Facebook is not going to change. It plans to continue filling up your iPhone and iPad homescreens with multiple apps.

The social network giant confirmed in a statement to CBC News that it will continue moving away from one single Facebook app, and instead break its features into several apps on the iTunes App Store.

In 2014, the social network reached nine different apps on the iTunes App Store for the iPhone: Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Pages Manager, Paper, Facebook Groups, Slingshot, Rooms, Facebook Mentions, and Stickered for Messenger.

“We’re getting away from that single app that does everything for you. We released nine different apps in 2014 and I think what you’ll see is we’ll release more in 2015 — at the demand and behest of our users,” Jordan Banks, the managing director of Facebook Canada and the global head of vertical strategy, said.

It started bothering many users of the main Facebook app that they were being forced them to download Facebook Messenger to send and receive messages. As a result there’s 500 million people using the Messenger app, according to the executive, and Facebook dominates the top charts on iTunes with three of the top 10 on the free chart.

“(Users) want single apps that do one thing incredibly well. So one of the reasons we took Messenger out of the (Facebook) app and gave it its own standalone app is because that’s what our users were telling us. They didn’t want to click two or three times before they got into Messenger,” Banks told CBC News.

Do you agree? Would you rather want one Facebook app or multiple?

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  • Linton Findlay

    It’s frustrating, most of the apps are useless fads. I deleted the original app and just use safari now, with messenger app for push notifications. Don’t see why they couldn’t keep it in the original app

    • TeddyBearStand

      This is exactly what I do. The facebook app is a mess.

      • Swanny246

        It’s a lot better than what it was years ago. But to be fair, it was a mess partly because it came so bloated. Hence why they’re moving to separate apps.

        People are going to complain about it being bloated, and people are going to complain about needing separate apps. FB won’t win.

    • Mr.Coolfreak

      Use paper app instead

      • Sleaka J

        Paper is still US only. It doesn’t appear on the non-US App store so it’s likely most Facebook users don’t even know about it because they don’t switch stores.

        Until it goes global, it will only be used by a small percentage of Facebook users. So Paper is not the answer.

      • Aaron de Silva

        You could create a US Apple ID and download Paper. I honestly prefer paper over the Facebook app. Even on my iPad i find the Facebook app a pain.. It shows u a list of online friends but tapping it opens messenger there’s no multitasking…

      • Kristen

        Does Paper have push notifications for messages? (preferably messages only, not comments/likes, etc). I used Paper for a while and enjoyed it but I could never get the push notifications to work- so whenever I was chatting with someone, I’d have to be constantly reopening the app to check on it.

      • John

        Yes, it does.
        Has an option for one/the other/both.

      • Swanny246

        You have to enable Message notifications in the app settings. I believe it disables itself if you install Messenger.

    • ck125

      I use paper. None of the garbage and still has messaging, all within one app.

  • iNeedANameHere

    Facebook will continue to move away from one single app and I will continue to move away from Facebook.

  • Franklin Richards

    It didn’t use to take multiple steps to get to the messenger section. They used to have lovely iOS-esque interface which allowed you to arrange icons for specific features however you like. That was the best Facebook app. After they changed it I’ve stopped using facebook altogether.

    • Swanny246

      That interface was worse and required more taps to get around then it does now. I was glad when they moved on from that design (I do miss being able to add pages and friends’ profiles to the menu though).

      Back then, it was two taps: tap the grid icon, and then tap Inbox.
      Now it’s just one: tap the Messenger icon

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        And getting back to your feed?

      • Swanny246

        The Messenger app has a back button to go back to the Facebook app.

  • Daniel Pietrobuono

    I just want one app that I can do everything in! Linton makes a good point, the other apps are fads. I’m a minimalist so less is more, and when it comes to my apps I HATE searching through all of them to find what i’m after. Honestly, Facebook don’t know what they’re talking about, if they actually bothered to read people’s status updates they would see that there has been a LOT of backlash toward these stupid apps, especially MESSENGER which is a complete waste of time and space. Either unify the app into one or pull it from the App Store all together and don’t waste our time…

    • ck125

      Try paper. It is a pretty solid app with everything in one.

  • Ted Forbes

    Yes I would prefer one app, Facebook apps are to many, this is the reason I deleted most of Facebook apps in the first place. Well the ones I keep I stick them all grouped together in an app folder including their WhatsApp. This is helpful they dent get in my way.

  • Woodlandstar

    ‘They didn’t want to click two or three times before they got into Messenger’.

    Wtf? Didn’t you just swipe from the right to get to messages previously? and even if it were 2 clicks, is that seriously that much of a problem?

    I doubt any of their users asked for this, the reviews say otherwise. They just wanted to take on What’s App, and other messaging apps head to head with a standalone one of their own, that’s the REAL reason!
    In their eyes they probably wondered why ppl used What’s App when they already have their friends on FB already.
    But yea, let’s blame it on the users who are too lazy to click things twice.

    • Juschan

      i dont think thats the reason, there is no use for competition in their own ecosystem i guess its more like getting more people to use it for messaging and less to services like blackberry messenger or telegram just because there they cant pick out what data they need

      • John

        Plus wasn’t there a rumour going around that Facebook is bringing it’s only payment system to FBMessenger.App?

    • John

      Don’t they own WhatsApp now?

    • A man

      Actually now users have to click the home button and then the messenger app so it is 2 clicks

      • Sleaka J

        Or… press the Messenger button in the Facebook app at the bottom and it takes you straight there. That’s 1 click. And a back button in Messenger app takes you back to the Facebook app. It’s really not as difficult as you people make it out to be.

  • Eikast

    So essentially they want to annoy their users?
    Keep those other apps as optional apps that have more features but let people chose to use ONE app.

    • Swanny246

      Agree, I love Messenger, and it really is a well polished app, but it was a stupid move to make it compulsory. Many users simply don’t use messages as much as other users do, so it’s pointless having a separate app for a feature they might only use once a week or once a month.

      Would’ve been better to keep Messages in the main app, but simply strip it down bare bones, and if users want the “full experience” (with voice and video calls, stickers etc) they need to download Messenger.

  • ck125

    So rather than fix their awful app their solution is to make more apps. Makes sense…. /s

  • Blahdo

    Who’s been telling Facebook that they want multiple apps doing 1 thing badly?

    All the reviews in the App Store want one app which does everything.

  • Juschan

    in america you also have this like every week an update program by the facebook apps ? i just know for the german stores its like the dumpest marketing strategy i´ve ever seen

    • NekoMichi

      There doesn’t seem to be any big change in most of these scheduled updates. It does, however, reset their App Store reviews every time an update is pushed out and clears the one-star ratings from the main app page.

  • J.t. Swan

    Good lord, why can’t they just make it in one app? I don’t recall having to click more than once to get into the messenger on the original app. All I’m doing now is clicking a damn button that redirects me to an app that then has to load. Oh wait, I didn’t mean to click on messenger? Well now I click on Facebook again and it reloads everything in a completely different order than what it was before. Seriously, wth.

  • :)

    Well whatever. Don’t use facebook so as long as they dont fk up whatsapp. It’s all good.

  • Jordan James Dalzell

    Facebook is right. We don’t want one single app that does all those features.
    Like how we carry a phone, an iPod with touch controls, an Internet communicator, a portable games console, a camera and PDA everywhere.
    Oh wait, we only carry one device that does all those things because it is CONVENIENT.

  • leart

    I’m still using one app, the 6.5 version for all my device, everything is working like before .. chat, messages, notifications.
    Tip: if you have a old device such iPod 3, install Facebook thought AppStore, you will get like me the latest version compatible for that ios (5.1.1) Facebook 6.5.
    Now connect your device to the pc, open iTunes, delete the Facebook ipa, and transfer purchases from your device and you will be able to install after that old version to all your newer devices you may have, just uninstall the latest version before to synch with iTunes 😉

    • Rares

      iOS 6, AGAIN.

      • leart

        Yep I love ios 6, can’t deny that, but I like even ios 7-8 and that version of fb is working fine the same

      • leart


  • Diego Milano

    Cool, and I will continue efforts in avoiding almost each and every one of them.

  • Ian Leon

    Have you guys ever tried using Facebook paper on an iPad with full force? It’s great!!

  • Great Scott

    I will continue efforts to move away from Facebook entirely in 2015.

  • Fred

    “We’re getting away from that single app that does everything for you. …. we’ll release more in 2015 — at the demand and behest of our users,” – Jordan Banks.

    Jordan Banks – are you stupid or somethin? READ THE REVIEWS!!!

    There is a reason why Facebook is currently rated 2.5 stars, Rooms is 3 stars, and Mentions is 3.5 stars. The only good ones are Paper rated at 4 stars and Slingshot rated at 4.5! And that is just the current version! The previous versions of Slingshot is 3 stars!

    And just read the reviews of Messenger the most and tell me what you find. It’s unbelievable that Facebook can FORCE you to download and app. It’s insane and people hate it. I have some advice for you Facebook.

    Get rid of your picture apps. Snapchat is way better and it always will be.

    Get rid of your features and make it one app. Why do I say this? Even on this small thread on iDownloadBlog people are saying make it one app with the features you need. The reason me and everyone I know left Facebook is because it is too complex and too much is going on. I have asked people turning 13 and whatever and even the tech savvy guys don’t bother to get a Facebook because it is too complex.

    You are going down a road you shouldn’t. This is my fair warning and I’m positive millions will agree with me. This will lead to the downfall of Facebook and the loss of all your users. Proceed at your own risk.

  • singhay559

    I remember when fb was about family and friends. Now it advertising porn and all kinds of scam n bs. Way to go dumb asses.

  • anonmuz

    Jailbreak and use a tweak. I use the FB app and still use Messenger in the app.

    • pdrake007

      Care to share the tweak?

      • NekoMichi

        Fbnoneedmessenger. It’s a free tweak and works on both iPad and iPhone on iOS 7+.

      • anonmuz


  • aw81

    I deleted my Facebook profile years ago and haven’t missed it.
    Do they put ads in their apps?
    That’s the only reason I could see them having so many, it makes no sense otherwise.


    Bull-crap! As almost every single thing they do nowadays.

    Yeah, I’m thrilled to switch apps, just to check a dumb message.

    This is exactly why I’m not using messenger, and thus not using Facebook app at all. Hey, I’m not logged in to Facebook on my desktop, either… Hmm, interesting!

  • NekoMichi

    “[…] that’s what our users were telling us. They didn’t want to click two or three times before they got into Messenger.”

    So they removed messaging functionality from the main app and made it so that users would have to click two or three times before they could go into Messenger while browsing the main app. This doesn’t make sense unless someone created a Facebook account purely for messaging and not browsing the News Feed or sharing photos. But then, there’s WhatsApp and SMS for that.

    I think that Facebook handled messaging the best with their Chat Heads feature. It was convenient and intuitive, allowing us to quickly switch between different active conversations while being able to browse the News Feed and post photos or comments at the same time without the need to switch between different apps. Now with Facebook and the separate app Messenger both installed, they take up double the space and have double the memory footprint. Although the effects are usually negligible for most end-users from a programming standpoint it’s just illogical.

    Right now I’m using the jailbreak tweak FBNoNeedMessenger, which re-enables App Heads and banishes the dreaded “please install Messenger” screen but I know that at any point Facebook could release an app update to kill this tweak.

    • Manuel

      Solution: don’t update 😉

      • NekoMichi

        The problem is that this is a server-side change so even if I didn’t update the app, messaging features were still blocked.

      • Manuel

        Of course you’re right…

    • Sleaka J

      Yeah, I hate to burst your bubble, but it only takes 1 click to get to the Messenger app from anywhere in the Facebook app. And it takes 1 click to get back to the Facebook app from anywhere in Messenger. Stop spewing information from 2 years ago.

  • RuddyN

    My phone is jailbroken and I use NoNeedMessenger so that I could continue using the 1 app for everything. These other apps are garbage. I refuse to download more than 1 app for fb. Especially if I could use all the functions on 1 app.

  • Joi Ocampo

    That’s a noob move

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Mark Zuckerberg is a teen, he stars a social network site, he turns 23 and what does he has?
    A billion dollars, wow impressive?
    What are you doing with your life? Hmm wasting time of Facebook and making a guy rich who is a member of Bilderberg group.

    He bought Whatsapp not to improve it but to suffocate it and destroy by trying to make Facebook messenger better and leaving Whatsapp as it is.

    Good luck sharing every single detail of your life with group that owns US govt and plans to implement world gornment.

  • solidsephiroth

    No Facebook, we don’t want SINGLE apps that do one thing incredibly well. We want A SINGLE APP that does everything incredibly well! This is why you have to pay attention, Facebook!

  • Josh

    So they’re going to do something that the vast majority of people don’t want? Good one, Facebook.