spring forward banner

Apple has begun decorating the outside of the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, ahead of Monday’s Apple Watch event. Creative Strategies analyst Ben Bajarin posted the above photo on Twitter this afternoon, showing a banner being hung on the front of the building.

The image on the banner matches the one on the invitations Apple sent out to media members last week for the event, which it has dubbed ‘Spring Forward.’ The phrase is a reference to Daylight Savings Time, which begins Sunday, and hints that the event will focus on the Apple Watch.

In addition to decorations, Apple has also constructed a separate building just outside the Yerba Buena Center, similar to the one it built for its fall event. It’s believed that the structure will also serve a similar purpose this time, as a sprawling display and demo area for the wearable.

The event begins at 10am Pacific time, and there will be a live stream. As usual, iDB will be covering the keynote and all subsequent announcements throughout the day, so make sure that you join us—with Apple Watch and who knows what else, this is one event you won’t want to miss.

Source: Twitter

  • Rupinder


  • Joey_Z

    The watch has been growing on me. I went from “meh” to “I probably will pre-order one” over the past several months… Thanks to the increasingly frustrating Pebble lately.

    • Are you having some issues with the software/hardware lately? Or just the general limitations of a smart watch from 2013?

      • Joey_Z

        Both actually.

        1. People have been asking multi-language support for a very long time, but the hardware is very limited in that aspect for a stable official firmware release that includes more than one of the non-alphabet languages.

        2. The Pebble watch haven’t been updated for 2 years. The new Pebble Time doesn’t rally offer too many game changing functions compared to the original pebble…(even the non-English support is still a pending update in the future… How can you expect a team to install more sensors for human-machine interactions when they can’t even squeeze in enough storage for font…)