Tim Cook (Palo Alto iPhone 5s5c launch, CNET 001)

Tim Cook received compensation of $9.22 million last year for his work as Apple’s Chief Executive Officer, according to a new SEC filing by the company. Bloomberg points to the documents, noting that Cook was paid out $1.75 million and $6.7 million in non-equity incentive compensation for the fiscal year that ended in September.

The amount is more than double Cook was paid for his work in 2013, with much of the boon coming as Apple’s stock reached an all-time high late last year. Apple unveiled several new products in the fall, including long-awaited larger-screened iPhones, a new payment system, and a wearable that it expects to sell well when it launches in March.

The Proxy filing, which you can read through here, also lists 2014 compensation for other Apple executives. The company’s SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue made a total of $24 million on the year, as did SVP of Operations Jeff Williams. Angela Ahrendts was the top earning executive, making $73 million in cash, stock and bonuses.

Keep in mind that Apple’s executive pay and incentive structures are based largely on performance, and paid mostly in vesting stock. This means that although Cook only (yeah, only) made $9 million last year, he can make several times that in a year that some of his awarded shares vest (become eligible to be sold) and he chooses to sell them.

Source: Bloomberg

  • Justice and Malice

    Well…….there’s that

  • Fanboy 

    In other news, it would take me exactly 200 years to make that much (“only” $9M).

    • 空白

      Idle about you but with my luck I’d die in 199. Before my shares become sellable.

  • nonchalont

    Didn’t Steve Jobs only make a $1?

    • Jason Baroni

      From Apple, not from stocks. Stocks help you more than your company.

  • singhay559

    Spoiled b!tch

  • FreeGreezyDoe

    that’s really not that much considering apple is a billion dollar company there’s unsigned rappers making more than this dude

    • Rowan09

      Unless they are selling drugs nope.

      • Dan

        that’s pretty much a given, gotta build the street cred

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        you do know most rappers are getting 70k+ per show most do over 100 shows/appearances a year thats almost 9 mil right there plus any endorsements or clothes they sell most are pulling in 15 mil or more

      • Rowan09

        Don’t be fooled by these lying rapper most of them do not make 70K a show. Even if they made 70K a show you still have management, label, etc to pay depending on your deal. If you are an unsigned rapper making 70K a show you are independent and shouldn’t even consider a major label. Tim cook is far richer than any of those rapper by far. His salary is 9+ mil, but he has 960K shares of Apple and that’s valued around 105 million. Tim Cook is in a whole other stratosphere compared to most musicians.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        Mac miller, kid cudi, lupe fiasco, Tyler the creator just a few off the top of my head

      • Rowan09

        Tyler the Creator net worth is 4 million and Lupe’s about 14 million. None of those guys make 9 mil a year, I don’t even need to check Mac Miller and Kid Cudi. 9 million a year is for the chosen few not those guys. Don’t get me wrong they are not broke, but they aren’t that rich right now.

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        kid cudi and Mac miller get 100k a show you can’t really go by Forbes or whatever u look at those are all estimates and Tyler the creator has posted pictures of his bank account with 12 million in it those net worth websites are barely updated for 5 years at a time

      • FreeGreezyDoe

        Mac miller easily cleared 20 mil this year cuz he signed a 10 million dollar deal in December plus whatever he normally makes

    • Dan

      the world is depressing

    • iPhoneWINS

      yeah sounds kind of low

  • Manuel Molina

    And people said Apple was doomed without Steve Jobs and with Tim Cook at CEO. Look at the company now. Steve didn’t pick him for no reason.

  • Chindavon


    • Rowan09

      9 million is underpaid?

      • Chindavon

        Compared to what Apple pulls in every quarter, definitely yes. He’s one of the key components of this success.

      • Rowan09

        His salary doesn’t constitue of his stocks of which he is majority owner since he’s CEO and he has over 960K shares.

      • Chindavon


      • Rowan09

        Plus last year according to Forbes he made 1.4 mil so 800% increase in 1 year is crazy.