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The United States Patent and Trademark Office published over 40 new patents today that were recently awarded to Apple. These filings offer a glimpse at a variety of interesting inventions, including an Oculus-style Virtual reality headset.

The VR patent covers a headset that features a slot for an iPhone or iPod—similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. It takes advantage of the device’s display and camera for producing heads-up-display graphics set atop a constant live video feed.

Patently Apple notes that the system has some physical buttons, but many actions can be controlled by voice commands—such as Siri. The system also offers advanced haptic feedback in the earplug area so as to enhance Movie sound effects.

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Apple has been awarded a handful of patents regarding VR headsets, suggesting that the company’s interest in the project continues to grow. In fact, it’s becoming a popular area for many tech giants, including Samsung, Facebook and Microsoft.

The Cupertino firm has become seemingly more ambitious in recent years, unveiling a new smartwatch and mobile payment service last fall. Last week, rumors began to surface that it’s also now working on an electric car to compete with Tesla.

Source: Patently Apple

  • Anmol Malhotra

    And Tim Cook said about Google Glass : “We always thought it would flop.”

    • Carlos Gomes

      If you don’t know nor can see the difference between a VR headset and Google Glass, I’ve no idea what made you comment this article.

    • BoardDWorld

      Google Glass, you’re meant to wear it everywhere. VR Headset is typically used in a private space.

      VR Headset feeds augmented information in your current space. VR Can emulate that but also create an entirely new space “anywhere”.

      I have a deep desire to have my office situated in a remote elevated space with 360 degree views where there is not a single person or distraction. VR coupled with quality noise cancelling 3D headphones.

  • Dan

    I’m waiting for the comments saying that Samsung/Google copied Apple.

    • Fanboy 

      Well, that depends. Samsung will probably release a cheap plastic VR headset. Then when Apple comes in with a beautifully designed, feature-rich headset Samsung will proceed to copy the design and functionality.

      Nobody ever blamed Samsung for copying Apple on making phones, just for copying Apple’s design/software, etc. of their phone 🙂

      • Dan

        Samsung has already come out with one though, it’s getting pretty good reviews. Obviously companies learn from eachother.

      • iPhoneWINS

        thats terrible looking

      • Dan

        It’s actually not bad. Best looking so far. Gotta give the tech time.

      • George

        Funny because it looks like the same shit in the article.

      • Ashton Usher

        It does indeed look like the same poop in the article…. O____O;;;

      • BoardDWorld

        Do tell how it is suppose to look. It incorporates the Note and must have an offset to work in with the optics so sizing is pretty well set across all manufacturers. I think they have done well. I just noticed they use Oculus tech too so you’re going to get one of the best experiences available.

      • Jeffrey

        And you’re a terrible liar.

      • Bankers

        that is really butt ugly coming from samsung!

      • Dan

        Find a better looking one.

    • Jeffrey

      Lol you can wait for a long time then. You underestimate us Apple fans. We’re not like Samsung fans.

  • iPhoneWINS

    no thanks is its will be huge and ugly

  • n0ahcruz3

    Vaporware, this wont see the light of day lol

  • Richard Hawkes

    Apple is copying Google/Samsung with their watch and now this but no one will speak about that haha.

    • Mickey

      I wish my nexus 4 was as good as even the 5s but unfortunately it lacks in some major areas (battery, camera, display) so it’s sitting in a drawer. I’m pretty sure android had many of these features well before the nexus 4 even. But features don’t make an os. There’s a reason why the 6/6+ has been ridiculously popular. Even in countries like China who have had massive and easily rootable android phablets for years. I never understood why fanboys went out of their way to troll the competition. You honestly must have better things to do.

    • ravinigga

      Found funnt things on Google, also facts

      • Richard Hawkes


      • Fanboy 


        Typical android users, “We were there first so therefore android is better!”

        Apple users: “Maybe we had to wait a year, but guess what? Apple always does it right and it WORKS”

        Google Wallet, what is that? Wait, you mean that service that launched 4 years ago? (45 months ago). And Apple Pay, which only recently launched 4 months ago already accounts for 66% of ALL mobile payments? I wonder who’s doing things right….

    • Andrew


    • Jeffrey

      Just look at that comparison and tell me with a straight face that you think this makes sense.

      It’s like comparing a 12 cilinder BMW from 1990 to a 12 cilinder Mercedes from 2015 and saying ‘Dear Mercedes drivers: Welcome to 1990!’. Nobody cares about the cilinders, just like nobody cares about the small features your image compared. Get a life.

    • Bankers

      you fail when you said Apple copying Samsung Smartwatch!! Seriously have you try shitty smartwatch from samsung? It needs help with their shitty design and useless User interface!!!!..

      dont worry Samsung will rip off iWatch a year from now.
      Get a life dumbazz droids!

  • Haha, typical Apple hypocrisy (http://bit. ly/1si5DVX)…bad mouths the competition’s new ideas (http://bit. ly/1ElVgat), makes their own version of the same idea.

    Now let’s hear those iHypocrite “Apple was taking it’s time to get it right” excuses…despite all the former excuses of why Apple won’t make such product.

    • BoardDWorld

      Every company makes bold moves, thus a lead in different features. Executives are paid in competing companies to make the key decisions in preparation for a possible adoption of such features. It’s business as usual.

      Coming around to VR, everyone knows it’s going to be a big part of our future, preparation for such will have been happening for a couple of decades.

      I really believe you need to put yourself above some of the stupid comments on here.

    • Jeffrey

      You call that typical Apple hypocrisy? I call it typical general fanboy hypocrisy.

      BTW, MrElectrifier, why don’t you move to another site to spread hate? It’s not like anyone likes you here.

      • Why don’t you move to an iTardsOnlyBlog to spread your ignorance and mindless love for Apple? I promise you’ll never come across anything criticising your beloved herd master there. Besides, it’s not like anyone misses fanboy idiocracy regardless of which side of the fence it comes from.

      • Jeffrey

        That’s not typically Apple at all, Apple (almost) never badmouths. I’m not saying that as a fanboy, but as an honest person. I’ve personally never heard Apple say anything particularly bad about it’s competition, unlike Samsung…

        I don’t know what your opinion about this blog is, but I think this is the perfect example of your so called ‘iTardsOnlyBlog’. You just move on to some Android or Apple haters blog okay? Thanks man!

      • “I’ve personally never heard Apple say anything particularly bad about it’s competition”

        Haha, sounds like you’ve been living under a rock or are just ignorant about every scumbag/hypocrite move by Apple like every iHypocrite. Here’s a few examples:

        – Calling 7″ tablets dead on arrival, then making the iPad mini.

        – Saying “if it has a stylus they’ve done it wrong” or “no one wants a stylus”, then filing for a stylus patent (http://bit. ly/1LdVB30).

        – Saying no one wants phablets, or they aren’t operatable with one hand, then making the iPhone 6+.

        – Saying competitors like Microsoft are confused about tablets (http://bit. ly/1EoO6Cu), or competitors are making refrigerator toasters, now they’re making the iPad Pro.

        – Saying no one normal will ever wear stuff like Google Glass (http://bit. ly/1ElVgat), then files for a patent of head worn goggles.

        There are many other hypocrite moves of theirs on this website (http://bit. ly/1si5DVX) I linked to earlier, but won’t expect a die-hard fan like you to want to learn bad stuff about their divine corporation.

        Can’t stand seeing negative facts about your divine corporation? Move to an iTardsOnlyBlog like iFans or…

      • Jeffrey

        That’s exactly what I meant with particularly bad about it’s competition. They aren’t like Samsung saying Apple is bad, they just talk about general stuff, like PC’s, 7 inch tablets, a stylus etc. That’s just normal behavior for a company. Samsung particularly targets Apple instead of talking about general competition. You clearly misunderstood. No need for apology though, I’m just that kinda guy you know?;)

        There obviously are exceptions as there are with every normal company, and I’m not afraid to admit that, but Apple doesn’t bash on it’s direct competition like Samsung and Google do.

        And like I said, this is the perfect blog for Apple fans, not for Apple haters, so I really really think you should waste your time on another blog, maybe a blog where you actually get appreciated and respected! Wouldn’t that be nice for a change?

      • Uhm, Windows isn’t general stuff dude, it’s Microsoft’s product, a direct competitor Apple was criticising in their ads. Also, Android isn’t general stuff either, that’s Google’s product, another direct competitor they ALWAYS criticized at their developer conference. That’s as bad anything Samsung has criticised Apple products of. Also, Samsung has targeted other companies, including Microsoft and Amazon in their ads, so you’re just talking BS there.

      • Jeffrey

        Lol, you sir, deserve a medal for humor. I laughed so hard at your comment that I’m not even sure anymore if I should take it seriously.

      • K…

    • Francisco farias

      So you’re showing us a man made tumblr page to show how terrible Apple is? I mean there’s some truth in it but don’t you think that’s sound a little ridiculous, And also you saying that android haven’t make any gimmick phones/features?

      • Uhm, EVERY website on the internet is man-made dude, how ridiculously ironic can you get? That irony aside, it’s a website of links to other website articles that show how hypocritical Apple has always been. So, no it’s not a 1-man story. Any other excuses?

        “And also you saying that android haven’t make any gimmick phones/features? “

        Well many of those “gimmicks”, as you call them, have been copied by Apple and the jailbreak community…so-much for being a “gimmick”.

  • leart

    Here’s the Samsung design version 😉

    • Bankers

      Who would buy this ugly piece of crap? I guess is those dickdroids who owned the samsung touchwiz UI crap smartphone! Hurry Better install avast anti-virus in your android or you might catch virus in your “Goog Glass”!!

      • leart

        That was my point , no one will buy something that truly is designed from samsung

  • Steven Code

    Agreed this is something that apple hasn’t done in years

    • Jeffrey

      So Apple has to release something innovative every year? Do you even know how hard it is to innovate? Real innovations only appear once in +-5 years, not every year, and Apple doesn’t always have to be the one who releases that innovative item. If Apple releases an item based on an innovative item of another company they are ‘thieves’, they ‘steal’ their product, but when every company follows Apples newest products, like the iPhone and iPad everything is just ok… Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

  • Jeffrey

    Whatever you’re saying, please don’t say that Apple isn’t innovative… Please don’t…

    • Steven Code

      First off I respect your option. But that’s not what I’m saying I’m saying there not doing something that is different then other competitors its like there play catch up.
      Bigger screen
      Big phone

      Why? Because people want it and I like it dont get me wrong but I think they need to do something different then others because back then that’s what apple was.

      • Jeffrey

        I know and I partially agree, every S version of their iPhones has something ‘kinda innovative’, like the 5s with its fingerprint sensor. Yeah, you can say that the iPhone wasn’t the first phone with a fingerprint sensor built into it, but it WAS the start of a lot more companies releasing phones with fingerprint sensors. I wonder what the 6s is going to bring. My guess is REAL wireless charging, like being able to charge your phone up to 5 meters from the charging station (wireless). Guess we’ll find out in a few months.

  • Matt