Twitter and Google have struck a deal that will allow the microblogging network’s 140-character tweets to appear in search results. The deal is believed to help Twitter reach more non-users, and at the same time, allow searchers to gain more real-time information.

Bloomberg reports that tweets will begin appearing in Google within the first half of this year, and tweets will start to be visible in Google’s search results as soon as they’re posted, thanks to a deal giving the Web company access to Twitter’s firehose.

Google and Twitter previously had a similar deal worked out four years ago, until Google launched Google+ and moved away from similar social partnerships. Neither company has confirmed the new deal.

Twitter has become the go-to for news reporters and audiences to access real-time information, posted from all over the world. With tweets now embedded in Google Search results, if Bloomberg’s report pans out to be true, it will mean an easier way to access real-time information.

Many investors have been calling for the removal of Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter, after they’ve seen him unable to move quickly enough to create a better product and make more people sign up for the service. However, over the last few days it looks like the Costolo has been working to ease fears, with the rollout of a new ad networksignup process, and now a major deal with Google.

Source: Bloomberg

  • James G

    Won’t save twitter…

    • Chris Holden

      twitter doesnt need ”saving”

      • James G

        Even with near 100% YoY growth in ad revenue, they still posted a $125 million net loss in their last quarter (more than 1/2 $Billion in 2014 altogether). Their growth rates are stagnating both in the US and around the World.

        Until they can better monetize or bring in more users that increase their monetization rate, they won’t be able to sustain their business.

        So you’re right, they don’t need saving because it’s not worth being saved.

  • Marcus

    It seems like more and more people I know are ditching Facebook & Instagram for Twitter… (Ages 15-20) Twitter is definitely the social media site of the future.