ios 8-2 beta

Alongside its release of WatchKit, Apple has posted the first beta of iOS 8.2 to developers. The update brings about support for the new Apple Watch developer tools, and can be downloaded either over the air, or directly from the dev center, by any registered iOS developer.

Interestingly enough, the beta release comes just one day after Apple pushed out iOS 8.1.1 to the masses, which had only been in testing itself for a few weeks. That’s quite the turnaround time when you consider that Apple sometimes waits several months between iOS releases.

We’re not sure what changes 8.2 includes outside of WatchKit support, but we’re installing the beta now and will pass along anything notable. If you see something we’ve missed, feel free to email us at or leave a note down in the comments section below.

The Apple Watch is expected to launch in spring of 2015, with a starting price of $349.

  • Shawn

    All aboard the hype train! Hopefully Apple Watch near beginning of the year.

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }


  • Giovanni Casari


    • Maxim∑

      iOS 8.2 (110A543)

      re-enables jailbreak

      • Andy Copeland

        I wish!

      • Stay Alive

        is that approved ?

      • Diego Milano

        Hahahahaha! That was awesome!

      • NeftyCorrea


  • paul

    Where can I find the iOS 8.2 beta to download

    • Giovanni Casari

      if you are a developer, you can download it from Apple Dev Centre.
      otherwise you can’t download it 🙂

      • paul

        Yes I’m signed up to betas I used imdzl to download but they haven’t links any more

      • chris1776

        FYI, then you aren’t a developer.

      • Daniel Traynor

        Stop beirng smart arses. And yes you can download it. It’ll eventually be added to ATFDL. Download from there Paul.

      • paul

        Thanks Daniel traynor I knew I could download beta and install. I’m not a developer but I’m added to the uddid

      • Daniel Traynor

        Ignore these idiots. Just because they have developer accounts they don’t want non-developers using the betas.

      • Me

        Cause it’s under Apple’s NDA not to do this… How about you try not being a smart ass. It’s not a hoarding thing get your shit straight.

      • Ivan Diardo 

        I agree with him!

      • chris1776

        Try reading and understanding rather than trolling. I didn’t say he can’t download it. I merely said that he wasn’t a developer since he said “Yes he was.” It is important to note the difference for many reasons which you probably wouldn’t comprehend given your seemingly limited reading skills.

      • Cesar D

        No you can’t, you have to have the developer license (register UDiD on apple’s servers) to install betas and it costs not as much as being a developer at apple. You can use iSignCloud for it.

  • Joost

    Apple Watch screen resolutions are in the Human Interface Guidelines:

    • LocalH

      Umm, those are very explicitly listed on the image you posted as pixels. 340×272 and 390×312. That still qualifies as Retina based on the size of the devices.

  • Abracastabya

    how frustrating…almost seems like an updated jailbreak will be needed no if ands or buts.

    • Lance Baker

      That’s why I didn’t jailbreak. I plan to get the watch and don’t want to get used to tweaks that I’ll lose. Plus iCloud photo library when it’s out of beta.

  • Matheus Lisboa

    Any new siri languages?

  • Ian Leon

    told y’all I smelled it

  • Kevin Chen

    Maybe the Apple Watch can be jailbroken.

    • Andrew

      The possibilities are endless

    • rockdude094

      who would want to jailbreak that ?

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      That’s like jailbreaking an iPod Nano (aka mini iPod Touch).

      • ✯Mike✯

        what’s wrong with that? could be some useful things added to the simplistic UI

  • Martynet

    Yesterday, I nearly jailbroke my device (iPhone 6+ 128GB) but in the last minute I changed my mind and updated to 8.1.1. It was a good decision. My phone is more stable and faster too. With 8.0 and 8.1, I had this bug (maybe someone else too – let me know) that when I wanted to uninstall any app, after taping the (x) button on the app icon, my iPhone froze for like15-20 seconds… It was really annoying. It’s ok now 😀

    • stann1q

      You weren’t alone

    • Jerry

      Im on 8.1 iphone6+ 128 also and is so bad im considering losing my jailbreak and upgrading to 8.1.1. reachability works when it wants to the battery is a lot worse. and everything just seems buggy. at this point I had a better experience on my back up iphone 5s 16gb

  • GuyBey0ndC00L

    It seems Apple might to be playing update game to slow down people from jailbreaking.

  • Rolando Duarte Tamayo

    Spotlight Search isn’t working on IPad Air 2 after updating to IOS 8.1.1 .Can you confirm if others users are having this issue.To solve this I had to uncheck all the search results option under Settings -General -Spotlight Search reboot the IPad and enable again.

  • Guest

    Holyshoot! What’s this? Im about to jailbreak my iphone and suddenly I cant open pangu for mac?

  • Slifur

    Holyshoot! What’s this? Im about to jailbreak my iphone and suddenly I cant open pangu for mac???

    • me

      rightclick and open

    • Blip dude

      You probably have your Mac set up as to only use software from Mac App Store and/or approved Developers (Microsoft Office, VLC Player, etc). You should either right click open or change your security settings in system preferences to allow all.

    • ɑղժɾҽա

      Lol, and you’re trying to jailbreak your iDevice?

    • Truc

      Go to System Preferences –> Security and Privacy –> General
      then click on Open Anyways

      • Chris

        The reason Apple added this is to prevent malicious apps from unknown developers from been executed on your Mac, it’s much better to only allow apps from the App Store.

        To open unknown apps you simply hold control, right click and press open.

  • Truc

    A number of bugs have been squashed like:
    – No more fronzen icon when deleting apps
    – Keep the right order of the share icons.
    – Safari not crashing when rotating

  • andy

    What’s changed in ios 8.2 beta 2?

    • rockdude094

      iwatch support

  • Marc O’Brien

    Anyone know if 8.2 fixes the keyboard shortcut issues (deleting ones reappearing & not syncing between devices?

  • 8.2?

  • hamiltonAZ

    Hopefully, 8.2 will fix the myriad bugs of 8.1. Things like the inability to copy and paste in many apps and terrible bluetooth instability to name a couple.

  • Onaje RnbCelebrity

    Is apps still signing 8.1

  • Onaje RnbCelebrity


  • Jonah Emery

    I hope it fixes the Safari battery drain issue I have been having in my 5c

  • Jerry

    hopefully reachablity stops having a mind of its own now and stop working when it wants to

  • Isaac Moncure

    If you compare ios 8.1.1 to ios 8.2 the sliders are different in the settings app

  • mrbofus

    “we’re installing the beta now and will pass along anything notable.”

    It’s been almost three weeks now. Is there nothing notable in the iOS 8.2 beta?

  • Mistah Saif

    When Does 8.2 Beta 1 Expiry

  • Nabil A Swileh

    What about the shortcuts bug? is there a fix in the new update 8.2 🙁

  • Mihir Barik

    Pls emphasis on serching & no service network in iphone 4s with ios 8

  • Tom

    Hey guys does anyone have an idea how long until the 8.2 jailbreak is released? Thanks