Je Suis Charlie Apple France

Following the terrorist attack on the office of French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo on Wednesday, Apple is now showing its support by displaying a black banner reading “Je suis Charlie” on its French website. Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie) has been a statement used by supporters of free speech in France and many places around the world, following the terrible massacre that left 12 people dead yesterday.

As a French citizen and a firm believer in free speech, I feel terribly saddened and enraged by the attack. As a human being, it definitely feels good to see the support the whole world has been offering.

Source: 9to5Mac

  • sh1ny

    Je suis Charlie.

  • s0me

    When Tim Cook announced he was gay I joked: “I bet his girlfriend is that feminine Schiller dude” and you deleted my comment. You were not a “firm believer in free speech” then right? The persons who I joked about would have never read the comment.
    PS. Je suis Charlie !

    • Simon Moorhouse

      Why use your right to free speech to spread intolerance?

      • Dani Hayes

        There’s a difference between humour and hate. I seriously doubt he was conveying hate toward gays.

      • Rowan09

        Intolerance doesn’t mean saying what’s popular, he has a right to make that statement regardless of if anyone agrees. We’ve changed the meaning of intolerance to accepting what you believe is wrong as right and that’s far from true. If that’s all he said I don’t see why it was deleted but it’s not my website so I get it.

    • Free speech doesn’t mean you can say whatever you want on my website. It means you can say whatever you want. Just not here.

      Note to everybody: only stupid, insulting, homophobic, sexist etc comments are deleted. As I always say, it’s ok to have a different opinion as long as you remain courteous about it.

      • Kyle Newport

        Double standards much? Charlie was all about OFFENDING minorities, however you’re now “supporting” them. Whereas when it comes to your own website you are quick to delete “stupid, insulting” comments. Maybe you don’t know what Charlie was about lol, do some research before acting like an egotistical idiot.

        So done with this site after all the BS you’ve been spewing for years (rudely attacking commenters, trying to politicize an iOS site). Wish Jeff would leave this failing blog so I wouldn’t have to come here anymore.

      • Well said on the first paragraph, second paragraph, that’s somewhat debatable. I wouldn’t call iDB a failing blog, they offer some very well detailed articles giving insights to what Apple and it’s competitors are up to, some very detailed tutorials for Apple products, and it’s my #1 source for Apple-related news.

        That said, do take some of their articles with a grain of salt. Especially the ones spewing from Christian Zibreg.

      • Mohammed Khaled

        That what I don’t get about people. It’s freedom of speech and expression offending, insulting, writing stupid comments about minorities in Europe and western world. But you don’t beleive on freedom of expression on your own site. What a ripoff

      • Mohammed Khaled

        And yes what I replied to you first was deleted when i replied to Sebastian

      • Your comment was deleted because it was downvoted many more times than it was upvoted. It’s an automatic system that prevents nonsense, insults, or what the majority of people here don’t think belongs on this site to be removed.

      • Endriu Andrei

        Could not said it better

      • A few things here.

        Again, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can go around the web and write insulting, offending, or just plain rude comments. In the same way, freedom of speech doesn’t mean you can just go to your nearest library and spray paint racially insulting things on its walls under the cover of freedom of speech.

        Freedom of speech however means you can start your own website and write whatever you want there if you choose so. You can start a newspaper and write what you want in there. This is freedom of speech. Taking to websites you do not own or operate to spill offensive stuff is not freedom of speech. Most people can make that difference. Some can’t.

        Imagine for a second that I’d come in your house screaming insults at your family. Wouldn’t you kick me out of your house immediately, or would you sit me down on the couch and tell me to keep going because this is my freedom? It’s probably safe to assume you’d kick me out and likely kick my ass too. However, if I am in my own house, there is nothing that can stop me from insulting you if I want to. This is my house. My freedom of speech.

        This analogy is admittedly pretty bad, but I hope you get the idea I’m trying to convey.

        Telling me what Charlie was all about is kinda funny because I grew up reading Charlie and other older publications (Fluide Glacial anyone?) from some of the same people. Looking at how some of the press is portraying Charlie Hebdo is kinda frustrating because it’s mostly people who talk about a newspaper they had never heard before but are quick to judge based on past reports about its content.

        For the record, Charlie Hebdo was just as abrasive with catholics, jews, politicians, artists, the rich, the poor, everybody. There isn’t one category of people who hasn’t been mocked in Charlie Hebdo before. Muslims were not the one and only target. We were all targets.

        Again, freedom of speech let Charlie Hebdo be published and allow people to read it. I would never want to publish stuff like Charlie Hebdo on my site just because I can. Not only this is not the right audience, but most importantly, this is not what I want iDB to be. I want it to be a courteous place where everybody can have an opinion as long as other opinions are respected. This is why insulting comments are deleted. This is why comments containing certain offensive words are automatically moderated.

      • The Zlatan

        Freedom of speech (apparently) means you can ridicule a religion over and over again and then act as a victim when serious action actually happen. Using freedom of speech to make racial drawings is plain wrong and you expressing sympathy with Apple openly on this site, you are bound to receive some critique. You opened Pandoras box with this and honestly i feel that was quit unnecessary to express political views on a Mac/iPhone site..

      • s0me

        These comments still exist… they don’t seem stupid anymore as long as they are not about your favorite tech company’s CEO?!

      • s0me

        I knew you were going to draw the “my website” card but keep in mind your website is public since everyone can access it and there are no disclaimers saying you are not allowed to say whatever you want in the comments. Its obvious to me you dont understand what free speech is and that you dont know what Charlie Hebdo was all about.

      • Mohammed Khaled

        That what I don’t get about people. It’s freedom of speech and expression offending, insulting, writing stupid comments about minorities in Europe and western world. But you don’t beleive on freedom of expression on your own site.

      • Guest

        So “stupid, insulting, homophobic, sexist etc comments are deleted”…but you are ok with those gaudy cartoons…
        PS: don’t even start with “this guy supports the terrorist and the killings…”

      • Endriu Andrei

        So “stupid, insulting, homophobic, sexist etc comments are deleted”…but you are ok with those gaudy cartoons…

        PS: don’t even start with “this guy supports the terrorist and the killings…”….

      • I am not ok with those cartoons on my site. I am ok with other sites publishing them if they choose to. There is a difference here, and I hope you understand it.

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    • John Wickham

      Free speech does not mean that everyone is forced to allow intolerance and inhumanity to happen on their watch. There’s a line you have to draw between allowing free speech and standing up for something you believe in. iDB deleted your awful comment because it doesn’t belong on this site.

      • Dani Hayes

        Free speech is saying what you like. There is no line to be drawn with it. While you may not like what others say it is their right to say it. I hate racist comments and such but I’ll defend someone’s right to say it.

      • Dan

        Why should people feel bad about who they are because some biggot was allowed to post derogative comments thanks to freedom of speech? This is a tech blog. I agree that offensive and racist comments should be deleted.

      • s0me

        Why is a tech blog website posting articles about someone’s sexual orientation if its a tech blog ? Why is a tech company CEO telling people about his sexual orientation? I am not homophobic but why do we have to listen to every gay person telling us he is gay when its a private thing? He deserves to be ridiculied !

      • Dan

        I don’t really care one way or the other, to be honest. I do think it reduces the quality of the comments sections if a bunch of people are making gay/racist jokes. If the site owner wishes to delete them, that’s his call. Anyway, have a good weekend dude.

      • s0me

        LOL why did you jump in the discussion if you really dont care? Of course he can do whatever he wants but the original discussion was about him not supporting “free speech” a while back. You can find the article and see that he allowed gay jokes about another tech company CEO in the comments.

    • Brendyn South

      Exactly. It’s only considered intolerant when it’s against their beliefs or agenda, but if they speak against a group that they are not for everyone turns a blind eye and allows it. That’s not freedom of speech.

    • Dan

      Tu es un idiot.

      • s0me

        It was just a joke about someone who already told the whole world about him being gay, if Charile Hebdo would have made a cartoon about that, it would have been ok for you and the site owner. I was not comparing the event if you carefuly read my comments, its all about freedom of speech.

  • makubot

    You know when corporations get involved, it confirms it was a false flag attack. Google it, the attackers had NATO military training. This has nothing to do with ISIS or freedom of speech or an attack on our democracy. This have everything to do with pushing the New World Order and creating anti-terrorism laws. Wake up people.

    • Ramlec

      Sorry but you’re such a jerk…
      Even if it’s a false flag, 12 people died yesterday. Show, at least, some respect.

  • Hamza

    17 journlists killed in gaza by isreal just a few months ago and it hardly made it to the news. Over 1200 children killed in gaza in 2014.
    They are not killed by a terorist group, they are killed by a terrorist state which has embassy’s across the world.
    The west has chosen to sit and watch in silent on all the crimes and the killings happening by isreal in gaza. And minority of people are fueling the young that if they are silent they are partners in crime…ect

    • czbird

      But this is your problem in the first place. Why in the world can’t you live next to each other like everyone else… Both sides have and will continue to act irrationaly. Completely different story from what happened in France. The only common thing is religious background. As always. First learn tolerance, then complain. Killing someone because of publishing “heretic” pictures? Cmon, we don’t live in the medieval for quite a long now… :-/

      • :/

        Killing someone for publishing heretic pictures? (Ridiculous enough already) Now Killing children for doing what? Nothing. Absolutely completely innocent little kids but no one bats an eyelid at that one.

      • czbird

        What do you want me to say? Children die all over the world just beacuse being in a wrong time in a wrong place. Check out Africa, Syria, Afghanistan… It’s sad. Learn to live with it.

      • mrgerbik

        i dont think thats in the spirit of ‘live and let live’

    • mrgerbik

      thank you for this

    • Rowan09

      Thousands are hungry in America and dying from starving and a lack of work, home, health care, etc. This is the news for the moment and people will go back to their normal lives. It’s sad what happened in France and their families will be in my prayers.

    • Dark Knight

      Don’t attack Israel with rockets and maybe they won’t have to retaliate.

  • Irakli Chikhladze

    Curious what the world will become later .. sad so sad ..

    Je suis Charlie 🙂

  • Gleesh

    Smh Sebastian just polluted this site with his lame ridiculous idiotic beliefs, we might have to go back to imore with rene bitchie guys

  • iKhalil

    Je suis Charlie

  • leart

    Je suis Charlie

  • Toon

    the world is coming to an end

    • The prophecy is true; humanity perishing at it’s own hands :/

  • am0_oma

    Million of ppl died specially muslims in the world by guns, Apple do not talk about them, children died Apple do not talk but when stupid guys pretended to be muslims kills non muslims every one in the world talk and support, who did this they are not good muslims but the world take chances to attack muslims by show that only muslims do bad thing, actually all humans recoreded Muslim or not Muslim are not all good and bad guys killers every where

  • Rowan09

    Freedom of speech died a long time ago, it’s more like freedom of popular belief. Making fun of people’s religious belief is wrong no matter how ridiculous. Nevertheless no one should be killed for it, maybe a conversation, but definitely not violence.

  • Jonathan

    Dumb question, but what is the direct translation of “Je suis Charlie”? I put it into translator, and it still doesn’t quite make sense.

  • yoshif8tures

    It’ll all be forgotten in a weeks time when there’s another terrorist attack.

    Who remembers the attacks in Pakistan or the kidnapped girls in Africa?

    Yes this will be old news and forgotten soon as well.