AppHeads, the tweak that brings a fast multitasking experience to iOS7 and iOS 8, is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Inspired by Facebook’s ChatHead system, AppHeads brings a fresh and new multitasking method to iOS.

We’ve already previewed the tweak once before, and now it’s available for purchase for $4.99. Is it worth its relatively steep asking price? Does it live up to the hype and potential? Check inside for the video walkthrough and review.

Once you purchase and install AppHeads, you’ll find a pop-up notification that will ask you to install the license, which downloads automatically. Installing the license is a painless affair, and will (hopefully) help eliminate any piracy that’s bound to be tried with a popular and pricey tweak like this.

After the license is installed, you can begin using AppHeads immediately. Launch an app, and you will see an app icon appear—the AppHead—representing the launched app. This icon can be moved and snapped anywhere on the left or right perimeter of the iPhone’s screen.

Tap on an AppHead to launch what its developer calls the Live View. Live Views are just as they are described, live snapshots of an app that can be interacted with. What makes Live Views so compelling is that you can quickly open and dismiss apps while working with other apps. That’s because the AppHeads for all running apps are always displayed around the left and right edge of the screen. It’s a unique way to multitask that breathes some fresh air into iOS’ aging multitasking concepts.

While that’s great, and can in theory speed up the process of multitasking, it must be noted that you can only interact with one app at once. Even though AppHeads’ Live Views give you the option of placing a Live View on top of another app, you can only interact with the Live View app, and can’t interact with any app beneath it until you close the Live View. So in essence, AppHeads tread more on the “handy shortcut” side of the multitasking fence, as in they allow you to quickly switch between apps. They don’t allow for true multitasking, which has been a point of confusion from some would-be users.

AppHeads Settings

AppHeads feature lots of preferences to configure in the Settings app. There’s, of course, a kill-switch that allows you to quickly disable the tweak, and there is a switch that allows you to enable AppHeads for only certain applications (AppHeads defaults to be enabled for all apps).

You can even establish an Activator gesture to show and hide the AppHead icons that litter your screen if you deem it to be too much. Using the Activator gesture will cause the AppHead icons to fade into view once enabled, and to fade out once disabled.

Then there’s the design aspects of AppHead’s preferences. You can change up the way that Live Views are displayed by customizing their backgrounds, size, radius, width, and border color. Impressively, all of these design aspects for the Live View take place without necessitating an annoying respring.

There are other settings that I’ve yet to mention, like the single tap action that allows you to specifiy what happens on a single tap of an AppHead, and hold actions, which do the same, but for tap and hold gestures. You can make the single tap action show a Live View or launch the full application. The hold actions can do the same in addition to closing a single app and closing all applications.

Then there’s Touch ID settings for the Live View. For users with Touch ID enabled devices, you can force certain apps to request Touch ID authentication before showing a Live View.

As you can see, there are tons of options included in AppHeads, but most of them don’t drastically change the functionality enough to make the tweak’s preferences a must-visit. Out of the box, you can use AppHeads just as well.

The real question to me is this: Is AppHeads worth its $5.00 asking price? In a world of five and six dollar lattes I want to say yes, but realize that not everyone will adore this tweak, or won’t regret their decision to purchase.

For starters, AppHeads, being a 1.0 release, still has quite a few bugs, some of which you will see in my video walkthrough. Then there’s the matter of whether or not the tweak was ever practical to begin with.

As much as I personally want to like AppHeads, I have a hard time believing that I will work this into my permanent daily workflow. It’s an impressive tweak, no doubt, but the fact that it just makes multitasking faster and doesn’t bring any “true” multitasking elements to the fray leads to pause.

With that said, if you’re someone who has the disposable income and who won’t miss the $5, then AppHeads is an incredible tech demonstration to show off to your friends, and it certainly is faster than invoking the app switcher in iOS.

If you’re looking for one of the fastest ways to multitask on your iPhone, then I say go for it. You’d be hard pressed to find a faster way to multitask in iOS, even if it is at the expense of aesthetics, and even if it doesn’t bring any uber-interesting multitasking features to the party.

You can find AppHeads right now on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think about it? Will you be taking the plunge?

  • Anthony Lara

    R.I.P battery.

  • Javiers

    Although, this is a very nice tweak it still has a lot of bugs which get very annoying, hope there’s an update soon or else I won’t be using it.

  • W. Riveros

    It’s buggy as hell

  • Ex mea sententia

    Interesting but not for me.

  • WiseBlasian


  • yungcinnabun

    Definitely gonna have to be a pirate with this one til the bugs get worked out and it’s good enough for my $5

    • CS

      Smart! Enjoy those viruses being installed along with it 😛

      • yungcinnabun

        I’ve been doing this since iOS 3 with over 150 apps never happened yet try again bro

      • Diego Milano

        What goes around comes around. 😉

      • yungcinnabun

        Sorta like deez?

      • Damian

        Lol you just admitted you are a badass pirate

        Shame on you

      • Cesar D

        I’m sure you are enjoying all those tweaks! Imagine how many nice developers could quit doing what they do just by seeing this comment…

        Even if it is a waste, don’t you dare to get a pirated version of it, it could be worth a coffe cup to a developer to continue working on fixing those bugs you are complaining about…

      • yungcinnabun

        So I should waste money on something that doesn’t work? You sound dumb, basically saying u would buy an iPhone that doesn’t turn on because someone worked hard to make it look nice right? If you can’t read I said if the app works and I use it I buy it if it doesn’t I uninstall it and I’ve definitely contributed to developers more than u so get off my nuts cornball

      • Cesar D

        No, this can’t happen with iPhones. But it’s like stealing an iPhone from a store then throwing it to the trash because you didn’t like it. Of course that would not damage anyone, but still morally wrong. And when a lot of people start doing it, it starts to damage the developers.

        Stop spreading piracy. It’s their hard work and they decide to whom gift it. Don’t steal their work, how do you expect the Jailbreak community to success if this keeps happening?… Who will make tweaks? Maybe that developer has a better idea in mind of what to develop next. They can’t work hard if people like you keep pirating. You will keep getting shitty tweaks like this.

    • iPodDroid

      Way to give the community a bad name and not supporting the developer…

      • yungcinnabun

        I guess you can’t read? I said I would purchase it when it works…that’s supporting the developer I do with that every single app unless I know 100% that it works flawless and that I’ll NEED it (bitesms, I blacklist,

      • RandomAwesomeGuy

        Maybe buying it now will help the developer iron-out the bugs later. Some developers live off of the products they make. Just my two cents.

      • iPodDroid

        Either way, you shouldn’t even pirate it to begin with, for all you know the “free” version that pirate repos give out could have more than just bugs. I would suggest just waiting it out till the developer releases a few updates before purchasing instead of pirating.

      • markVI

        Upvote for butt nuggets.

        But on a serious note, i agree with you.

      • Dan

        +1 for the butt nuggets comments, made me laugh, although I don’t agree with the pirating =P

    • daniel awde

      Im not sure you were even born when ios 3 came out bro

      • yungcinnabun

        That’s obviously not me in the avatar its from a meme

    • Augusto Hernández Ayala

      im with you.. if a developer is fixing bugs in some kind of tweak app, I see an ofense that he trys to sell it to me!
      People how pays digital thing is because they have plenty of money, my example, I have use in all my life like…. 300 virtual albums “for free”, spend in app store 3 or 4 €, just bought one original game.
      The day I get a good job, I could support bands, developers and so, BUT I will try it always first ilegaly, because I dont like feeling stupid, paying 5$ for a bugged ios code, I WONT.

      • Cesar D

        Then how do you expect to have a Good iOS code if they don’t receive support? How do you expect developers to fix their bugs…? If you like the concept, even if it is bugged, you should start by supporting the developers. Its their hard work what you are paying for, their idea and concept, not the buggy code, which can be fixed with the support you can give them.

  • rockdude094

    5 bucks ..

  • coLin

    would be cool to have this for messages conversations since messages app is the most used app on the iPhone

    • eXoguti093

      Already exists x)

      • coLin

        what is it?

      • eXoguti093


      • coLin

        Thanks. Just tired of Couria

      • Diego Milano

        Only compatible with iOS 7 apparently and personally I believe the design is ugly, but that’s just me.

      • Sandesh Dhuri

        That’s only compatible with iOS 7

      • Jonathan Talbot

        Messagebox but its for facebook messeger 🙂

  • Not worth it for $5 I’ll wait for the updated version of OS Experience. Also is it just me or is something different with Jeff’s audio in this video compared to others?

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Such a pricey tweak should come with a trial period… I won’t spend 5 bucks in something I don’t know i’ll use often or that I don’t know if it is reliable

  • Diego Milano

    Impressive, but I personally don’t see ANY use of having Live View, I would rather just use the AppHeads to quickly switch from app to app, period. 🙂 Good job to the developer!
    Oh, and another thing, no offense but… $5? Really? Don’t get me wrong, I truly appreciate the developers’ effort, but that’s overkill!

  • john diaz


  • Sandesh Dhuri

    Too Much Buggy to handle..PAIN!!!!!

  • Umut Bilgiç

    I think it is a shame that the developer did not include a trial system. I would really like to try this tweak before purchasing since it introduces such a dramatic change to the user experience.

  • J. Rockwell

    Thanks Jeff! You really killed it with the tweak reviews today. It is really appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

  • czbird

    How does it play with full screen apps like games?

  • Vijay Kumar Gauba

    It is sheer waste of money. It conflicts with quite a few tweaks as I had to remove many to make it operational. It is very buggy. Issues are so many that I do’t think that it is worthwhile to spend time on it. Jeff, in future, all your reviews will be taken with pinch of salt. Heads come in the way of normal usage. It is not a good idea at all. Less said the better.

    • Doug

      Good point, remember Velox?

  • Renato Faria

    Sorry, but in my humble opinion this tweak is visually horrible

  • nfinite

    nice tweak, been using it couple of hours as my “always on screen app switcher”.. there’s still some bugs that needs to be fixed and IMO the dev can make improvement in some areas such as: appheads size adjustment (hint: 5s 4 inch screen), double tap action, etc..

  • JulianZH

    made the screen so ugly…

  • h4nd0fg0d

    Meh, I’ll pass. I still like aeternum for a refreshing change, as I switch between it and stock ios. Just don’t like how it doesn’t display homescreen bookmarks.

  • Rook HD

    meh.. who wants to have those floating icons all over the screen?

  • Anticipated ?? By who?? It’s ugly as hell

  • Aether

    Personally I’m not a fan of Facebook’s Chat Heads, I think they take up too much screen real estate. But I could see the Display View function in this tweak evolving into a multitasking tweak for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

  • Dan

    I would definitely use this if it looked good enough to be on my phone. Great idea though.