apple red logo aids day

Apple raised more than $20 million this holiday season to benefit Product Red, an organization that partners with companies to fight AIDS in Africa.

Recode obtained a copy of an email from Apple CEO Tim Cook to employees on Wednesday, congratulating them on their charitable work, which now totals $100 million total to Product Red in recent years.

“I’m thrilled to announce that our total donation for this quarter will be more than $20 million — our biggest ever — bringing the total amount Apple has raised for (PRODUCT) RED to over $100 million,” Cook wrote. “The money we’ve raised is saving lives and bringing hope to people in need. It’s a cause we can all be proud to support.”

This holiday season Apple partnered with major app developers to donate proceeds to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS. A portion of Apple’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales were given to the cause, Apple Stores displayed a red Apple, and Apple gave away free gift cards with the purchase of select products on Black Friday to raise awareness.




  • William Melendez

    Very nice ! I’m sure a lot of us idownloadblog readers didn’t participate on that lol. I remember a poll being created and hardly anyone donated or bought product red.

    • Andy

      Product Red is a private company that also operates for-profit, the money benefits themselves first, more than the people in Africa. Also, despite the amount of money raised, we’re no closer to a cure for HIV/AIDS now than we were several years ago. How about using that money to actually improve education and health care infrastructures so that they are aware of and able to minimize such diseases? Their stated goal may be humanitarian aid, but let’s be honest, they’re not exactly doing this for free. It’s just a way to get consumers to donate (Slacktivism). You’re simply boosting their egos.

      • Well said!

        Side Note: For those interested in supporting a world-wide charity that’s actually there to rebuild nations and not fill the pockets of some greedy individuals, there’s Humanity First (humanityfirst ca).

  • Rares

    I’ve read in an article once that every year it is discovered a cure for cancer but the people handling this do not make it public because there are raised more money on treatments. So this may be the case for AIDS too

    • George

      It is really disturbing how they just let people die for money.