Italian filmmaker Lorenzo Antico handpicked 1,017 Instagram photos of London to create this short video. It’s very similar to this video we posted last year, and arguably not as well put together, but it’s still a pretty cool video that I’m sure will inspire some of you to create your own short films based on the concept.

For those wondering, the music playing is a song called Henrietta by The Fratellis. Enjoy!

  • asdlb4

    What’s up with everyone eating cowboy beans for breakfast? Silly British people…

    • Andrew

      They’re not “cowboy beans” (whatever those are), they’re baked beans, and they’re quite tasty and very nice for breakfast. Although, I don’t have them nearly as often as I’d like to.

      • slow_moon

        Agreed. Beans on toast is the breakfast of kings 🙂

        Google cowboy beans and you’ll see what asdlb4 meant. Very similar so easy to confuse the two.

    • slow_moon

      Cowboy beans! Thanks for the heads-up, I’m gonna check out some recipes and try making them.

  • steve miller

    Is it legal to use other’s work from Instagram for your own use.? Did he get releases from the photographers to use their photographs? If the answers are no then take down this post full of stolen photographs. This is why I don’t Instagram.

    • Interesting point, Steve. I’ve been toying with the Instagram idea (using only HEAVILY watermarked images) to reach new audiences. Still. No point in begging to have my stuff swiped. Before I do anything, I’ll have to give Instagram’s tos a good read.

  • coLin

    cool idea