DathBanners Lite Green

DathBanners Lite is an innovative jailbreak tweak that just landed on the Cydia store for free. It’s a tweak that takes the average color of the app icon responsible for the banner notification and applies it to the background of the banner. If you’re looking to spice up the look of incoming banner notifications, then DathBanners is your ticket towards doing so.

As you can see, this is a really fun tweak to have, as incoming banner notifications will always differ depending on what app is sending the notification. It’s a great way to add some color and life to the banner notifications on iOS.

In my testing I tried out Twitter notifications and Messages app notifications. Since the Twitter app is primarily blue, the banner notification background color for Twitter messages turned out to be blue. The same thing happened with Messages app notifications—the banner notifications were green to represent the average color of the Messages app icon.

You may have noticed that DathBanners takes the average of the colors on the app icon responsible for sending the banner. For app icons that feature dominant colors like Messages and Twitter, this can result in a good looking banner. But for apps that feature a kaleidoscope of colors, it can result in a muddy mess. Take the Slack app for example:


That app’s icon features a variety of colors, and as such, the resulting banner notification is an ugly shade of brown:

Slack DathBanners Lite

Once you install DathBanners Lite, it’s ready to use immediately. I’m guessing that the “lite” designation is due to the plug-and-play nature of the tweak, seeing as it features no preferences or settings to configure.

DathBanners Lite

Perhaps the full version of DathBanners—the non-lite version—will include preferences for customizing the tweak and the colors that it pulls from. But even in its current state, I think that DathBanners is a winner and I highly recommend that you try it out.

Again, DathBanners is available free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think about it? Sound off down below with your opinions on the release.

  • NicoS45

    How to contact this guy ? He should add features like with Coono, colors for notifications on the lockscreen and NC !

  • 9to5Slavery


  • Merman123

    Awesome. Reminds me of ColorBadges.

  • Jailbreak Guru

    Funny thing about the developer is that he actually cracks tweaks for CyCake

  • Marcus

    FlagPaint, Chip, and now DathBanners. I’m going to check this tweak out!

  • TheShade247

    I don’t know why i have a feeling that Apple will try to steal this tweak for iOS 9

  • Dante Arellano

    I just got it very nice

  • Lhunar

    “Coono” does this already. And its way better in my opinion

    • iKhalil

      Does “Coono” works on iOS 8? It’s because my Curia says “the purchase cannot be completed because of the compatibility”

      • NicoS45

        Yes just find 1.1-4P version

  • Varun Soi

    Remids me of flagpaint7!:)

  • Jonathan

    Hmm, feels a little Material Design inspired.

  • Jannomag

    Does it work with TinyStatusbar?

    • orangebananaspy

      Yes, yes it does.