Tapbots, the development firm behind popular Twitter application Tweetbot, announced on Wednesday the app will soon see an update for OS X Yosemite.

Along with a teaser image for the update, which shows a more transparent user interface to better gel with Yosemite, Tapbots said the update would be available to existing customers for free. 

Tapbots didn’t share a specific release date for the app’s update, simply saying: the update “has been more work than anticipated, but it is coming.”

While priced at a steep $19, Tweetbot has been among the go to Twitter applications. Twitter has been slow to add and support new features to its official Twitter application, so it’s up to third-party apps like Tweetbot to make it up to users.

Source: Tweetbot

  • Fırat Çiftçi

    That app is just too beautiful. Then again, it’s $19.

  • Al

    Next up.. iPad?

    • I hope so. Even if they do update the iPad app though if it isn’t a free update I’ll be hesitant to use it. Not because I’m stingy to pay for it again but I’m curious as to how long it will take them to update for iOS 9, iOS 10, etc. It’s taken them well over a year so far and I personally don’t want to pay for a Twitter client that’s going to take years worth of development before it receives an update.

      • Al

        I agree with being hesitant to”buy” it.. Cause I doubt it’ll be free update. But given the other Twitter third party client iPad apps I’ll probably end up getting it. I’m currently using Twitterric for the iPad. But I’d just hope they do a launch price for the iPad app then charge the full price going forward.

      • Sleaka J

        Too little, too late. They’ve lost my support.

  • Rares


  • Leandro Romano

    Free update! I can not believe it! 😀

  • They need to update the friggin iPad Version First! They release a new version for the iPhone but completely ignore the iPad. We don’t need an updated Mac version right now Tapbots! Give us an updated version for the iPad that’s more in line with iPhone version.

  • Jacque Miller

    Looks awesome! I have tweetbot on all my devices except my Mac because I’m very hesitant on paying $19 for a Twitter client. Hopefully there will be a discounted launch price when it gets released.

  • Leah :]

    the greatest question is when