Substrate Safe Mode

Substrate Safe Mode, the package that allows jailbreakers to safely boot into Safe Mode and remove uncooperative packages, has been updated to version 0.9.5000. The update, which was pushed by Saurik just recently, fixes a fairly significant issue related to CPU usage.

Safe Mode works similar to the Safe Mode on desktop machines, as it allows you to boot without loading certain extensions, allowing you to troubleshoot problem extensions. Have a look inside for more details.

Substrate SafeMode Cydia Change Log

The update, which takes users from version 0.9.4000 to 0.9.5000, fixes an iOS 8.x issue where the SpringBoard would consume 100% CPU while in Safe Mode. Obviously, that’s a pretty big problem, which can cause things like overheating, rapid battery drain and overall poor performance. Fortunately, not many people stay planted in Safe Mode for long periods of time, so the impact should have been minimal.

With these changes in mind, it is highly recommended that you update to Substrate Safe Mode 0.9.5000 at your earliest convenience. You can do so from the default Cydia repo, and you should see the change after opening Cydia and performing a refresh.

Have you noticed the CPU issues while in Safe Mode? Sound off down below with your thoughts and comments.

  • Vatsal Manot


  • Sofakingstepwit

    I just noticed this issue over the weekend. I installed ISX8 and had a boot loop so I had to boot to safe mode. I then got sidetracked and set my phone down for a few minutes while still in safe mode. Upon returning to my phone I noticed it was pretty warm and I had lost 5-7% on my battery. A reboot alleviated the issue but I’m glad to know it’s fixed for good.

  • Cody

    Now I am for sure upgrading to iOS 8.

  • And still no Winterboard update.

    • Buzz { Light:Year; }

      It already works.

      • Marcus

        There hasn’t been an official update pushed to Cydia for iOS 8. WinterBoard hasn’t been updated since January of 2014.

    • Chris

      Saurik has said when he feels Cydia Substrate and Cydia in general is stable (through his testing); he will then release a Winterboard update to support iOS 8.x 100%.

    • bnat

      Prasoon – disable summerboard mode and wb will work on ios8.

  • Lurker22

    Sure seems like this jailbreak is a lot buggier than in the past…
    Or maybe the devteam just didn’t release until it was thoroughly developed/tested

    • I think it’s just because it came so out of the blue. The time it’s taken for everything to be updated is usually done without the whole JB community badgering the developer to get things done since there’s not been a jailbreak this quickly

  • Tamer

    Unfortunately I can’t see a change in the version number in Cydia!
    Even after rebboting my iPad4, Cydia still showing 0.9.4000 as the latest, noting that below is obvious the Saurik’s note as appear in your article.
    Any idea what I’m facing here ?

  • Straightshoota

    Damn I had just did another fresh restore last night to try and fix this before 8.1.1 dropped. Oh well

    • Rowan09

      I think they are still signing 8.1 as noted in an earlier article.

  • Max

    Since I updated to iOS 8.1 I never experienced Safe Mode.

  • vent

    Help! Springboard crashed after updating the substrate safe mode. Im now stuck at apple logo. How am i going to fix this? TIA

    • Brian May

      Restore while you can with the shift/restore method