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Forgetting for a minute that Apple obliterated expectations by announcing a truly fantastic 74.5 million iPhone sales while earning an astounding $18 billion in profit, how did the company’s hobby project, the Apple TV, do?

As you may have guessed, Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster got that question in during the Q&A section of Apple’s conference call with analyst, to which CEO Tim Cook responded by confirming his company has managed to move about 25 million set-top boxes to date.

It was a “solid quarter” for the device, Cook told Munster, hinting that the Apple TV is still “something we look at.”

The figure is up from the cumulative sales of 20 million units in April 2014. That means Apple added about five million Apple TVs in the three-month April-December 2014 span.

That works out to a monthly sales average of about 625,000 units.

By comparison, Cook said in May of 2013 that Apple had sold 13 million units. So, between May 2013 and April 2014 the device went from 13 to 20 million units, an average of 636,000 units.

Hence, growth rates may be slowing a bit.

Granted, these numbers aren’t something to write home about, especially if you focus on growth rates alone.

On the other hand, with 25 million units sold the Apple TV is far from a hobby — even if Apple has a long way to go before establishing itself in the living room in a much bigger way.

The question is, when’s a new Apple TV model finally coming out?

  • Guest

    Would only buy another Apple TV if it could run XBMC/Kodi moved on to the Fire Tv now

    • Rowan09

      I agree. If they made one with the AppStore and allow a jailbreak I would be back with an ATV.

      • Andrew

        It’s not that they don’t allow a jailbreak (they don’t technically condone any jailbreaking, really); it’s that no one has figured out how or cared enough to create a jailbreak.

      • Rowan09

        People tried for the ATV 3 and couldn’t figure it out and I guess they gave up.

  • nonchalont

    I love my ATv. I’m hoping for a refresh with an App Store. ATv can be very powerful with an AppStore to play games on with the use of iphone/iPad/accessory controller. It can take on PS3/Xbox for the casual gamer.

  • James G

    Kind of wish they’d upgrade Apple TV hardware this year with a major OS update. Maybe at WWDC 2015…

    • Liam Mulcahy

      We already have enough of that stuff the way it is now

  • Andy

    Well, of course it’s slowing, Apple has barely done anything significant with the Apple TV (3rd gen) which itself was basically a minor update from the 2nd gen model. It has so much potential… like Siri integration, an A8 chip (which can play 4k video) an actual App Store for Apple TV with increased storage space (32GB maybe?) to save apps downloaded – especially useful for games that support MFi controllers. Heck, they could even add a FaceTime camera to the front of the device.

    • BoardDWorld

      I agree, the only reason I can see that it hasn’t been updated with these features as yet is because they have something drastically different in mind. They wouldn’t want to set users down one path only to change it in the very near future.

  • Jonathan

    Wonder what iPod Touch is..

    • YTKN2ME

      It’s an extension of my iPhone that I can text and answer calls on.

  • Blip dude

    Sold mine and went with a lightning Digital A/V connector, honestly as much as I enjoyed it, it just wasn’t worth the cost.

  • billybethel

    On what calendar is April to December 3 months. I use a different calendar where we actually get a much longer spring, summer and fall