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If you’re unable to update your apps or buy books and music on Apple’s content stores, you’re not alone — there’s trouble in iCloud. Apple’s App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store services have been experiencing widespread outage for straight six hours now.

At first, the company’s iCloud Status Page would not acknowledge the downtime. Earlier this morning, the company refreshed the dashboard which now shows the App Store, Mac App Store, iTunes Store and iBooks Store as being unavailable “for all users”.

UPDATE: following what became an eleven-hour long outage, the App Store and iTunes services are now back online.

Though you can see apps, music, film and TV shows in these stores, you cannot actually buy or update content for the time being.

In addition to these ongoing issues, other iCloud services were down for over four hours. iCloud Mail, for instance, was unavailable for all users so you may not have been unable to access your mail messages.

iCloud Dashboard 20150311 image 002

The iCloud dashboard also acknowledges that the iCloud Account and Sign In services were affected so some people may have been unable to sign in. The Next Web reported that some developer-focused services, like iTunes Connect and TestFlight, are also down.

iCloud Dashboard 20150311 image 001

Making matter worse, In-App Purchases seem broken and logins through the Apple Developer site were affected, too. Even the Apple Support website was down for some users.

Are you seeing these issues on your end?

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  • raodysseus

    Yep – shut out from updating Apps on iPhone all morning (EDT).

  • RarestName

    It wasn’t updated because they couldn’t log in either

  • Yep, seeing all these issues. Hopefully Apple can find the problem and fix it soon.

  • 1Mr_Styler

    I tried updating my Xcode n iMovie 3 times this morning(GMT +8) after downloading, it didn’t install .. Thank God I’m on Unlimited Internet

  • Sims


  • Derp

    Probably got hacked but won’t admit it.

  • Jonathan

    Yep, experiencing it too. When trying to download any app, it starts to spin, then stops.

  • Fleppe :3

    Of course I see this issue I restarted my phone a ton and then went on Twitter, and there was my problem

  • Evade3rs

    As always Idownloadedblog you guys a late, this important news that needs to be deliver on time. A lot of users depend on you guys to be informed and you guys release the info late!.

  • iTC, app purchase on both pc and mobile down on this end…

  • hijas

    yes i can’t to download any app from iPhone and macbook

  • andyr354

    iPhone app store still down for me. Music is working again though.

  • Jeiivy

    Yeap is down alright. Can’t Dlownload nothing.

  • bolencki13

    iTunesConnect is also down

  • Danny switcher

    Can not connect to itunes store.

  • Der Faust

    still down…..

  • Danny switcher


  • Aaron de Silva

    Game Center was down too..

  • John Smith

    Wondered what was wrong with my iPhone (I almost broke my screen clicked that ‘GET’ button on jelly jump)

  • Shakur Ali

    App Store is back on

  • Shakur Ali

    App Store back on