MacBook Air (lid half open, finger)

Czech-based Apple rumor site reports that Apple will be refreshing its online store with a minor update for the MacBook Air on February 24.

It’s not the massive retina MacBook Air update we’ve been waiting for, however the website claims processor, storage, and RAM improvements will be landing on the ultra-thin laptop – specifics weren’t shared.

Apple is known to refresh its Mac products mid-cycle with small performance boosts. The last update for the MacBook Air was 286 days ago, that brought new Haswell processors with a slight increase in battery.

The 11-inch version of the MacBook Air starts at $899 and the entry-level 13-inch version starts at $999, after receiving a price cut last year.

We’ll be looking out for the latest on February 24, if the new report on Sunday is indeed true.

Source: via 9to5mac

  • Andrew

    Waiting for an updated Pro to make the jump to a new Mac.

    • ilikeiphone

      August maybe?

      • Richard Michaels

        I already seen Jupiter Ascending, Seventh Son, Project Almanac, Blackhat, American Sniper, The Boy Next Door, Blackhat, Mortdecai,, The Wedding Ringer and Taken 3 on my iPhone 6 from lMOVlESAPP(dot)COM..

      • Andrew

        The sooner the better, in my opinion.

  • Alexander Hansen

    I’m not surprised.

    I got a feeling that the “Ultra-Thin MacBook Air” is just the iPad Pro considering we have seen no casings at all. Only a “leaked” screen.

    But it would make me happy if they made all MacBooks available in Silver, Space Grey and Gold. I won’t care much for the Gold though, just the Space Grey.

    But who knows, maybe the “small” updates could be a retina screen, still skeptical on the “ultra thin” tho. They really do not need to make that Mac thinner. Apple needs to learn that it’s not just about making everything thinner and thinner.

  • hhumbert

    That would suck. I’ve been running on a 2012.5 MBA 11″ for a while now. Last time, the incremental battery improvement just wasn’t worth it. Now, I’m due. It’d be great to slip into a 12″ retina MBA. This current Air just feels like it’s getting sluggish and old.

    • Jack Wong

      I am not trying to pick a flight but if the incremental battery improvement from 2012 to 2013/2014 is not worth it? Then I guess you can stick with this for few more years.

      I have upgraded from 2011, 2012 and 2013 Macbook Air 11.6″, the battery improvement is huge from 2012 to 2013, it is like ~2hours to ~6hours in my case.

      • hhumbert

        I don’t take your comment as being antagonistic at all. Thank you for that information. That was one of the big things that i had heard about the Mac Airs after 2012.5. For me, it wasn’t enough. Retina would be enough.

      • Jack Wong

        We always looks for more improvement/new feature but we know they will only put 1 for each upgrade…

        I upgrade the iPhone(me&my wife)/iPad(for my wife only) yearly and I don’t mind to do that for the Macbook Air as well because the resell value is very high.

        But I did not do it for the Macbook Air last year because of the slower version of the SSD.

    • Smartest Dev

      Make sure you get an i7 😉 nothing less.

      • hhumbert

        As long as the i7 is in the 11″. In 2012, I ordered the 13″ as soon as it was available, but then I returned it to Apple because it was too big.

      • Ryan Bartsch

        How is 13 inch too big for a laptop????
        I find my 15 MPB too small, i want a 17 inch or 18.

      • Smartest Dev

        lol 13″ too big… WHAT.

        To each their own.

      • hhumbert

        13″ doesn’t fit into my small golf carry bag. It’s harder to open on a plane if you’re stuck in Coach (in the US). To each their own, indeed.

      • Smartest Dev

        13″ is the standard size laptop. Not even sure how you get work done on such a small screen.

        Hands crammed on they keyboard, apps and browsers not displaying correctly. :3

  • Matt

    Please!! Because that new Dell XPS13 sure does look stunning and makes want to go out and buy one right now. But I will wait patiently…
    I’m actually very excited based off the rumors.

    • raulortiz318

      It definitely is a nice device. I wish we could get a retina display in a MacBook Air, but they may not be able to hit that 9-12 hour battery life just yet. It’s hard when the competition has better specs, but then you see what gets sacrificed to achieve that.

      It’ll be interesting to see what comes of that rumored 12 inch device!

    • Smartest Dev

      Looks horrible, and will probably run slow after a month… it’s a “DELL” xD

      • rokr9

        If this laptop was made by apple then you would all be like “WOW!! look at the bezels on the screen”. Leaving OS aside, Dell did a great job in designing that laptop.

        P.S: I’m a apple fan, i appreciate other products too.

      • Smartest Dev

        … I care for performance. I could care less who the tech is made from. We all know the crap that Dells are made of. I give it a month before that laptop runs like crap. Typical Dell made of crap… as usual.

        😉 I’m no Apple fan. I just have a Macbook for development purposes. I have a God Tier Custom build PC. 😉 Even my keyboard is pulsing rainbows at me. Got to love that K70 RGB Cherry MX Reds 😉

        I’m no fan of anything. I’ll never be brand loyal…. ever.

      • George

        Ignorant much?

      • Smartest Dev

        Nope… You think it’s a coincidence Dell is on the verge of bankruptcy? ignorant to business much? Don’t tell me you have a Dell and I insulted you? haha… buy a real PC, champ.

      • George

        No I don’t have a dell but most offices still use them and they still work like a champ over the years.

    • Hammaad Ch

      This is really nice. which model is it ? dell ??

      • Ariel


      • Matt

        The 2015 XPS13

  • Ryan Bartsch

    The air sucks, retina MBP is so much better.

  • Al Fresco

    If they added a retina screen battery performance would suffer greatly. They still haven’t been able to properly package both features. My rMBP is a 2-3 hour machine on battery power and that won’t cut it for a mass release.