New ‘Knock’ app allows you to unlock your Mac with your iPhone

knock ss

With the iPhone 5s, Apple made security more convenient by allowing users to unlock their devices with a quick tap of its Touch ID Home button. It’s kind of like having a password, without having to type it in every time.

And that’s essentially what Knock, a new iOS app by Knock Software, does for the Mac. It allows you to keep your computer secure, without having to type in a password every time. Simply give your iPhone a knock to unlock…

How does it work? After installing Knock to both your iPhone and Mac, you’ll pair them using a secure, low-power connection. Then, anytime your iPhone’s within Bluetooth range, you can knock twice to unlock your computer.

From the App Store’s description:

“Faster and safer than typing a password, for iOS and Mac.

You keep your iPhone with you all the time. Now you can use it as a password. You never have to open the app— just knock on your phone twice, even when it’s in your pocket, and you’re in.

Using Knock won’t drain your iPhone’s battery, even if you use it all day every day. Knock securely communicates with your Mac using Bluetooth Low Energy, a new technology that draws very little power.”

And here’s a video of Knock in action:

As always, it’s cool to see developers think outside the box to help make tedious tasks more bearable. I believe we’ve seen a few apps similar to this, but even so, Knock looks polished, convenient, and I can’t wait to try it out.

Keep in mind that because it uses Bluetooth 4.0, your computer and iPhone must support the technology. That means you’ll need an iPhone 4s or newer, and a 2011 MacBook Air/2012 MacBook Pro/2012 iMac/2011 Mac mini or newer.

If you meet those requirements, and want to check it out, you can find the Knock iOS app in the App Store for $3.99, and the accompanying Mac app on the Knock website, for free.

So, what are your thoughts on Knock?