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The song says “it’s the most wonderful time of the year.” It is indeed, unless you’re expecting tons of apps and tweaks to be released, in which case, you’ll be sorely disappointed. This past week was pretty slow in terms of new tweaks, but it made up the low quantity by great quality. Among the notable tweak releases of the week, we’ll definitely note Ignition and Auxo 3, two highly anticipated tweaks that will sure make their marks on your devices.

New tweaks

2TapShot: double tap the screen when a video is playing to take a screenshot (free)

AboutMore: offers more device information in the Settings app (free)

Auxo 3: a very different take on the App Switcher ($0.99/$2.99 – review)

Betterrotate iPad: makes the icon grid the same in all orientations on iPad (free)

CameraTweak 3: brings several enhancements to the stock Camera app ($1.49 – review)

DoubleTapToSleep: double tap the Home or Lock screens to put the device to sleep (free)

Ignition: brings CarPlay to your iPhone or iPad (free – review)

nupsidedown: prevents iPhone 6 Plus UI from rotating upside down (free)

QuickShoot Pro iOS 8: capture photos and videos directly from the Home screen ($1.49)

Taker: take picture from anywhere using the Volume buttons (free)

Did I miss anything? If so, please make your voice heard in the comments section below.

  • GuyWithTheThings

    How is Auxo 3 a “very different take on the app switcher”? All Auxo does is combine the Control Center and App Switcher. I believe it’s Centrex that does that as well, and it does that a lot better in my opinion. The only thing Auxo has is the quick switcher, which you can sort of replicate with an Activator gesture.

    • Husam Hamed

      So all it does is that, and that, and that, which you can “sort of replicate”… Doesn’t that make it an awesome different take on the app switcher?

    • Andrew

      I believe you’re thinking of Vertex. Centrex themed Control Centre on iOS 7 to look like iOS 8’s.

  • leart

    I think that TSS Center menu on Cydia should be removed now 😛

  • Jim Hart

    “This passed week was pretty slow in terms” should read “This past week was pretty slow in terms” 🙂

  • Abdul BaseerKhalid Haqani

    Hello All !
    Please be Careful !!!
    A bug That disable reachability of iPhone 6 & 6Plus on Activator Please Dont install it

    • Bugs Bunnay

      yep. I can confirm my 6 blew up when I installed activator.

      • Abdul BaseerKhalid Haqani

        i try on three new and none referbished iphone 6 +

    • Carlos Medina

      Seems to work fine on my 6+. maybe just affects iPhone 6 probably?

      • Abdul BaseerKhalid Haqani

        i am not a lair ; I was Really install activator v.1.9.1 And Killed my Reachability on My iPhone 6+ Silver 128GB

      • diggitydang

        Same specs. Same result. I keep hoping for an update to fix it but never see anything.

      • Joseph Uzilov

        Exactly. Works fine on my 6+ running iOS 8.1. Actually Activator was first tweak i installed as soon as i JBed my device. No problem with Reachability at all

      • diggitydang

        I have a 6+ too and it kills Reachability in spurts for me too. I just assigned a swipe in gesture to activate it again and it’s pretty reliable.

      • Carlos Medina

        Thats strange cause my Reachability works flawless but i do also have Virtual Home as well so ill give it a go without.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah, I wish I was one of the ones who could say that it still works flawlessly for me!! In the past, I’ve removed Activator and Reachability has been restored again, so I know it’s Activator though.

      • Carlos Medina

        Do you have Activator from Ryans repo or from elsewhere just curious.

      • diggitydang

        Yeah, on Ryan’s Repo for sure… Also, my TouchID just stopped working today too!!! So weird… I don’t understand how that happened.

      • diggitydang

        Looks like it’s Activator doing it!! Uninstalled it and Touch ID is working again. This sucks, as Activator is such a crucial tweak for me and for so many other tweaks that rely on it!!

      • I had Bioprotect killed by activator; so I just disabled activator in icleaner pro cydia substate section. Resprung. Fixed Bioprotect AND activator gestures still work

      • Carlos Medina

        Probably conflicting tweaks?

      • diggitydang

        I reset the settings in Activator and it seems to be working better now.

      • Carlos Medina

        well thats better then nothing lol

    • Tim Stalman

      Can confirm this. Activator killed my reachability since the very first version of it on Pangu 8.1 iphone 6

      • use a side slide down gesture; in activator and you should be able to set it for reachability

      • MrKyoo

        Same here. After uninstalling Activator I even used iFile to delete all traces of Activator. That didn’t work either.

      • Kubaton

        Are y’all running Activator version 1.9.2 beta 1 from Ryan Petrich’s repo? It was updated recently to fix the initial Reachability issues. I had problems with 1.9.1 beta. Now, if you remove all of the actions for Reachability within Activator the OS handles it. I haven’t had a problem since updating.

    • Luis Estrada

      That’s totally right !!!

    • MrKyoo

      Activator somehow killed my Reachability as well. Only way to “fix” it is to go into setting and disable Reachability and then enable it again. But that is only a temporary fix. Wish I hadn’t installed Activator at all.

  • some tweak somewhere killed 3 of my notification center widgets. Any ideas? (World Clock, Transit schedule among them)

    • Carlos Medina

      What tweaks you got installed?

      • long long list; but is anything known or suspected to affect nc widgets? I’m uninstalling suspected tweaks one by one, but no luck so far.

      • TROK TheRealOneKid

        Not sure whether or not u’d be willing to do this, but try to boot your device in safemode to see if your widgets activate again

      • Yes; they all fix, while in safe mode. Now to identify the felon…

      • Carlos Medina

        To try and see which tweaks are causing your widget problem ill say first look into which tweaks adds changes in the notification center. If you’re not sure then i suggest you download iCleaner Pro and head over to the “+” tab, then to Cydia Substrate in advance, and hit “all” once and you should see all the toggles turn off. Once they turn off it’ll ask you to respring and once that’s done just turn tweaks on one by one until you find the culprit.

      • Thanks; problem ID’d as Eclipse

  • Vvbreaker

    Pop-textField is a niiiiice new tweak. Recommended!!

  • Rob Lombardo

    I know your really excited about this one Sebastien, but I bet once you start really using CarPlay you will not be so excited. The real problem is that CarPlay is so minimally featured, and there are only a couple of apps. The rate that apps are being added is a joke, and not the developers fault, almost like there is an intense liability assessment happening for each one. I’ve turned it off on my Pioneer AVIC-8000NEX, because the Pioneer firmware works well and is more full featured will an iPhone connected via Bluetooth.

  • FasiYoo

    Gridlock. Is there a tweak like Gridlock?

  • Edward Marceleno

    Anyone know where the AirPlay option is on Auxo 3?

    • Michael Hulet

      When you’re on the same WiFi network as an AirPlay-receiving device, you can swipe down on the bar of all the Settings toggles (with things like Airplane Mode and Do Not Disturb), and it should appear, along with AirDrop

  • jay

    dont use so many tweaks right now because like the iphone how it is. but there is auxo which i really like also activator and springtomize. thats all i need and remember more tweaks more chances to crash

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Wld rlly like to have a review and hear Seb’s thots on ‘Switchability.’ I’m using it and kinda like it as an alternative to auxo3 for switching. Check it out Seb.

  • nupsidedown is awesome. It’s the little things that help the user experience.

  • ceevee369

    DoubleTapToSleep? What a waste as this is only 50% of what Smarttap can do…

  • Abol

    My reachability is messed up too, I have bioprotect installed and quite a few other tweaks (including Forcereach and reachabilityUnlocked).. I used to have activator installed and even when I set reachability to slide along the bottom, it only worked a couple of times.
    I deleted activator and my reachability only works for a short while after I respring. Then it stops working again until I respring.
    Can someone please help!!! As I use reachability quite often (that’s when it works)!

    • Abol

      Any help???!!!!!!

      • Ameya Mehta

        i think the problem is with biprotect. the same thing happens to me.
        just uninstall it and test the reachability..