Microsoft is tired of the old-nature feel of Internet Explorer, and is building a new browser for Windows 10 that will look and feel more like Chrome and Firefox, according to ZDNet.

The new browser, which Mary Jo Foley says is codenamed Spartan within Microsoft, is not Internet Explorer 12 – the next version in line. Instead, it’s a new, light-weight browser that is different entirely and will ship alongside Internet Explorer 11 on Windows 10.

Microsoft will reportedly be supporting extensions in the new internet browser, much like Chrome and Firefox, allowing developers to take advantage of APIs to bring features to users. The Redmond-based company will veer away from WebKit (which is what Apple uses) and use its own Chakara Javascript engine and Trident rendering engine.

Interestingly in her report, Foley didn’t compare Spartan to Safari. Even though it has a pretty deep set of features, is Safari now being thrown in the same camp as Internet Explorer? Or is she just a Microsoft fan-girl who doesn’t like to draw Apple comparisons? Granted, as one of our commenters points out, Safari has been long gone from Windows.

Microsoft hinted during a Reddit Ask Me Anything earlier this year that it’s contemplated changing the name of Internet Explorer in the past, to avoid users feeling like it’s lagging behind in features. The name has been around for quite sometime.

Now, it looks like Microsoft wants to shake things up with a whole new browser.

Foley didn’t mention if Spartan is something that would be released on Mac, like Chrome and Firefox are. However, she said there’s “a chance down the line” it could come to iOS, as Microsoft has been developing apps for other ecosystems than its own, as of late.

Microsoft is holding its annual Build conference (think: WWDC) in January where it could have more details.


  • Abe Masri

    Why can’t they get over it and use Google Chrome as default browser?

    • Andy

      That’s like telling Apple to get rid of Safari and use Chrome. Why should they do that? Competition is a good thing. I personally use Firefox.

      • Abe Masri

        Safari is already way better than IE, If they’re going to make a new browser they better make it available on all platforms (iOS, OSX, Linux, etc..)

      • InfinitePlusOne

        Safari is way better than any other browsers on iOS. I’m sure same with OS X too

      • Nope

        LOl no? Best browser on iOS is iCab Mobile. Safari is garbage compared to iCab. There’s a lot of browsers better than Safari on iOS actually.

      • nopenope

        Icab?? LOLOLOL nope

      • Antzboogie

        I prefer Puffin Browser on mobile platforms because of Flash Support, but Google Chrome is the Ultimate browser. Flash won’t even work on my MacBook with Safari only Google Chrome does!!!!

      • Dani Hayes

        I use safari as my default but use puffin to actually use flash and full websites.

      • David Vall-Lloveras

        The only reason Safari is better on iOS is because Apple limits other browsers performance specs as a requirement for being available on iOS.. This means that a browser that is capable of performing better than Safari is prohibited by Apple from doing so. This is kind of the way the Russian government operates.

      • jp2002

        And the proof to prove your claim sir?

    • Get over what? I much prefer Internet Explorer 11 over the evilliy gimped Chrome (bit ly/1s3TSlH). Only thing I miss about Chrome is some of it’s extensions.

      I now use IE 11 as my default browser and Firefox as my secondary, for the sake of extensions.

    • rockdude094

      Someone at Microsoft must have been like… OH SHIT we should update the browser or something O.o

  • dudewassup

    “Interestingly in her report, Foley didn’t compare Spartan to Safari. Even though it has a pretty deep set of features, is Safari now being thrown in the same camp as Internet Explorer? Or is she just a Microsoft fan-girl who doesn’t like to draw Apple comparisons?”

    Uhm, maybe it’s because Safari has been dropped on Windows for over a year now? And that last line is very cringe-worthy “journalism” Jake.

  • RayRayBeav

    This would be a nice change. I just reformatted my ‘old’ Windows 8 laptop for my brother to use and deleted all shortcuts to IE, installed Google Chrome and set it as his default browser. I have a Macbook Pro and use both Safari and Chrome.

  • markelite

    Forked from Internet Explorer. LOL

  • Scope

    More power to them. If the browser is good i’ll use it. Been using Chrome but don’t know whats up with Google but noticed Chrome messes around with CPU Usage (noticed this on many PCs) also Google don;t fix the fullscreen video issue which has persisted for years. Been feeling to move to Opera on many occasions but Chrome is good other than those 2 things. Can’t bash Microsoft for offering more options

    • Virus

      That’s the NSA messing around with the CPU 😉

    • Firefox batters my memory, often running a gig or two

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    Microsoft needs to make a New OS not work on a new browser. Windows 8 in any version, mobile, desktop xbox or anything other wise is terrible. “Just an owner ‘s opinion.”

    • Abe Masri

      let me agree with you 🙂

    • Windows 8 was a flop, and they know it. Hence why they threw the half-finished Windows 9 out of the window (pun) and jumped to Windows 10. I’ve been using the Windows 10 Tech Preview and I must say its a helluva lot better than 8

      • A flop compared to Se7en, but far from a flop compared to all Mac OS X versions combined.

      • Tronjheim79

        Wow. OS X as a flop? Then again, I believe in the multiverse theory.

      • How do you consider something that got on over 12% of worldwide Laptop/Desktop PCs, in just 2 years, as a flop, yet consider something that’s been hovering around 7% of worldwide Laptop/Desktop PCs, for the past 7 years, as not a flop? Besides using iWorld logic?

      • jp2002

        Apple’s premium hardware pricing has kept its market share pretty small. If they adopted MS’s model of selling OSX as a standalone OS for 3rd party hardware, windows will be reduced to nothing IN CONSUMER MARKET.

      • Dan

        In your dreams buddy. I’ll never get a Mac, and price is not the problem, it’s because Apple doesn’t let you build it yourself, and they don’t let you upgrade to the parts you want. I doubt I’m the only one. When I pay for something, I don’t like being kept in a walled garden.

      • jp2002

        You clearly d’nt understand my comment. What’s windows then, open countryside?

      • Dan

        I reread your comment and I stand corrected. It will never happen though.

      • jp2002

        the fluidity and simplicity I’ve seen in OS X is non existent in windows. Check out the hackintosh community.

      • All speculations, doesn’t change the fact that all OS X versions combined are a bigger flop than Windows 8. If Microsoft had released Windows 8.1.1 as the first release of Windows 8, and the Pro 3 as the first release of the Surface Pro, they’d grab an even bigger share of the market, even more Mac users would have switched by now (bit ly/1tVwdIy) and Mac OS X market share would drop to hovering around 1% like Linux…

      • jp2002


    • Chris

      Windows and IE are developed by two different teams, a new browser will be very welcomed by the development community as IE up until 10 was far below the quality of other browsers.

    • mike

      Backing both @Chris and @ConductiveMammal on this.

    • Windows 8.1.1 on my Surface Pro 2, my ancient 2007 Gateway desktop (sold), and my 2008 HP Laptop (sold) is/was awesome IMO. Better than Windows 7, due to it’s added dimensions of usage and features that help in getting stuff done faster.

  • Warmachine69

    I’m with Sebstien! Go firefox!

  • “… to challenge Chrome and Firefox.” Safari is not even mentioned (LOL). More power to Safari!

    • Derp

      Safari isn’t worth mentioning. The best 3 browsers are Chrome, Firefox and Opera and then Safari but there’s a large gap before Safari comes into the picture. It’s closer to IE on the scale than being compared to any of the top 3

      • arvindb02

        Actually after Yosemite, Safari has gotten a lot better. I used to be a Chrome person but Safari’s much quicker and has a really clean UI

  • Kr00

    Welcome to the 21st century Microsoft. Forgive me while I shit myself laughing over this.

  • Mark Kramer

    Great just what we needed more proprietary crap foisted on us by microsloth.

  • Ian Leon

    That’s good. I like this. They so need a different name. Pull a Mohave

  • Gabriel Anaya

    Hmm Microsoft wants to challenge chrome and Firefox?

    • gittlopctbi

      What does the pic of the Tweet have anything to do with this?

      • Gabriel Anaya

        I removed that because I put the wrong pic. Guess Disqus has other ideas -__-

      • White Michael Jackson


      • gittlopctbi

        Oh, OK.

    • White Michael Jackson

      LMAOOOO wtf LMAO

  • Gabriel Anaya

    So Microsoft wants to challenge chrome and Firefox?

  • nopenope

    hopefully they can do something better, chrome and firefox are getting pretty shitty

  • I still wouldn’t use it!

  • Jonathan

    Internet Explorer? Kill me now.

  • Rahimo

    Am I the only one who recognizes that the cursor belongs to windows XP ??

    • Rahimo

      The shortcut arrows too, the whole platform is Windows XP !!

    • Bugs Bunnay

      yep it’s just you. nobody else notices a thing.

      • Rahimo

        EEEEEEEEh … What’s up doc ??? hhhhhhhh

      • Bugs Bunnay

        it’s duck season.

  • Jason Baroni

    It should be named Miracle.

  • justme

    Good, because today Chrome kill more resources than your entire OS.