb library and it takes almost 9GB on an iOS device just to load all the thumbnails when installed on a new device.

      • sh1ny

        Well, HD (4K ready maybe?) set-top box with App Store support explicitly means more internal storage, I guess. Will it be user-accessible or “cache-only” as it is, that is the question.

        Oh, and what a huge library you have! I wonder how it looks on iOS devices, especially older ones (in regards of performance).

      • James G

        I’m pretty sure we can count on 4K…but probably silently supports it or they’ll breeze over the capability since there is next to no 4K content unless Netflix gets on board with it.

        And yeah, it’s about a 22k image, 2k video library. It works well on iPhone 5 running iOS 8.3 beta. It ran pretty slow on iOS 8.1.2 on an iPhone 6 (especially when trying to add a photo to an iMessage) but I just ditched my jailbreak and upgraded my 6 to 8.3 and smooth as butter. I did have to have it enabled so that it’s “Optimized iPhone Storage” obviously, but the iPhone 6 already had 40+ GB of photos/videos that it hangs on to since I have plenty of remaining storage space so it can retain full resolution copies of most of what’s been taken on the device itself.

        As for my iPad 3, it’s mileage has been somewhat different. iCloud Photo Library on iOS 8.1.2 was practically unusable on the iPad 3 because it took up about 9GB of storage space just for the thumbnails of everything on a 32GB iPad and it just crawled most of the time (as the device does). I’ve noticed some speed improvements testing 8.3 with the iPad 3 (beta 1 was good, beta 2 was awful/unusable altogether, and beta 3 is back to good) but have removed iCloud Photo Library on it for now. I may test it again though but it takes a day or two to fully download the entire library thumbnails as Apple appears to throttle the traffic to/from iCloud I’ve noticed.

      • sh1ny

        Wow… that’s deep. Thank you for your answer. Good to know they’ve been working hard on optimization part. If only it could automagically delete duplicates and assign tags to photos based on the scene itself rather than its metadata…

      • James G

        Before I migrated to, I made sure all my images were in my Aperture library and ran Photo Sweeper to eliminate a few thousand duplicates. Photo Stream had caused me some real problems over the years.

        Then, once I felt like I had cleared out the Aperture library, I migrated to Photos. When the first iCloud Photo Library sync happened, it recognized existing photos on my iPhone that had been imported to Aperture. But if duplicates already existed in the library, it kept them (which there were a few).

        Every now and again I dig through my library and do clean up some things. It’s really a chore, managing all this media. I find that it’s best to just delete bad photos after you take them instead of going back later.

        One of the best things about iCloud Photo Library, for me at least, is that I can do that kind of clean up now from any of my synced devices in my spare time or when perusing through photos and it’s synced everywhere. To me that’s worth the subscription price I pay for 500GB of iCloud Storage. Now they just need to bring iCloud Backup to the Mac which I believe we’ll get with 10.11.

  • therealjjohnson

    Why do I care about a new chip of all the device is doing is streaming content?

    • Rowan09

      Because it will lag if the processor is slow. I’ve owned Chinese boxes and some of them are terribly slow and all they do is stream content.

      • therealjjohnson

        But it doesn’t lag now…why would is start lagging while performing the same function? You can only stream one thing at a time. The streaming itself depends on your network connection so I don’t get it. Not knocking it, but I don’t see the need so to speak.

      • Rowan09

        They are adding an App Store which means a need for more processing power for games, etc and space needed to fit those downloaded apps.

      • therealjjohnson

        I wonder if they are going to add hard drive space again.

      • Rowan09

        Yes they will increase it.

  • James G

    Bring it on! I got two Apple TVs in my house id love to upgrade if it’s worth it.

  • Rowan09

    If you can hack the new Apple TV it will be good for me, otherwise I’ll stick with the Fire TV.

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I would love for this to happen. But right before WWDC we will get articles say “Atv refresh pushed back” or some other stupidness.

    • Alberto Espinal

      Tommy do you ever get laid with that ugly face? I was wondering why you are so bitter about everything lad!

  • James Maxx

    Wired LAN is gone, so I will not be upgrading. I don’t see the TV subscription as anything I would purchase either since I get free HD channels from my antenna.

    I’ll just wait for them to put everything in a giant 50″ 4K HD 3D screen with built in surround sound and smarthome and facial recognition capabilities.

  • Alberto Espinal

    Can’t wait! It is time!

  • Adrian

    “Hey Siri, open YouTube”
    – “Now playing U2”

  • Justin de Vreugd

    I don’t think it’s ganna hapend this year

  • RafaelMelo

    Please help me on this one.
    Will the new Apple TV cost $69 or just the current one?

  • Ha, I use PlexConnect to hijack the Trailers app on my ATV3 for grabbing my entertainment so I’m good