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Apple’s retail stores will be rolling out tweaked Reserve and Pickup options ahead of the Watch’s April 24 launch, according to unnamed sources who spoke with 9to5Mac. The experience will reportedly differ from the existing system for other products in that Personal Pickup for the wearable device will permit prospective buyers to reserve a desired case and band combination online before trying the specific Watch in-store and completing the purchase.

The company will start displaying Watches within its brick-and-mortar stores on April 10, allowing customers to “preview” the device, as executives put it during yesterday’s press event.

“Similar to the iPhone, Apple has also informed retail employees that Apple Watch pricing will not vary for business customers which typically earn tiered discounts based on frequent past or bulk purchases,” author Zac Hall added.

Apple will start taking pre-orders for the device on this day next month, April 10.

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It’s interesting that customers can pick their favorite Watch model before pre-order by clicking the heart icon next to those models in the Apple Store shopping app, which is available at no cost in the App Store.

Your chosen Watch styling then gets saved in your account so you can compare them and be ready for pre-order. Another cool thing you can do right now in the Apple Store app is compare the 38mm and 42mm actual Watch sizes on your iPhone.

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Just go to the Apple Watch section in the app, tap on a desired Watch model, hit the View Pricing button in the upper right and up pops an image depicting real-life case sizes on the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Apple Watch shipments in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan and United Kingdom are scheduled to commence on April 24.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • Andrea La Rocca

    There will be the pickup option, so we don’t have yo pay in advance? Thanks for the answers.

    • Merman123

      Presumably , yes.

    • Jeffrey

      It worked that way with the release of the iPhone 6 too, so I guess it’ll be the same this time too (I payed when picking up my reserved iPhone 6 at the Apple Store on the release date).

  • dvl59

    WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CREATE A SIMPLE APP WHEREBY SIMPLY HOLDING MY WRIST IN FRONT OF MY CAMERA -> my phone’s screen will display the desired watch size on my actual wrist? Is this even poss w 1 cam lens?

    • John

      Can’t you just walk into a store and try them out yourself?

    • Jonathan

      This would be more challenging than you think. The phone would have no way of telling the distance of your arm from the camera, unless some powerful algorithms were implemented to detect camera movement, and track the arm to calculate the distance.
      Unless it says “30 cm (12 inches) away from camera” then it might be easy.
      But, you can just download the Apple Store app, and see the actual size of the watch. That worked for me and I know what size I’ll get. I’m getting the larger one.

  • Muzz_Tech

    I’m just confused and will probably walk in on April 10th to pre-order. But if you favorite one version and try to pre-order then will you be able to switch case sizes if you decide you picked the wrong one?