Nutshell Camera 1.0 for iOS iPhone screenshot 001

Nutshell Camera from the team at Prezi should probably be the latest addition to your iPhone photography arsenal.

Available free in the App Store, it’s really easy to use. Just pick three photos from your Camera roll, add some fun captions and graphics and let Nutshell do its magic. The app will map your photos to video, creating an instantly shareable cinematic story.

Your visual vignettes can be shared with the web at large by posting them to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram or sent to via SMS, email, WhatsApp and more.

The app’s story mapping technology marries the simplicity of photographs to the spatial context of video and the fun of animated graphics.

“Nutshell Camera opens the door for all sorts of unique messaging opportunities when videos feel like too much of a production and plain photos just aren’t adequate for capturing life’s moments,” developers argue.

Nutshell features full camera support for iOS 8 and comes with a library of free animated graphics that can be used to boost your storytelling.

If you’re a photography buff, give Nutshell a whirl. You can’t go wrong as the app is available at no cost and does not contain In-App Purchases.

The iPhone-only app weighs in at 132MB and requires iOS 8.0 or later.

Download Nutshell for iPhone for free in the App Store.

  • praz

    The only thing I can think of is their logo looks very similar to ucbrowser logo

    • Rahimo

      Me too,the first look at the icon of this article , I thought that it is talking about that browser!!

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Someone help… I get this error-1600 . com on Cydia every time I try going on it.. I just jailbroken an hour ago. It happened after installing PrefDelete..

    • InfinitePlusOne


      • Rahimo

        I never saw this error!! But I hope you find t solution!!

    • Looks like a typical case of pirate repo installed on your device. I could be wrong though.

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Is Insanelyi pirate repo? and hakcyouriphone? everything else i know are genuine.I just installed Kodi, MovieBox, and YouTubeToMp3. Also I fixed the problem by removing PrefDelete by turning off internet.

      • Rahimo

        That means you’ve fixed that problem???

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Yes it is fixed.

  • Rahimo

    Awesome, I am wondering if they’re going to make an iPad version !! It is a Prezi product, it is a great company, i used Prezi to make my graduation keynote!!!