Apple announced Tuesday evening that its iTunes Connect portal is now open again after shortly shutting down for the holidays, allowing developers to once again manage their apps with price changes, updates, and more. 

“iTunes Connect is now available after the holiday shutdown. Please remember, if you need to appeal an app rejection or request that the review of your app be expedited, the fastest way to get help is to contact the App Review Team through the Contact Us form,” Apple wrote in its announcement. “To view app rejection details and ask for clarification, visit Resolution Center in iTunes Connect. We look forward to seeing the innovative new apps you’ll create in 2015.”

Apple gives its iTunes Connect employees the week off for the Christmas holiday – December 22 to December 29. While it looks like several of iTunes Connect’s features came back a bit early – as we saw with the release of The Interview – Apple announced the change Tuesday.

During the down time, Apple also ceased access to Application Loader, iTunes Connect for iOS, and changes to TestFlight Beta Testing – all of which are now back.

This means you should see an influx of app updates. While developers had the ability to schedule updates during the downtime, we expect to see a few more than normal hitting in the next few weeks, like the imminent return of VLC and BBM update on Tuesday.

  • Merman123

    I could have sworn I received updates in the past week though?

    • nyangejr

      A lot

      • John Wickham

        Before iTC goes down for the holidays, we (developers) are still able to schedule updates to be released in the holiday window.

    • Yeah, I’ve had a fair few these past couple of days

    • Fede777

      Me too, but only on the iPhone, not in iTunes.

      • Michael Hulet

        “iTunes Connect” is the portal that developers use to upload their apps. It has nothing to do with iTunes itself. If you received an app update on your iPhone, then you will have received it in iTunes, too

  • Diego Milano

    I am so looking forward to a NinType keyboard update!

  • jack