apple two-step

Two-step verification protects your Apple ID from unauthorized access when accessing and the Apple ID web interface or when when making an App Store or iTunes purchase from a new device. It’s an additional layer of security which combines something you know (your Apple ID password) with something you have (an iOS device).

Once enabled, it requires that you enter a four-digit code after providing your Apple ID credentials, with the code being pushed to a trusted iOS device.

You will also get a 14-character Recovery Key to regain control of your account should you ever lose access to your trusted devices or forget your password.

So, is your Apple ID protected with two-factor verification or do you still trust your digital life with the good ol’ password in conjunction with security questions?

So who’s protected their Apple ID with two-step verification?

Your Apple ID is key to everything you do with Apple, be it buying media and apps on iTunes, using iCloud on all your devices, buying from the Apple Online Store, making a reservation at an Apple Retail Store, accessing the Apple Support website and more.

It is therefore crucial that you do yourself a big favor: write your Recovery Key on a piece of paper, store it in a safe place and remember every once in a while to check if it’s still there, a lesson The Next Web’s Owen Williams learned the hard way.

You should never, ever store your Recovery Key as a screenshot on your Mac or iOS device, upload it to the cloud or store it in password-managers such as 1Password.

  • People don’t understand just how important your Apple ID really is. If it gets hacked, you could loose your phone, purchases, and even your credit card. Your iCloud is also tied in, meaning they can get to all of that as well. Just too risky, and it takes like no time at all to setup…

    • Jeffrey

      No matter how funny it sounds, I just have faith in Apple iCloud security, I don’t want to go trough the 2 step verification every time I log into iCloud so I just have faith.

      • It only requires 2-Step if you change something, like turing off Find My iPhone. I’ve only needed to do it like twice in the years I’ve had it enabled.

      • Jeffrey

        Oh I didn’t know that, I still don’t like 2 steps though:P.

      • Will you still not like the extra two steps you have to go through if / when your account gets hacked? It’s not just an extra two steps for you, it’s an extra two steps for a hacker trying to gain access to your account…

        The extra security clearly outweighs the convenience of going without it IMHO.

      • Jeffrey

        I know and no, my opinion won’t change when I get hacked. Let them hack me, I say;).

    • codylem

      Actually takes 3 days for verification.

      • Casey

        No it doesn’t? I set it up a couple months ago and was done in 1 minute. It only took that long because I was feeling trepidatious about it.

  • I haven’t really thought about it but I’m definitely going to use two step verification method now!

  • Casey

    I use it – as trusted devices I have an iPad 3G, iPad Mini 2G and a Google Voice account for SMS. It’s pretty lame that you can’t use Macs as trusted devices, and iOS 6 devices (I also have an iPod Touch 4G) don’t work either even though Apple advertises that “any iOS device” will work.

    Still, I am happy with it.

  • Two-step verification is on for all my accounts that support it on all services. If someone gets access to my account, they not only get access to my purchases, they could wipe my phone, look at my contacts, and much more. Every site should have two-step.

  • deepdvd

    If Apple used TOTP for its two-step authentication, I’d be all over it.

  • Bugs Bunnay


  • Glenn DolFan Baptista

    So how do I set it up is the question I have to ask ?

  • Blip dude


  • Apple has not yet made this service available for Saudi Arabia’s store, but surely I’ll enable it once it is! I always have it enabled in any service that support it.

  • Niclas

    No but I’ll enable it. Some day.

    • Edvard Rølvaag

      Yea, me 2 xD

  • Sohail Wahab

    I lost my Apple ID because of that 2 step verification, I restored my iPad to iOS 8 and lost the recovery code, no way to recover my ID and yet had so many apps purchased

    • This is why you’re supposed to keep it somewhere safe. Mine is in my 1Password vault if I ever need access to it someday…

      • jzack

        @aidanharris:disqus i often had doubt to start using 1password. is it really safe to save all your password and all private credentials like credit cards info in it?

  • Og Mandino

    Would this apply to something like logging in to locate your iphone on icloud website? I would hope not, seeing as how you need the device for 2step auth…

    edit: i didnt read “14-character Recovery Key to regain control of your account should you ever lose access to your trusted devices or forget your password.”