Nintendo is working on a new smartphone app, the company’s President Satoru Iwata told business magazine Nikkei on Thursday. It’s in development now, and should be finished around the time Nintendo reports its annual earnings in May.

According to Iwata, the app will feature Miis—the lovable, customizable avatars that represent players used in Nintendo Wii and Nintendo Wii U. Players will be able to customize their Mii characters, and share them on their social networks.

But just because Nintendo is wading into the smartphone space, doesn’t mean we’ll see game ports anytime soon. Iwata is still very much against the idea, and says he’d rather use smartphones and tablets to push new users toward consoles.

There was similar talk around this time last year, right after Nintendo reported dismal holiday earnings on the back of poor Wii U sales. Many pundits believe the company should focus less on hardware sales, and more on mobile gaming.

Source: Nikkei via IGN

  • Sig Layman

    Funny, I had a dream that this would happen a few days ago.

  • Derp

    Either port the GBA classics or GTFO. Simples

  • klouud

    I love Nintendo, their 1st party games are second to none – no argument, case and point, done, over, nada. BUT!!!! The slimey way they have been handling consoles as of… oh… since the DSi has put a bad taste in my mouth. I can’t stand the incremental upgrades to hardware that has us shelling out money every year or two for another fully priced console. Not to mention that Nintendo’s hardware is normally under powered and crippled. I’ve got nothing but love for you Nintendo. Heck, the only console I own is a Wii – but you either need to get with the program or switch over to just software. Your business model when it comes to hardware is just insulting to the fans.

    • SMH

      Lol? Nintendo has been irrelevant in the console market since the Gamecube era, remember? Back when Nintendo actually had games for their consoles.

  • 9to5Slavery