Password manager LastPass has finally launched a dedicated Mac app that will allow users to find and store their passwords.

Previously available as a web portal and browser extension, the new Mac app gives you the same features natively, along with a Quick Look feature that allows you to instantly search for passwords and other login information, as well as the ability to scavenge through secure notes.

The new app also features Security Check, which gives you information and a percent on the strength of your passwords, and an offline mode to access your passwords when you don’t have an internet connection.

LastPass’ goal is that you only remember one password – your LastPass master password. LastPass allows you to save all your usernames and passwords to its apps, and it will autologin to your sites and sync your passwords everywhere you need them.

The new LastPass for Mac app is rolling out for free on the Mac App Store (we’ll post a link when we get it). If you want to download LastPass for iOS, it’s available for free from the App Store. A yearly subscription of $12 will remove ads and add two-factor authentication for added security.

Source: LastPass via MacRumors

  • Xee

    Who wants to pay a subscription to remember your passwords…?!

    • Lurker22

      many of us with lots of passwords. LastPass is fantastic service. $12/year is nothing.

  • HoodFlow

    1Password is better

    • Kei_Oz


      • Switched from LastPass to 1Password mainly due to LastPass requiring a non-stop subscription to use it on my SmartPhone. So far, just missing the system-wide login support of LastPass on Android.

        Besides the no need for subscription to use it on your SmartPhone, only other advantage I see is that 1Password doesn’t store the credentials on any third-party’s HDD (i.e. cloud storage), which I really like. Other than that, they’re on par with one another.

      • Kei_Oz

        Thanks for your hefty comment that shows you know what you’re talking about; unlike OP’s way too generalized, opinionated statement.

  • I got 1password for my iPhone for free and go the Pro Package. one time $50 on the mac appstore is still quite expensive.

  • basilis

    i love lastpass! really amazing app and service provided.
    price is really fair, and implementation is second to none!

  • Lagax

    iCloud Keychain is integrated, easy to use and almost always instantaneously works. I don’t have a reason to use this… I don’t see most people needing something like this..