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Rise & Shine is a new app, from the folks at Foley Productions, that has a creative way of getting you to wake up in the morning (or evening, depending on your schedule). We’ve seen apps where you have to shake the handset to make the alarm clock shut up, however Rise & Shine takes it a step further – you have to show it your pearly whites with a smile.

Rise & Shine will only turn itself off if you smile. “A really good smile too,” Foley Productions says. “Which it’ll save so your friends can laugh at you later.” If you’re self-conscious about your smile Rise & Shine allows you to turn off the photo auto-saving feature.

“Rise & Shine is here to make crawling out of bed just a little bit easier. Being cheery and stuff lowers stress, ya know? We figure it’s a pretty good start if you wake up already smiling. That’s the theory anyway! Oh, and for the bed head, there’s a full on photo editor to help you clean up your morning mug before you show it to anyone.”

The app also allows you to setup multiple weekly repeating alarms, use Aviary to edit your bed head photos, use your built-in alarm library or your own iTunes Music, add Vibrate or Strobe to your alarm if you need more push to wake up, use a dark Room mode intuitively adjusts to any light to recognize your smile, and the app suggests optimal sleep times when setting an alarm to wake up most rested.

Don’t want to smile? We’ve compiled a list of the best alarm clocks in the past. But as someone who often disables their alarm and goes back to sleep, I’m a big fan of Rise & Shine.

Rise & Shine: Smiling Alarm Clock is available on the App Store for free.

Source: iTunes App Store

  • BS Detector

    Is it hard to smile then fall back asleep?

    • Rahimo

      For some reason , yea, specially when you have a nightmare!!!

    • Tj

      I’ve been using myself for the past 6 months or so. I’m usually not able to fall back asleep after hold my smile for so long.

  • So, turn on the light, smile, turn off the lights, and take just another 5 minutes of rest…or 2 hours.

    • Falk M.

      Yeah, still haven’t found an app that will guarantee me fighting the horrible slacker I am in the morning hours. Hah!

  • mordechai eliyahu

    Wake up, get annoyed, delete the app while half asleep, wake up 2 hours later, redownload the app and reset alarm clock…. Repeat

    • Rahimo

      Hahaha … Nice loop !!

  • Rahimo

    Hahahah very funny, I’ll try it tomorow morning !!

  • My girlfriend would despise this app: “Liam you better start smiling before I break your f**king iPhone and then your jaw!” Hahaha

  • Adrian

    It’s easier to smile at 11am like in the pictures shown than at 6am

  • Brian Voll

    What if my bedroom is dark when I wake up? No lamp near my bed.

    • Tj

      The app will brighten it’s screen quite a bit if it detects it’s in a dark room and can’t see your face.

  • gittlopctbi

    This is very funny! Very creative.