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After months of anticipation, we are entering the home stretch in our wait for the Apple Watch launch. But for those of you who are having trouble dealing with the suspense, we believe we may have found something to tide you over.

Newly launched website WatchAware has put together a series of interactive demos, giving users a fairly good idea of how they’ll interact with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and various other popular apps on the upcoming Apple Watch. 

The site notes that some of the demos were built using images from Apple’s presentation, but most come from the developers themselves. There’s about 2 dozen or so apps now, but they say they’ll be adding more as they get submitted.

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At their most basic, each demo allows you to launch the app, flip through their various screens, and exit by clicking on the Digital Crown. Some show only what the app itself will look like, and some include app, notification, and glance views.

We’ve seen a number of screenshots and concepts of what apps will look like on Apple Watch, but this is one of the first (and easily the best) interactive demos we’ve seen showing them in action. If you haven’t yet, it’s worth checking out.

For those holding out for the real thing, we’re still not sure when the Apple Watch will be in stores. Tim Cook has said that the Watch will begin shipping in April, but we hope to learn a specific launch date and other details at Monday’s event.

Source: WatchAware

  • iBanks

    Cool site. Seen it posted earlier

  • iPhoneWINS


  • Fanboy 

    I really wonder if people are going to be checking their Twitter & Instagram feed consistently on their watch, and then proceed to complain that their Watch dies really fast lol

  • Guest

    why? why apps like instagram etc on the watch? Who wants to use watch that way.. play games for example? That’s what the iPhone is for, no? They should focus on notifications, quick reply, music and radio control, remote functions etc etc. not a twitter feed and image based apps…

    • richard bryant

      Really? An iPhone is for playing games? Last time I checked its a phone which its main purpose is to make calls to other people.. And also who cares if they have Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t have those things then DON’T use them! I don’t have them either so I’m just not gonna use them. Plain and simple.

  • James

    Getting the pebble steel then…