The Apple TV content march continues, as the company has added Tennis Channel Everywhere to the set-top box for tennis lovers.

Previously just an iOS app, the Tennis Channel Everywhere app on the Apple TV extends its functionality to the larger screen. The app streams live matches for $69.99 per year, or if you don’t feel like paying, highlights from some of the recent matches are available to view for free. Earlier this week, Apple added Cricket Australia to the Apple TV down under.

While Cricket Australia and Tennis Channel Everywhere don’t necessarily affect many Apple TV owners, it does underscore Apple’s quest to add global and region-specific content to its TV platform. The company has given its set-top box little love since 2012, but it’s added a number of new channels.

The app should be rolling out to Apple TVs soon.

Via: 9to5mac


  • disqus_f7TLWYoZ7q

    It will not let me watch this because I am in Dublin. Even with my DNS number set to an American one(can still watch PBS and Netflix) it won’t lemme watch it. What can I do?

    • What can I do?

      Complain loudly and often to the idiocentric people that think the WORLDWIDE web should be used to distribute content on a region by region basis at different times through different services (region blocking).

  • filter351

    Who cares, just another channel for me to hide.

    • KewlDewd

      Tennis fans. That’s who.

      • George


  • Timothy Rooney

    I’m waiting for an article that says CBS has made their app for Apple TV…make that damn Access pass worth the money for once.