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Chase is launching a new promotion to entice its cardholders to try out Apple Pay. As noted by MacRumors, the bank is notifying customers that they’re giving away free iTunes music this weekend to anyone who adds their card to Apple’s payment service.

From November 21 to 23, those who add their Chase Visa card to Apple Pay will receive early access to David Guetta’s new album “Listen.” Once verified that their card has been added, users will receive an iTunes redemption code via the Chase mobile app.

The redemption code is good for 14 of the 18 tracks from the deluxe version of David Guetta’s new album, so you don’t get the whole thing. But you do get most of an album that hasn’t been released yet, which is currently available for pre-order for $12.

Chase isn’t the first financial institution to offer promotions to get customers to sign up for Apple Pay—Wells Fargo offered $20 to those who tried out the new service. Banks have praised Apple Pay’s ease-of-use and fraud-preventing security measures.

[Chase via MacRumors]

  • I am a chase member how do I sign up?

    • moofer

      Between those dates, launch Passbook, and add your card. It’s as easy as taking a picture of it. That’s it.

      • I tried, they don’t have that option on there

      • Jeremy

        Well make sure you have an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus because Apple Pay only works on those devices and the iPad Air 2 at the moment

  • moofer

    Too bad for us customers who’ve already added them. 🙁

    • TwinSon

      Just add them again. I got the album and my cards have been on Apple pay.

  • Merman123

    I would have preferred the $20.

  • DJMannyD

    If you already have your Chase card on Apple Pay then just login to your Chase mobile app. It will prompt you to Redeem your free David Guetta album.

    • Norman Hirsch

      those are instructions only and they lead nowhere other than to enroll your card. itunes has no clue it’s there even as this is pre-order MAYBE when it becomes available it will be free but who knows. Chase doesn’t, just called.

  • Matt

    I mean at least they could provide a better album. And if thy feel like they’re obligated to giving out Guetta, then his old stuff is great not this …. trash – but free stuf is always good!

    • DJMannyD

      It’s free bro why even complain? They could just give us nothing.

      • Matt

        Nothing But The Beat??

      • DJMannyD

        This new album is actually not that bad if you’re into mainstream house. Listening to it now.

      • DJMannyD

        I just caught that, lmfao. Good one.

      • Matt

        Yeah I’m definitely not into mainstream house music which I wouldn’t even call house. I’d call it Dance Pop if anything. There are some Big Room House tracks like “Bad” in the album, but Big Rooms House has just as much creativity as my 2nd grade art drawing (none) it all sounds the same and is composed all the same way every single time. I did however use to like Guetta. When “Love is Gone” came out.

  • Brandon Higgins

    Wells Fargo was better lol

  • john diaz

    now they tell us that. too late -_-

  • Norman Hirsch

    it’s baloney as far as I can see. they want you to enroll but there is no linkage from itunes to this album other than pre-order which anyone can do. seems to be a ploy to get their cards listed in apple pay. chase customer service has no clue either.