Facebook paper

Facebook’s Paper for iPhone app has been refreshed today with improved performance as well as faster way of sharing photos, in addition to fixing a few issues “you’ve let us know about.”

When sharing photos, your Camera Roll items are now organized by date. Even better, the app now supports the new Favorites album introduced in iOS 8 which collates the images you’ve favorited by tapping on the heart icon in the iOS Photos app.

Your Favorites album can now be selected when sharing a photo in Paper, by tapping on the album selection option at the top of the screen.

Facebook Paper Favorites album

It’s also handy that Paper now shows your Camera Roll photos and videos organized by the date they’re taken.

Previously, the items got sorted randomly and it was driving me nuts. Lastly, the app does appear to be a little faster and more responsive than before.

Paper 1.2.5 changelog:

  • Camera Roll organized by date — When selecting media to share in the composer, photo and videos are now organized by the date they’re taken
  • Share your Favorited photos — Quickly share photos from the new Favorites album introduced in iOS 8
  • Faster performance — We’ve improved the responsiveness of several parts of Paper, including posting a photo.

The iPhone-only app requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Download Paper for free in the App Store.

  • Sokrates

    love this app.

    • Ian Leon

      It’s the most nuanced thing I have ever seen.

  • Andy

    Can’t wait to update… oh wait, it’s still not available outside the US iTunes Store!

    • udovoodoo

      It would take you literally one minute to Google and get the app. I’ve been using it outside US for 9 months. Get with the times brah

      • Ángel Javier Esquivel


      • Andy

        I know how to get the app. You could just register a US Apple account to download it. The point was why is this still not available worldwide.

  • Kenan

    This app is the best looking app I have ever seen on smartphones. And the animations great.

  • If they’d make it where you could edit comments and posts I’d switch back to this app. Unfortunately it’s not got those basic options still.