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Now that Apple has divulged fresh details concerning its first wrist-worn device, watchful bloggers (sorry about the pun) are now chewing on Watch news.

Disregarding for a moment the dizzying array of bands at one’s disposal, the Apple Watch lineup is comprised of three different cases, provided in two sizes each. This makes choosing one which will fit your lifestyle not as straightforward as buying a new iPhone.

Now that the most crucial piece of information has been publicized — the full Watch pricing lineup — we’re eager to learn which model you, our loyal readers, might opt for.

As a reminder, the Apple Watch is offered in the following finishes and sizes, along with starting prices for each:

  • 38mm Aluminum Case Apple Watch Sport — $349
  • 42mm Aluminum Case Apple Watch Sport — $399
  • 38mm Stainless Steel Case Apple Watch — $549
  • 42mm Stainless Steel Case Apple Watch — $599
  • 38mm 18-Karat Rose Gold Case Apple Watch Edition — $10,000
  • 42mm 18-Karat Rose Gold Case Apple Watch Edition — $12,000
  • 38mm 18-Karat Yellow Gold Case Apple Watch Edition — $10,000
  • 42mm 18-Karat Yellow Gold Case Apple Watch Edition — $12,000

These starting prices are based on the least expensive bands.

Because Apple’s fashionable wearable is all about customization, prospective buyers may end up paying more depending on their preferred strap.

Assuming you’re the target market, which baseline Watch model do you see yourself picking up? Please cast your vote below now.

It’s interesting that the Apple Watch Sport prices are the same regardless of a band so it doesn’t take a genius to predict this will be the most popular model. Beyond the Sport edition, you really need to factor in the differences in band prices (I’ve listed a total of 40 available sales combination in this post for your convenience).

Apple Watch Companion App

As mentioned above, after deciding on a case size and material, choosing a band can greatly affect the price. Here are a few examples just to give you a feel how prices of the higher-end Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition vary when customization options are considered.

The stainless steel Apple Watch can cost anywhere between $549 and $1,049 — and that’s just for the smaller 38mm version — depending on a band.

Another example: the entry-level 38mm Apple Watch Edition starts out at $10,000, assuming you’re content with cheapening its gold casing with a Sport band.

If you were really going to go premium, chances are you’d be picking up a premium band to go with it. Say, the Bright Red Modern Buckle, which has gold parts. The price instantly shoots from ten grands up to a whopping $17,000.

Apple Watch Sport closeup 001

Complicating things further, not all bands are available standalone.

In the case of the Link Bracelet, for example, the Stainless Steel Apple Watch is the benefactor of a special setup. A diamond-coated Space Black Link Bracelet is paired with the Space Black Stainless Steel Watch, and is not available for purchase separately.

By the way, given a spade of news stories and tidbits surrounding the Apple Watch, surely you won’t mind me recommending our roundup post, which gives a nice summation of yesterday’s announcements.

Please share your thoughts on choosing an Apple Watch for your lifestyle down in the comments. And do feel free to tell fellow readers what drew you to a particular model and size.

  • Manor

    I really can’t see a major difference that would justify the price difference between the Apple Watch and the Pebble Time Steel…

    • Does the pebble have 8gb of onboard storage? This alone makes the Apple Watch worth it for me since I will no longer need to have loads of storage on my iPhone. I just need some Bluetooth headphones now (it’s too bad the watch doesn’t have a headphone jack / port)…

      • Manor

        I have 4 GB of music on my iPhone and never had a problem with storage space. Still, in my opinion, the Apple Watch doesn’t worth the price.

      • In regards to pricing the Apple Watch Sport doesn’t seem like it’s priced too high. If anything it’s the bands that’s overpriced but I’m sure there’s a very good reason for it. The Apple Watch can do so much more than a Pebble though I honestly don’t know how anyone could compare the two…

      • Manor

        Battery life…. Every watch needs to last for at least two days of heavy usage. Me, and a lot of other people I know, that were very excited about the apple watch before are not going to buy it because of the battery life.

      • mike

        you are going to spend $350 because you can’t put you hand in you pocket and pull out your phone…

      • Pretty much and so is everybody else. People are lazy if we can save time we will…

      • Just think of how nice of a real watch everyone could buy at all those price points. Unlike the Watch v1.0, these will actually hold some resale value down the road too!

      • makedonii

        oh i bet my jaybirds will love to pair with that watch when i run! mouhahaha!

      • Gary le

        Did apple even take about storage on the watch???

    • Straightshoota

      the screen quality and the functionality with the os as well as size choices and differences all result in a price difference in these too completely different devices.

      • Manor

        For me, any smartwatch needs to be a watch first and it needs to have excellent battery life. 18 hours is just not enough, and it might not even reach 18 hours, if you use it a lot.

      • Lagax

        Even though people claim it, battery life if not important to them. Everybody would choose better features/quality over battery life. If these devices were at the same price, nobody would care about the Pebble… Right now there are some people, but your average person has (happily) never heared of that piece of crap. Sorry, but that’s just what it is to me… If you look at the screen for example… It’s 2015, it’s not even funny…

      • Manor

        Battery life is one of the three most important things to consider when deciding to buy a new gadget, at least in my opinion.

      • 5723alex .

        That’s why you bought a 1 days battery life smartphone, a 1 day battery life tablet and 3-5 hours battery life laptop ?

      • Lagax

        I just said people say that, but you see that functionality is more important since everybody has a phone that is usable for a day and nobody considers having an even slightly worse phone for a little bit more battery life… Why would your, too… It’s not defining, since it always depends on you how this works… And you know, I think the numbers apple showed off in terms of battery life are very impressing ,.. For a good (or even acceptable, so color) display…

      • Straightshoota

        I agree with you completely. Plus I’m not in on first gen. apple devices anymore, history teaches us 2nd gen is always the best! Thats why I’m a pebble time steel backer. i already own a steel and i truly love it. Next year apple I’ll invest when the kinks have been worked out in the world largest beta test of this new product. Hopefully pebbles smart straps will offer even more increased functionality

      • T_Will

        Just put it into “power reserve” mode and you will be able to check the time 4 times per hour for 72 hours. 😉

      • Andres

        I think that would be ideal. It’s a watch and that’s what it’ll be used for. Only when you need it to use the apps then you can turn off “power reserve”. It’s use first and foremost is… A watch. Let’s not forget that. People that will get an Apple Watch will also have an iPhone so they shouldnt be on the watch all day.

      • T_Will

        The cool thing is the power reserve button is on one of the glances so you would always have quick access to enable/disable it.

      • Andres

        That alone is a great reason to buy!

      • Nathan

        72 hours? My pebble last more than that without a “power reserve “mode.

      • T_Will

        I’m not arguing that the battery life is good, I was just offering a solution to those who mainly want to use it as a watch.

  • Straightshoota

    i think its a kick in the teeth that the dark stainless finishes are a $100 premium over the regular finish. BAD apple!

    • Lagax

      You are so right! I would never get one either way, but I don’t get why they do this… Ok, from their video, there is a special “later of carbon”, but I don’t get how that justifies $100… Charging more for a different color is really unfair…

      • Dan

        Because… money.

        Apple gouges it’s customers with pretty much all of their products and buyers make excuses for them. Just look at the new Macbook…

      • Lagax

        30% profit margins are totally acceptable… Charging more for a color isn’t… I don’t get why haters are always just spamming here… Contribute to the discussion or don’t say anything, but don’t just hate… We all know that apple doesn’t overprice their products, they just charge a premium for them, there’s a difference…

      • Dan

        Yeah removing usb ports, downgrading the CPU to make a thinner fanless laptop, making that not all wristbands are compatible with all watches thus making you buy the more expensive version, eliminating the 32gb iphone but not the 16 gb… Premium. Continue making excuses and they will never change.

        I respect the quality of their products but not the way they do business.

      • Lagax

        A thinner fabless laptop is what people want in fact. Also every band is compatible with every watch? You really have no idea, right? 16,64,128 is much better than 16,32,64…

      • Dan

        I may be misinformed for the watch, I’ll give you that. Don’t have time to check now.
        The laptop, people are complaining so no, not everyone wants that. Can you seriously day 32 64 128 would not of been better for the phone? There’s no convincing people like you and personally I don’t care. Keep drinking the kool-aid. Cheers.

      • Lagax

        That’s not the point… Apple could have sticked with the 16 32 64 pattern and everybody would have bought it… The new pattern is better, so it’s ok… As long as it doesn’t cost more… And there are a lot of people that are ok with 16 GB of storage, not me, but a lot of people…

    • T_Will

      Because there is an extra step in the forging process to make it darker.

  • iPhoneWINS

    NON until they make it thinner

    • Matt


    • Litchy

      The watch does look pretty thick on the pictures but I recommend waiting until you see one in person. The Tech Specs say the watch is 1cm thick. The Pebble is also 1cm thick 😉

  • iViperzLTD

    I’ll be back when the battery life improves, that’s my main concern with this tbh.

    • Litchy

      I totally agree that battery life could be better. We’re all used to watches working for weeks or months. But you have to be fair and look at the apple watch a bit different. You get tons of features including a high-res display and accurate sensores. With 18 hours of battery life, you get that and much more from 6am until midnight! by then you need to go asleep anyway and charge your phone of course. Why not your watch too? I sometimes feel like people don’t want to like new products… It’s like that every single time. I will check it out myself before I judge

  • Avery Massenburg

    I had my mind set on the Stainless Steel 42mm + Link Bracelet ever since it was announced, but after seeing the $1,000 price tag I’m now going for the 42mm Apple Watch Sport for my wallet’s sake.

  • Eli Montoya

    I don’t understand why you didn’t make an option for “don’t want one”

    • Simple answer. Because this poll/article is asking if you want one or not, simply If you do which one do you want. Get it?.. There were polls in the past already asking if you wanted it or not… I see a lot of comments in this post don’t understand that.

      • Eli Montoya

        Lol sounds like someone wants to get the watch. Not having that option would make poll this poll irrelevant to some people. I chose the 42mm Apple watch edition because there wasn’t an option that was for me. There was poll in the past. But now there’s this one.. If I had money to throw away, Id probably get the most expensive unnecessary one on the list. RIGHTT?!!?!?

      • How does it sound that way, I was merely answering his question on why that option isn’t listed. It would only make sense for it not to be listed since is only asking which one you want.

      • Litchy

        Wow… You don’t like a product and decide to sabotage a poll by just selecting one you could never effort? Thats a new level of childish

  • Micky Ganon

    Very expensive for just watch .. without sapphire glass, and water resistance

    • It is water resistant (http://bit. ly/18Ge5L5), still too expensive for saving me 1 second of pulling my phone from my pocket. Sadly, that’s what this category of “SmartWatches” mostly are as of today.

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Can’t see myself spending this much on a watch. I don’t wear a watch now. I rather save my money and get a Retina MacBook Pro.

    • Litchy

      We’ll talk again in 1 year 😀

  • ★Berry

    I can’t wait to try it on in the Apple store. That’s when I will make up my mind on whether I should buy it, but I would probably go with the sports one..

  • The couple hundred people who chose “Apple Watch Edition 42mm” just to mess with the poll LOL

    • Andres

      Doesn’t have to be a couple hundred people. One person could keep choosing a multiple times. Try it!

  • Ryan Bartsch

    NONE OF THEM. Im buying a pebble 😀

  • Andres

    It’s not a bad deal to upgrade to the 42mm for only $50. Considering the price is already expensive af

  • Eli Montoya

    There are so many problems that will go wrong with this watch

  • I’m none of them because I am not dumb enough to waste money on a gimmick device that will obviously have a ton of flaws in the 1st hardware release.

  • Valinor

    Where is the “I’m not getting one, disappointed about the price” option.
    Been waiting for years for something like this, the day is finally here and Apple dares to ask 399/449 euro for the cheapest version…. No thanks.
    300/325 for the 42mm would have been great. 350 I would have considered and probably bought one. But 449 euro….. Idiocy

  • iPhoner

    The watch should automatically go into power save mode when you’re using the iPhone. No notifications etc while the iPhones screen is on. That should save some battery

  • Colin

    Now I think about them I’m going with a pebble time

  • Ishaan Malhotra

    I dont see the option ‘none of the above ‘

  • Mark Kramer

    None of the above. These watches are too small and ridiculously overpriced for the value I’d receive from them.