iPhone 6 space gray Touch ID

In a note to clients obtained Monday by AppleInsider, revered analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is predicting that the next iPhone will have a much improved and more reliable Touch ID fingerprint sensor that will “offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience by reducing reading errors.”

An analyst with KGI Securities, Kuo is plugged deeply into Apple’s supply chain and has proven reliable.

“We think the new iPhone, expected to launch in the third quarter of 2015, will be equipped with an upgraded Touch ID module, with which Apple intends to offer a better and safer Apple Pay user experience with reduced reading errors,” reads the analyst note.

“We therefore raise our fiscal 2015 shipments of Touch ID module by 12.4 percent to 262 million sets, boosted by Apple Pay and new iPhone models.”

Earlier this morning, Asymco predicted that Apple will ship as many as 320 million iOS devices throughout 2015, both Touch ID-enabled and non-Touch ID units.

Taiwanese suppliers should ramp up production of the improved Touch ID module in the second quarter of this year, Kuo said.

The fingerprint sensor will remain embedded into the iconic Home button rather than being integrated into touch panels, as proposed in Apple’s recent patent filing for a “Fingerprint Sensor in an Electronic Device.”

“Though Apple has filed patents for the integration of Touch ID and touch panel, this isn’t likely to bear fruit near term as complex algorithms and sapphire cover lens are also required,” he said. “We therefore don’t see any impact on supply chain momentum.”

KGI Securities Apple Pay Touch ID 2015

Because he’s plugged into Apple’s vast network of suppliers in Asia, Kuo has been able to make (mostly) accurate predictions about Apple’s pipeline, just by observing supply chain activity.

Earlier in the month, he projected the steepest iPad declines this year since the tablet was released in 2010 and called for an Apple-branded creative stylus accessory to be offered later this year as an optional accessory for the rumored iPad Pro.

Source: AppleInsider

  • “iPhone 6s to sport much-improved Touch ID ”
    maybe support? or am I mistaking?

    • Andy

      “iPhone 6s to sport much-improved Touch ID” means “iPhone 6s to have/include much-improved Touch ID”

      • Oh I see! Thank you so much for the reply 🙂

  • JohnMarki

    Good News. Now, *Crosses Fingers* Please have a recessed camera lens. Please have a recessed camera lens. Please have a recessed camera lens.

    • Fanboy 

      Im sure it will. Im positive Apple could have done it for this gen iPhone 6 but they need a feature to boast about how hard their engineers worked this year lol

  • revivalstore

    If they dont skip The camera hump and uppgrade The camera ill say noo noo

  • (Important)Things i expect from 6S in order of their probability:
    1. Force touch screen (cause its on the apple watch)
    2. 2GB RAM (cause its on iPad… and there’s no going back)
    3. 32GB storage (cause 16GB is just silly)
    4. 13MP camera with possible 4K (cause sony just released the module)

    …sounds good to me. ’bout time i upgrade the 5s!

    • Walcy Carroll

      I can see everything happening… except 13mp camera upgrade, I see them doing 2 lenses, or improving the software…. then again the 16gb version may stay around.. some people just want a new phone and dont care about the storage size, but with the ios image getting bigger each year eventually i can see the 32gb being the default.

    • James G

      I’m guessing force touch will be on iPhone 7. It will require a hardware redesign (I’m guessing) and the 6s will just have different internals; likely zero change aesthetically.

    • Martynet

      hmmm… I bought 128 GB iPhone… no more storage problems. But I agree they should drop the 16GB model or give people 1TB free cloud storage.

  • Jason Baroni

    Touch ID on my iPad Air 2 is not flawless as it is on my 6 Plus. Does need some work on.

  • James G

    I think the biggest problem is the sensor gets dirty. Our fingers leave fingerprints on it almost every time we touch it. Just about any time I’ve had Touch ID not authenticate, I look at the sensor and see a fingerprint on it. Wipe that off and it works just fine.

  • n0ahcruz3

    According to my sources iPhone 6s wont have the protruding camera. Lol