Tether 1

If you use a Mac in a public place, or around particularly snoopy family members or roommates, you probably worry about leaving your computer unattended and unlocked for prying eyes to see. Locking up before leaving your desk becomes a habit. But sometimes you forget, and it is always a bit of a hassle.

Tether connects your Mac to your iPhone so that it locks up when you walk away and unlocks when you come back. After set-up, you don’t have to do anything else.

I was using Knock to unlock my computer because all I had to do was knock on my iPhone’s screen. Then, I used MacID because I could unlock my Mac using Touch ID on my iPhone.

Tether 2

With Tether, I don’t have to do anything as long as I’m holding my iPhone when I walk away from or to my computer. It locks the screen when I walk about 10 feet away and unlocks when I’m about three feet away.

Download the iOS app. Then grab the Mac companion app here. Open Tether on your iPhone. Then, select the companion app in your Mac’s menu bar. It looks a little bit like a Celtic Knot. Select “Setup Tether” from the dropdown menu. It will search for your iPhone and automatically connect to it.

After connecting the two devices, you’ll be asked to enter your Mac’s password. Then, you are all set. Proximity is your only action.

Take your phone with you when you walk away and your Mac will lock when you leave the room. When you come back in, it will automatically fire back up. You won’t even need to enter your password again. It’s pretty slick.

Tether 4

I did notice a few glitches and bugs that still need to be flushed out when testing the app. For example, sometimes, my Mac didn’t lock when I left the room. My computer would also randomly go to sleep sometimes.

The app’s development team is already hard at work squashing the bugs and another App Store update submission is in the works.

Tether is free for both iOS and Mac, so you aren’t out any money if you give it a try. Plus, if you have an issue, it will probably be fixed in a future update. Download it in the App Store today.

What do you think of Tether? Are you going to give it a try?

  • canorus

    Actually Near Lock works pretty much great already… I don’t see any reason to move on to this

    • I don’t have a Mac, but I did just look up Near Lock and it definitely sounds way ahead of Tether. I would be getting Near Lock right now if I had a Mac, so thanks for the recommendation.

      • canorus

        Well it definitely LOCKS my mac when I walk away but it still, occasionally locks my mac even when my iphone is right next to my mac so… I think it’s not perfect yet as well. (Actually I wonder if it can get to perfection at all. It part of hardware matter I think.)

  • sh1ny

    Just what MacID does after the latest update… I don’t see any reason to move on to this.

  • Frank Anthony

    I don’t see any reason to move on to anything at all.

  • Ahmed Karoui

    Y u no make it available for windows?

    • Ashymer

      cause windows is sh…t?

    • Ignore them mindless zombies, this is nothing new.Same thing can be done via Bluetooth Proximity (http://bit. ly/1CcfIwk) and with any Bluetooth-equipped phone, not just Microsoft’s SmartPhones.

      • Only problem with that is that BTProximity has been discontinued… Anyone have any other options for Windows users?

      • You can still download it here (http://bit. ly/1MzO4uo)…

  • Carter

    Why are people complaining? Seems like two comments are from the same person just different accounts.

    Either way it’s another app and unlike Mac ID & Near Lock it’s free and not over priced. If they were better priced I would have bought Near Lock. I have no problem paying $1.19 and around around that.

    I will give this app a try. Thanks for the review

    • Ashymer

      agree with you! and not every one have an iphone 5s or higher so Mac ID it is useless

      • RubberDuckZilla

        This is actually a very great point my friend. I did notice that you don’t need touch ID for this one. It’s the reason why this one is unique. Good catch.

    • M L

      People complain because they can.

      • RubberDuckZilla

        I think you spelled ungrateful wrong.

  • RubberDuckZilla

    I’m huge on using hot corners to lock my laptop, and I’m a human who doesn’t mind typing. So typing to unlock the machine ins’t a problem for me either. BUT with this being free I don’t see a reason not to try it if you’re looking for something different. Good post Lori, I will be trying it out sometime today.

  • MereUser

    really needs an update… the phone app seems too pair with any mac around even after being paired with ones mac

  • Mark Kramer

    Great so I lose my iphone and now they have access to my mac as well.

    • DeucesWild

      Unless you lose your iPhone and the person who has it is aware you have a mac which is tethered through this app, your statement has relevance. If you read the site for the app, it clearly states that in the event you may lose your iPhone you can simple unlink mac and iPhone via the mac. Do a bit more reading on the product before making arbitrary statements.

    • Elias

      And then you can simply remove the Mac app…

    • Did you really think there was no safeguard in place in case that happens? This has to be the dumbest comment on iDB since someone the other day said the Watch would hold it’s value because it is made of 18k gold… People these days…

  • Jason

    Useless crap, no one really leave their freaking Mac unattended in public.

    • Some live with roommates…

    • Roy Chang

      if you actually work in the office, you would know

  • n0ahcruz3

    I used it, funny thing tho it didnt ask for my password. Its pretty buggy

  • Doug

    I use Tokenlock. There is no app to install on phone either.

  • Bob

    Sounds very secure.

  • Iuri Dos Santos Cunha

    I can’t open the tether app on my mac. It says that “it cannot open” blah blah blah

  • Ingrid del Castillo

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