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If you’re in the market for a physical keyboard for your iOS device but can’t stand the size of existing offerings, a company called WayTools may just have the most curious answer to your needs.

Bringing a whole new typing experience, their new TextBlade keyboard has the same QWERTY layout you’re accustomed to but collapses to a tiny rectangle just a third of the size of an iPhone 6, thank to built-in magnets that snap the individual pieces together.

The eyebrow raising design calls for a set of eight large touch-sensitive keys providing full access to the entire alphabet, and then some more.

Weighing just 1.5 ounces, or 43 grams, the device sports an ultra-low profile half as thick as an iPhone 6. And unlike standard rubber spring keyboards, the TextBlade does not suffer from drag, stretch or wear. Inside, it’s immense technology based on six issued patents and more than a dozen patent filings.

A precision mechanism dubbed MagLever delivers “high-quality key-feel previously known only on desktops,” according to the blurb.

Built into each key, WayTools’ patented MultiTouch Key technology — along with a set of eight dedicated keys and some pretty darn smart software — not only let you select any character with ease, but also access various symbols and frequently used characters such as “@”, right from the home row.

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Even its specially engineered lithium polymer battery that lasts for a month is innovatively hidden in the spacebar key! The battery fast-charges via USB “in just minutes” and there’s also a built-in cordless NanoCharger.

Other features include support for energy efficient Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity allowing the keyboard to be paired wirelessly to pretty much any Bluetooth-enabled iOS, Android or desktop computing device, including the Apple TV.

Despite its unusual design, WayTools claims folks can type as many as hundred words per minute on this keyboard and has created a video demonstration to prove it, watch it right below.

We’re not done yet.

This remarkable (at least on paper) accessory includes a full set of iOS-specific controls such as the volume keys and Siri control, gets you a full 19mm finger spacing with extra large keytops and 2mm travel (even more than a MacBook Pro).

“TextBlade’s innovative frameless array eliminates all keyboard shudder, with rock-solid grip that hugs the table closer than a MacBook Air, so it’s even easier on your wrist,” notes the firm.

You can pre-order yours through the WayTools Store for $99. It will start shipping next month along with a nicely done stand and a magnetic charger for recharging the battery wirelessly.

Even though it may take some getting used to, the Text Blade shouldn’t force you to learn a new way to type because you’re basically using the same fingers for the same keys as before.

Isn’t this the coolest and most portable keyboard you’ve ever seen?

Source: WayTools via MacRumors

  • Danuel Carr

    Now that’s what I call innovative design.

    • Bogdan

      The idea is good , but the design is awful , keyboard colours suck they are like crap and old fashioned.

  • Scrim

    Only people with hands the same size as a toddler’s are gonna be able to use something that ridiculously small. Look at that keyboard.

    • Gucciipad

      It’s called portable. I don’t have to carry a big bulky. Belkin keyboard with me. I might cough up. For the Tumi. One. But this might be better.

      • gittlopctbi

        The Tumi doesn’t fold down and is more expensive. One of the reviews on Amazon complained about its build quality. Just reporting what I found about it.

    • gittlopctbi

      The hands in the video didn’t look like “toddler” sized hands. Looked pretty adult to me.

    • Antonio

      Only people with small minds would make statements like that without actually trying the product.

  • Merman123

    At that size, I’m better off using the landscape keyboard on the phone. :/

  • Chang in Charge

    His hands looked so cramped during this entire video.

  • Mgggb

    There probably won’t be anything that small that can truly replicate the physical keyboard of a desktop for a few more years, but if this works as well as it looks, it could potentially make replacing a laptop with a tablet more viable.

    Atleast for me, I always rest my fingers on the keyboard so I am not sure how well this would work since it uses touch technology.

  • askep3

    I like how it can be used with any Bluetooth device, perfect for any device

  • L J

    Best invention I’ve seen in a long time! This is very impressive

  • gittlopctbi

    SWEET! I want one. Definitely faster than typing on the screen keyboard.

  • john diaz

    I like the idea but i think this would take too long to master this a very small keyboard.

  • singhay559

    Sum top notch shit

  • iamzaidan

    Yes the keyboard is small, but see the angle in what its kept? If it was just a straight keyboard then it would be hard to type because your own hands would hit each other. But the angle is what makes it amazing and easy to use

  • Jerry Cox

    When you take a second look you see that the keyboard is split into 4 quadrants, not individual keys. So it looks like most of your typing is using the predictive algorithms in most onscreen keyboards. Will take some getting use too but its opportunity for our key input to be revolutionized. This is obviously a step in that direction.

    • Tommy

      No, it uses multi-touch as opposed to predictive software.

  • Casey

    The finger spacing on this is actually 19mm, the same as standard desktop keyboards. It is not small except that you have to reach less for keys besides the home keys. The touch sensitivity only takes effect when you press a key down, not when you rest a finger on it. The engineering of this looks spectacular!

  • Jamessmooth

    Glad you covered this, I was looking into it yesterday. This thing looks awesome. I just don’t know if I want to drop $99 on it…

  • gittlopctbi

    One drawback is that you might not be able to use this on your lap like other foldable keyboards because it connects by magnets.

  • Dummy FP

    Interesting! Not sure if this is a practical solution? Shift keys, Numeric keys,special characters etc….needs more demonstration in this. Form-wise this device looks good, but function-wise it requires more demonstration.