Details of the long-rumored 12-inch MacBook Air surfaced today, as 9to5mac broke specifics surrounding the device’s dimensions, edge-to-edge keyboard, and lack of traditional ports. Although the device’s screen size is larger and of a higher pixel density than that of the 11-inch MacBook Air, its dimensions are narrower than its smaller counterpart by approximately a one-fourth inch. It is, however, slightly taller due to the larger screen size, with an approximate one-fourth inch increase in height.

Bezels have been reduced around the entire screen of the device, as well as surrounding the keyboard, and the keyboard itself has been made narrower by reducing the space between each individual key. The 12-inch MacBook Air’s function keys, as well as arrow keys, have also been tweaked in order to reduce the keyboard’s overall footprint.


The device’s trackpad has seen some changes as well, with its width being close to that of the 11-inch MacBook Air, but slightly taller, stretching to almost touch the bottoms of the MacBook’s keyboard and frame. Additionally, the trackpad no longer clicks upon a physical press, which helps to make the device as thin as possible, as is Apple’s goal with this device.

The overall body maintains the tapered design of existing Air models, with varying amounts of thickness from front to back, but the 12-inch version is considerably thinner than the existing 11-inch Air. Just below the screen and above the keyboard are four new speaker grilles that work not only as speakers but also as ventilation ports for releasing heat in order to achieve a lower temperature, as the device lacks traditional computer fans.


New 12-inch MacBook Air on the left, current 11-inch Air on the right

Apple employees are said to refer to the device as “MacBook Stealth” internally, a tribute to its thinness, which is achieved in part by doing away with traditional USB ports in exchange for USB Type-C, as well as removing the SD Card, Thunderbolt, and MagSafe ports. The USB Type-C connector may actually be used to replace Thunderbolt and MagSafe, as it contains the video and power throughput abilities needed to render these technologies obsolete. In addition, USB Type-C is reversible, in a way similar to that of the Lightning connector on newer iOS devices. Although specifics may change before launch, the device appears to have as few as two external ports on its sides, including the headphone jack and USB Type-C connector, along with input and noise-canceling microphones.


Some rumors suggest that the 12-inch MacBook Air is already in production, while others leave the timeline open to somewhere in 2015. It’s possible that this new MacBook will launch alongside the Apple Watch, or its introduction may be pushed back to WWDC.


  • Emmanuel


    • John Wickham

      Should be MagSafe, Timothy

  • Sokrates

    gonna buy it! the current macbook air has 4 year old technology!

    • Inseltraeumer

      And you think a smaller form will bring newer tech?

      • Sokrates

        At least a retina screen, smaller bezels and the new intel chips. That’s all I need!

      • stylesbeyond

        funny how people expect super gaming computer specs if you want that build a pc if you r on the net doing stuff other than gaming you don’t need a million core cpu or 500gb ram come on get a grip people ill be buying this too as i like a laptop than a iPad or touch screen for something this big

      • Sokrates

        I never said something about gaming specs.. For that you need a high-end graphics card, which the Air doesnt have anyway. Its all about the longevity of the device. I prefer to have it fast and snappy, even after installing new generations of the OS.

  • John Wickham

    Just saw this on Reddit and… I am not impressed. At all.

  • Mike Chu

    So it only has the one USB-C port and you’ll need a USB 2 adapter or something? What if you want to use a (usb) keyboard and charge at the same time?

    • That has yet to be seen, but I’m speculating USB-C splitters will have built-in charging ports that can still charge the device.

      • SkyFall

        But wouldn’t it be a downgrade considering that MagSafe is magnetic? I mean sure on less port but, I would like to see MagSafe ported to iOS devices (having an iOS device break from being dropped because of the cable would no longer be a problem).

      • Totally agree, and I like that I have a similar feature on my Surface Pro. However, it turns out not many liked Apple’s MagSafe charger design, check out the ratings (http://bit ly/1wrednl).

  • Unicorn Drank

    Not sure how useful it would be to only have 1 USB Type-C, what if you need to connect someone else or charge it at the same time? Is doesn’t look backwards compatible with the other iterations of USB

    • James G


    • Jeffrey

      Yeah pretty sad the laptop isn’t going to feature more ports. The Air is meant to be extremely portable though. Portability is more important to the Air line-up than the features, especially now that other brands like ASUS, Microsoft etc. are trying to put the Macbook Air to shame with their transformer-laptop/tablets by comparing the size, weight and thickness with that of the current Macbook Airs. Apple has to, and wants to get their position in the market of most portable laptop manufacturer back by making the new Airs thinner and more portable.

  • WiseBlasian

    The point of having a computer even if it has to be ultra portable is to have traditional ports.. Unless the new standard is usb type C this so called computer will be as worthless as a chromebook. And even then you would need at least two ports.

    • Jeffrey

      Well that’s exactly what they’re trying to compete with. Chromebooks, transformerbooks, tablets with keyboards etc. A lot of the companies that make these products compare them with the almighty Macbook Air to push the Air off the number one position of most portable laptop. Apple is trying to get their number one place back by setting a new record on size, thickness and weight, no matter the cost (of ports).

  • Ara Rezaee

    Gonna wait for rMBP Stealth

    • Darthque

      Now ur talking! Lol

  • jp2002

    iPhone 6ish design.

    • Jeffrey


  • jp2002

    As for the absence of the magsafe port, it could possibly mean an inductive based charging similar to the apple watch. Hmm Seems cool!

  • Duh

    Soooo…someone wanna tell me what the hell is usb type c? is this like the garbage grade version of usb or something? Is this the iphone 5c of USBs?

    • SkyFall

      Its reversible, faster than USB 3.0, thinner.Its like the iPad Air 2 of USBs.

      • Duh

        Good shit sir. I like that

    • Vince Reedy

      Spend 30 seconds on Google.

      • Darthque

        Totally! Why be a social animal and reach out to your peers in a site where u can discuss similar interests???? The audacity!!!

    • Clinical

      LOL Your profile pic just makes your comments epic

  • Jack Wong

    No usb port at all?!

    • Jeffrey

      Dude, read.

      • Jack Wong

        That is more like a power port than USB port.

        I will be patient!

      • Jeffrey

        No it isn’t, it’s just a better USB port.

      • Jack Wong

        Then my next question is where is the charging port?

      • Jeffrey

        That’s my question too. My own answer is , this obviously is a mockup by a third party, the 12 inch Air will feature a MagSafe 3. If not, the USB could theoretically feature as a charging port too, but that would suck.

      • Jack Wong

        I would not get it if there is 0 usb port…

        I guess I will give a try to MBP 13″ Retina.

      • Jeffrey

        There will definitely be at least one USB port, just wait untill the release before you buy a MBPr 13 inch.

      • Jack Wong

        Yea no rush, I am still happy with my 2013 mid Macbook Air 11.6″

      • Jeffrey

        Hahah yeah it get’s the job done right? If I weren’t a gamer (non-heavy games, my MBPr games very well) I’d probably buy an Air too, especially now that I need my laptop for school. Having seen and used retina screens though, you can’t go back… MBAr 12 inch would be the perfect solution for that.

  • Vince Reedy

    First, this is not confirmed. Second, all the functionality of usb, charging, video out, etc is capable with one usb-c port if that is in fact the design. Third, if it is designed that way and you don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  • Easy

    Get a Macbook Pro 15s. The Air is trash. Pro i15 s not even that heavy. I can walk around college all day everyday with this pro easy. My sis does too and she is only 5’5.

    • Sokrates

      sounds easy

    • Dean Johnson

      Yeah, but there’s a difference between $1000 and $2000

  • Jeffrey

    Looks freaking awesome! I’m sure the specs will be impressive too, especially battery life. I think it’s gonna come with MagSafe 3 though… Glad the bezels finally get a pimp job too, they’re way too thick on the current Airs. Great concept and leaks, thanks!

  • Dave Finkelstein

    I’m sorry but there’s no way they would release this without thunderbolt. USB3 is just not powerful enough to do what thunderbolt can. Can USB drive a 4k display? not at good quality it can’t. One of apple’s big selling points for the future is that all new macs can support external 4k displays. They will not shoot themselves in the foot by removing that capability. I think if anything, get rid of the USB port and include a thunderbolt to usb adapter. At least that way it’s backwards compatible. Another reason that thunderbolt is necessary is that the core market is business people who need to take their computer with them and hook it up to a display at their office.

    • This isn’t USB 3.0 as you’re thinking it is, this is USB 3.1 with a new connector type, Type-C, and yes it can actually do everything Thunderbolt is capable of, according to this (bit ly/1xCN454). Regardless, I think it should still have an additional standard USB 3.0 Type-A port.

      • Dave Finkelstein

        Thunderbolt 2 is 20gbps, twice as fast as usb 3.1. Apple also had a hand in developing thunderbolt, it is their own tech, why omit it? usb 3.1 is also not readily accessible for most users and they would have to get all new adapters for it where thunderbolt has been around for a while and has all the necessary connections sold right in the apple store. You also seemed to ignore the fact that Apple makes a Thunderbolt Display aimed at macbook air users. Why would they risk losing that business since thunderbolt is not backwards compatible with usb. Sorry, but usb 3.1 obviously cannot do everything thunderbolt can.

      • USB 3.1 will get a much faster adoption rate than Thunderbolt. Just like USB 3.0. In fact, it will have a wider range of usage due to the fact that it’s a thin connector, hence can be put on thin mobile devices, unlike thunderbolt.

        Regarding the performance, that increased speed in Thunderbolt 2 only adds the ability to daisy chain 4k displays (itpro. co. uk/storage/22740/usb-vs-thunderbolt-which-is-better). Not something majority of MacBook Air buyers would use, but it never hurts to have more to offer. That’ll make it more future proof.

        Regarding the Thunderbolt Displays, Apple will probably try to further milk it’s customers with some $50 USB Type C to Thunderbolt 1 converter. They did that with Lightning connectors, don’t see this greedy-ass move being impossible.

  • Josh Hebert

    the problem of the air is it just won’t have power like the pro, i’ll take power over slightly superior portability

  • Ned Scott

    This has zero credibility to it and everyone is “reporting” on it as if there are even hints that it will turn out like this.

  • Damn, this better not be the final product. They take away an advantage of the MacBook Air over the Surface Pro (an additional USB 3.0 port built-in), and they remove both the dedicated video-out port and the charging port…we’ll have to wait and see how USB-C ports handle being split into multiple ports. If they can be split into a USB 3.0 and Video port without requiring an additional power-source, then the versatility is still the same as the previous gen; 1/3rd of the Surface Pro.

  • Saria Hajjar

    I’m actually waiting for the new revision of MacBook Pro. I want the new Broadwell CPU in my MacBook Pro. I was gonna buy it this weekend, but I decided to wait until they update the MacBook Pro.

  • The Zlatan

    Nice… But how do you charge it?..