Locus prefernces

Locus is a brand new jailbreak tweak that allows you to selectively whitelist location services access on an app-by-app basis. The tweak, which features a simple preference panel in the stock Settings app, contains switches for each app that you have installed on your iOS device. If you’re looking to have more granular control over the apps that have access to your location, then look no further than Locus.

Once you install Locus, venture to its preferences in the Settings app, and configure the tweak to your liking. You’ll find a primary kill-switch along with a whitelist heading and a section for selecting applications.

Applications under the whitelist are broken up into two categories: System applications and User applications. System applications are stock apps such as the Weather app and Reminders app, while user applications consist of apps installed from the App Store.


You’ll also find a conditions heading in the tweaks preferences, and beneath it you’ll find two conditions to enable the tweak when the Notification Center is open and when the device is locked. This will allow apps and widgets that rely on Location services while on the Lock screen or Home screen to work properly.

If you’re looking for a way to micromanage your iOS device’s location services, then Locus may be the jailbreak tweak you need. You can find it free of charge on Cydia’s BigBoss repo today.

What do you think about Locus?

  • iamzaidan

    I must’ve missed somethin…but how is this different from the stock settings that allow us to choose which apps can use location services?
    Again…just askin…dont kill me 😛

    • Adam Countryman

      I’m glad someone else is as confused as me, seems no different than the stock location services app by app controls. Am I missing something?

      • Hakiim Mislam

        this tweak allow the location service turn ON when use certain apps. it means you just turn OFF your location service and can save your battery. different from stock. if you turn OFF your location, let say you open the maps, it will ask you to turn it ON. with this tweak, location service will turn ON automatically depend which apps you choose in the setting.

      • iamzaidan

        But if u keep it on for maps…it’ll turn off when u exit maps right? So isnt it the same thing?

      • Agru

        no it won’t turn off as it will still be used by findmyiphone and other system services

      • iamzaidan

        But only if u allow it to…u can turn it off right?

      • Buzz { Light:Year; }


      • Agru

        Mmmm I have no idea.

    • Ditto. Actually is some ways I think the stock method is even mor granular. Some apps allow for either “always”, “never”, or “while using” choices.

      • Shingo

        I need “while using” why some apps dont allow this?

      • Really late to this discussion, but the reason why some apps do not allow this is because it must be implemented by the developer of each application individually. Some apps wouldn’t want there to be a “While Using” option because of funcationality (for example, an application that fires off notifications based on where you are–you won’t necessarily be “using” the application in that instance). Hope that clears it up.

    • Donato Bearint

      I’m very glad that you asked this question because I don’t really see the difference between this app and actually going directly into settings. Actually if you want an easier way to do what this tweak is suppose to do then just down load flip control center, then access the control center and hit the little location button. Is this not the same thing?

  • Tobias Heinloth

    @Jeff how do you switch between apps?

    • FunkyWeed


  • Umberto Di Tore

    I’m glad that I’m not the only one to be confused! But would be great if this tweak can act like and old jailbreak tweak called auto location, able to switch gps on and off automatically while opening and closing the selected app! More granular if we can set if always on, on demand, auto on and off/ on on open and off and close and so on!

    • This is actually what this tweak is about: it turns «ON» location based on the apps you open. Once you quit them, location goes «OFF». As simple as Jeff’s great video explanation.

      • Umberto Di Tore

        I didn’t understand that! Thank you!