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The trend that started about 3 weeks ago is getting more obvious as we enter yet another week with a slower output of tweak releases. I’m not necessarily complaining. I’m merely highlighting a trend that we all hope won’t be confirmed in the following weeks.

Today, we put 18 new jailbreak tweaks front and center, hoping there will be at least one that pique your interest.

AcamarUI: an Apple Watch-inspired Springboard replacement ($1.99)

AFVideo: enables autofocus while recording videos on supported devices (free – review)

Anchor: place your app icons wherever you want them on the screen ($1.99 – review)

AppButton: an App Switcher wherever you want it ($1.49 – review)

AppNoti: notifies you when an app has been installed (free)

Canopy for iOS 8: adds many features to Safari ($1.99 – old review)

CCScale: change the size of Control Center elements (free)

Confero for iPad: tidy up the Home screen by hiding app badges ($1.50 – review)

CSources: a source manager ($1.99)

DimMe: different options to dim the screen ($1)

Harbor: a redesigned dock for iOS inspired by OS X ($2.99)

Pushability: makes Reachability move the display up, not down (free)

SBRotator for iOS 8: brings SpringBoard and Lock screen rotation to all iOS 8 devices ($2.99 – review)

SimpleNC: a clean Notification Center redesign (free)

Snap Master: adds a few features to Snapchat (free)

SpotBingSearch: search Bing and YouTube from Spotlight (free)

Tap2LockAndRespring: quick gestures to lock and respring (free)

WhatsApp Disable Play Receipt: disables the blue mic icon after listening to an audio message (free)

I might have missed a few, so please feel free to share your new tweaks as well as those that were recently updated in the comments section.

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  • Salman Burhan

    Hey! My jailbreak tweak is in the photo! πŸ™‚ iDownloadBlog News for CC and NC. πŸ˜€

    • Rahimo

      Hey Salman! Is that meaning you are a “jailbreak tweaks maker” as i call them??

      • Salman Burhan

        Yes as a matter of fact! (:

      • Rahimo

        how can i contact you on private ??

      • Salman Burhan

        You can follow me on Twitter and we can DM. @salmanburhan

  • Ahmed Karoui

    AFVideo and Simple NC (y)

  • Nasser CedeΓ±o

    Hey! Any one Knows About IOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak ?

    • Hopefully it ain’t coming and they’ll save any exploits (assuming they have any) for iOS 8.2.

      • NP92

        No matter what, Everything has its weekness.. This is making Them better to program and use there skills to be better..
        And no, dont Wait and hide, let Them jailbreak..

      • This is wasteful. Why use an exploit on a point-one, point-two or point-three, etc release when a major point-two release will be coming soon that might still be vulnerable to your exploits?

    • Zain Elsell

      Taig ,Pangu and Evaders are looking for exploits into the firmware but sit tight or they might wait to reveal any exploits until 8.2 fyi 8.2 has almost no new features (Im a dev so i know)

      • GuyWithTheThings

        Evaders are looking into jailbreaking again, as in looking for exploits? I thought they stopped.

      • Chang in Charge

        Except for the Watch lol that’s a big one

      • Ryan

        Yeah I’m not so sure Evaders is even doing much looking into exploits considering they haven’t released a jailbreak since iOS 7.0.6?

    • James G

      Best waiting for 8.2 which will likely come out in early April before Apple Watch comes out.

    • Rahimo

      My iPad is on iOS 8.1.3, and jailbroken !! Very easy !! I made my own tool !! Haha

      • Veronica Lowe

        thanks for sharing!

  • Justice and Malice

    Jailbreak scene SUPER slow lately. Wow

  • haerondir

    what trend?

  • john diaz

    Dumbs up for Harbor

  • Zain Elsell


    Here is huge list of Cydia tweaks Your welcome
    Smart Tap
    Air Blue
    Tether Me
    Save Gram
    True iRadio
    Clex 2
    ICaughtU Pro
    Wifi Booster
    Call Enhancer
    iCleaner Pro
    Smart Search
    PM Really
    Send Delay
    Swipe Selection
    Kill Background 8
    Dock and Roll

  • James G

    Can you do an article comparing the trend of jailbreak tweak releases for previous years? Hard to understand the conclusions you’re drawing without context.

    Also, Quality > Quantity when it comes to jailbreak tweaks, IMO.

  • Chang in Charge

    TapTapFlip and Harbor … Where is Auki?

  • Francisco farias

    Is nitrous useful on iOS 8? Or not anymore?

  • Scott Werner

    When is auki going to be updated

  • Luis Martinez

    Auki… ’tis still just a dream.

  • Christopher Greenidge

    Anyone seen a tweak related to cycling through keyboards on iOS 8 ?

  • diggitydang

    Seems like JB tweaks are a little meh these days. I’m jailbroken, but it’s really only one or two tweaks that I find to be really worthwhile. With Activator randomly killing Control Centre and BiteSMS still not updated, the scene seems a lot less enticing than it once was.

    • gittlopctbi

      You have the problem with Activator killing CC, too? It’s stinkin’ annoying.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah… I deleted Activator and the tweaks that rely on it which is a shame… But at least CC works now, which I use more than the tweaks… Hope it gets updated but I’ll never know because I deleted it!! Hahahaha …

      • gittlopctbi

        It’s a bummer that you have to choose.

      • GzyOnline

        any ytube videos illustrating this bug? i have Activator on a 4S, 5S, iPad 3, & iPad Air on iOS 7.1.2 – 8.1.2 and have not experienced this bug.

      • gittlopctbi

        It’s not consistent enough to video. At least for me.

  • Ryan

    Hell yeah!!! Canopy was finally updated for iOS 8!! I just emailed the developer like literally a day ago and BAM it’s here!!! Guessing it was in the works for awhile now but it seemed to take an awful long time so maybe just maybe it was cause of that email.

  • Tony Trenkle Jr.

    Harbor actually looks dope. Think I might install that one.

  • Mcdany

    I have to say the performance improvements of 8.1.3 are worth not having jailbreak for a while. Buy radiation island ASAP! Seriously its like 10x better than rust and its on ios

  • Alberto Espinal

    I’m having this problem that when opening for example the settings app it hangs on a white screen like sometimes takes a while to open it, then I have to close it and kill it from multitasking in order to be able to open it, I have an iPhone 6 plus