Jailbreak the Apple TV 2 With Seas0nPass

HBO is looking to hop onto the Internet TV craze with the launch of a standalone service called “HBO Now” in April, according to the International Business Times.

The publication reports HBO is looking to charge $15 per month for the service, which would offer HBO content like “Game of Thrones” and “Boardwalk Empire”. It would be the first time customers will be able to access HBO without having to go through a cable or satellite provider.

There’s word Apple might be in the mix with the launch of HBO Now. IB Times reports HBO has been in talks with Apple to make the Apple TV one of the launch partners for the “HBO Now” service. “Apple has been most aggressive in courting HBO in a bid to add the service to Apple TV, sources say.”

Apple TV already carries HBO Go for current HBO subscribers. If a deal between Apple and HBO was struck, users would presumably be able to access HBO Now through a standalone app.

Major League Baseball Advanced Media is building the back-end for the HBO Now service and is looking to launch the new service by April 12 for the debut of the new season of “Game of Thrones”.

Source: IB Times

  • ready1take1

    DirecTV is going to be pissed

  • port87

    I’d still like to see a provider offer live pay-per-view services at a per-view cost. IE the upcoming pacquaio fight. If I can pay for the fight and view it via my smart phone/apple tv/roku that’ll be swell.

  • therealjjohnson

    umm…HBO only cost 19.99 at full price. Why pay $15 and only be able to watch via the app or device? If it was $5 to $10 it was be worth it.

    Sidenote: Every cable company has a “promo” for HBO. I’ll pass.

    • Josh

      You obviously don’t get the point. This service is for people who don’t have cable, e.g., people who only pay for Netflix and Hulu, to add into their standalone services.

      • therealjjohnson

        I get the point. But after you pay for Netflix, Hulu, HBO, showtime (coming soon) stars (coming soon) and all the other standalone ones that will come…you might as well pay for cable. The reason standalone for everything doesn’t work is because it all cost too much when added together.

        Also, thats not the only market they are targeting.