Barclays is out with a research note on Thursday indicating Apple’s most profitable business is nowhere close to slowing down. Analyst Ben Reitzes, citing supply chain sources, says the Cupertino-based company is on pace to sell 54 million units in the March quarter, a year-over-year increase of 24 percent.

Usually the March quarter isn’t as stellar for smartphone sales, given it’s coming right off the Christmas quarter. However, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus could be pushing Android users and old iPhone users to grabbing the new smartphone.

According to a research note from Kantar on Wednesday, 13.9 percent of iOS customers in the US switched over from an Android device in January – up from 12.1% in the three-month ending in December.

Reitzes said the 54 million estimate he’s giving could even be on the low side. Given that Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones in the Christmas quarter, Apple would be moving 128.5 million iPhones in a half year span.

After the release of the iPhone 6s this fall, which is expected to have Force Touch technology and upgraded software, Reitzes says that Apple will ship 218 million iPhones in fiscal year 2015.

Source: AppleInsider

  • Joel Jossorfo

    Great News, Apple Gets Better and we Follow!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!

  • 9to5Slavery

    Stock still goes up! Get paid on divs

    • Gary LE

      Would you sell after the apple watch and other mac hardware settles or selling it now? Lol

      • 9to5Slavery

        I would keep it. Divs pay out. That’s the passive income. No need to have front line income if this is good enough. That’s what we all need to do, have residual income.

  • George

    I used my sisters iPhone yesterday and got the worst headache ever, never going back.

    • Juschan

      whats ur everyday phone ?

      • George

        Nexus 6 but I used a 5s before this.

    • Jeffrey

      Maybe you should go to the doctor with that… Didn’t know iPhones could cause headaches!

      • George

        Yeah maybe

    • Cristian B

      I got the same feeling using a Samsung phone. (My everyday phones is the HTC M8 and the iPhone 6)

      • George

        Yeah touchwiz is ugly

      • jake kneller

        Touch wiz is ugly there’s way to much put on top of stock android stock andorid I don’t mind but touchwiz disgusts me

  • Jeffrey

    Jeffrey: Apple could sell 218 bazillion spoons this quarter, but they most likely won’t