T-Mobile Data Stash

Back in November, carrier T-Mobile USA unveiled Data Stash, a much welcomed deal for subscribers that rolled all unused data over to the next month, for up to a year, while stocking each Data Stash with ten gigabytes of free data.

Monday, the wireless company extended Data Stash to prepaid customers. Just like Data Stash for subscribers, prepaid customers will also get ten gigabytes of free 4G LTE data.

The promotion kicks off March 22. It’s the same deal postpaid customers have been enjoying: any unused data gets automatically put in the virtual Data Stash, where it can be used anytime during that year.

“I’m happy to announce that, starting Sunday March 22nd, Data Stash will start rolling out to Simple Choice prepaid customers,” wrote Andrew Sherrard, T-Mobile’s Chief Marketing Officer, in a company blog post.

“Every single one of our prepaid voice customers with a qualifying Simple Choice plan will start out with a Starter Stash with up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data,” he acknowledged.

Once that bucket is all used up, prepaid customers will see their unused data rolled forward for use up to a full year, automatically and at no extra charge.

The company says that its customers have been clamoring for such a deal, arguing it’s the right thing to do. “It is flat out wrong to repossess something your customers have already bought and paid for,” wrote the firm.

Here’s T-Mobile’s video from three weeks ago explaining Data Stash for postpaid customers.


Unused data will be rounded up to the nearest megabyte, and, like I said before, will automatically roll into your Data Stash every month. As a bonus, there is no limit to how much data you can store in your Stash.

Today’s news clearly addresses another customer pain point, something the Deutsche Telekom-owned carrier has been good at for the past two years.

By comparison, AT&T’s similar initiative dubbed Data Rollover forces customers to wait an extra 30 days to repossess their data.

Source: T-Mobile

  • A’s Network

    Wish they’d extend the promo to the 1GB simple choice plans or even the 2.5GB family promo.

  • Rigs101

    doea anyone know if iPad mini 2 (verizon) work on T-Mobile network? I paid them off and they’re now disconnected any input guys thanks in advance

    • Manuel Molina

      It does. Verizon devices come unlock, but there’s a chance you might only get 4G and not LTE. LTE is faster than 4G, so it’s worth testing it at the T-Mobile store before taking the plunge.

      Hope this helps

      • Rigs101

        Thanks I walked into a store and they told me they dont have a sim for me to test out and it would be better if I buy a new one I’ll try another store

  • Nice to see T-Mobile pushing other providers into the 21st Century. Just like texts and minutes, data plans will be a thing of the past sooner than later.