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Episode 93: Comex comes back to the jailbreak community in a big way and saurik responds. We talk about lots of new jailbreak tweaks like Harbor, Pasithea, Anchor, AFVideo, and more.

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  • Guest

    first comment 🙂

  • theapple99

    Can’t wait to listen to it

  • Ethos Evoss

    Why cydia look same since 2007-8 ??!?!
    loading taking ages system is tacky not professional..
    Saurik – Change it!

  • Onaje Perry

    Is there a jailbreak for the Apple tv 3 yet?

  • Sedat Gul

    Jeff whatsapp update

  • leart

    Anyone still remember this?

  • Zain Elsell

    Hey guys just want to say that cydia you can hex edit the .deb files of cydia and make it work for the latest firm ware so cydia is open source also after installing imods I just don’t really like that much plus cydia is looking very nice right now.

  • iPhoneWINS

    why do we need another cydia… cydia works fine.. can we please have him work on something new that does not exist yet.. the jailbreak scene has too many damn duplicate programs