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Born and raised in France where we use 24-hour clocks, the AM/PM time is something I had to adapt to when I moved to the States. It’s not complicated to figure out, but it’s easy to accidentally take one for the other. A new tweak called PM, really? wants to make sure you never accidentally set an alarm for the evening (PM), when clearly you wanted to be waken up in the morning (AM).

The concept is pretty simple. Every time you set an alarm for a time in the evening, the tweak will ask you for confirmation that you indeed wanted to set that alarm for that specific time. If you did, just confirm. If it was an accident, simply cancel and change your alarm. You can hardly make simpler than that.

The tweak works as advertised. If anything, I wish PM, really? would have a more conservative look. Specifically, I’d like to see the tweak replace the “Yes, I did” and “Nope!” options with more appropriate “Confirm” and “Cancel.” This is just my personal preference, and of course, your opinion might differ.

If you find yourself making mistakes when setting alarms, you will definitely find PM, really? useful. As for me, my iPhone is now set to use 24-hour time, so no mistake possible.

PM, really? is a free download in the BigBoss repo.

Is it something that you could use? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Tweak name: PM, really?
Developer: Jay Zuerndorfer
Repo: BigBoss
Price: Free

  • A’s Network

    What if you go to the tweak location, find the .plist, and edit the two button “strings” to Confirm and cancel?

    • Diego Milano

      Agreed; I appreciate the “coolness” of the language however it does not make it elegant at all. Please change the “Nope!” to “Cancel” or something similar; same goes for the “Yes, I did.”
      Other than that, I think it’s neat.

    • mike

      Not all tweaks are made so simple; the smallest of tweaks could be a mess when the “average user” attempts to analyze them.

      • A’s Network

        Understood, but an average user wouldn’t know what a .plist would do. I do since I made apps for private distribution and every time there’s a UIElement there’s always a .plist to control everything. It’s a matter of where it is lol

      • Platy

        Pretty sure that the alert text won’t be stored in a plist, at least for a Cydia substrate tweak.

      • mike

        Valid point

  • hkgsulphate


  • Diego Milano

    OFFTOPIC: does anyone know how to make Activator play a sound/ringtone on a certain event (such as battery charges/drains above/below a certain percentage) on iOS 8? I believe this functionality is no longer available as it used to on iOS 7.

    • Tim


      • Diego Milano

        As mentioned on my previous message- there is no longer such an option on iOS 8 to PLAY A SOUND OR A RINGTONE. Come again?

      • Bugs Bunnay

        was found to be a taboo and removed on ios 8.

  • Jonathan

    Hmm.. would this work for Siri as well? I’ve done it twice and slept through class.

  • Endriu Andrei

    this is a tweak for our american friends 🙂

  • Andrew

    The Sleep Cycle app does this. It’s saved me a few times.

  • cghjfsjdfggjgd

    That’s why europe use 24 hours system lol

    • Diego Milano

      As well as other countries in the Americas.

    • Pretty much the whole world uses the metric system and 24 hours time…

    • Andy

      Ha, I pity those 12 hour peasants.

    • Yes, thats why people call the US second World 🙂 pretty much every Country in the world gets rid of am/pm, inch and feet, farenheit and gallons.

  • I’ve had issues with this before too because the alarm automatically sets to pm which is really annoying.

  • Arik Shainer

    The usless tweak I’ve heard

  • Bjørn

    Maybe you should just stop using AM/PM and use 24-hour clocks instead.
    Then this will never be an issue. 😉

  • chumputy

    Jailbreak and Cydia is fading now.. Most developers don’t even update their tweaks now. 🙁

  • I am glad that we in Germany have 24 hour time, no hassle with am pm…
    (i’m alos glad that we have metrics)

  • Boogaloo Burrito

    Ugh, why do Americans have to be so difficult? Why not just use the 24 hour system like the rest of us? Oh and kilometers too instead of miles.