Hot on the heels of a major iOS 7 revision, CallBar has been updated to play nice with iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. CallBar is a tweak that makes it possible to make and take calls from anywhere on your device, even while engaged in using another app.

CallBar is a great jailbreak tweak for those of you who feel that iOS’ stock calling features are intrusive. Have a look inside at our video walkthrough for more information on what makes this tweak a must-have.

Since this update doesn’t add any new features to the mix, outside of a new option to answer calls using the CallBar menu while on the Lock screen, the iOS 7 video above still largely applies. Check it out for a detailed overview on CallBar and its features.

It should be noted that while the update touts iOS 8 support and support for the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, the tweak hasn’t been thoroughly tested on the 6 Plus as of yet. With that said, I’ve played with it on my 6 Plus, and haven’t seen any signs of issues.

While CallBar works with non-iPhone iOS devices, such as the iPod touch 5th-gen and iPads, it’s much more beneficial when used with a phone. CallBar does work for FaceTime calls, though, so it can be used with an iPod or iPad if need be.

CallBar is consistently one of my favorite tweaks that I use with my jailbroken phone. It’s a good example of what happens when a good designer—Joshua Tucker—meets a developer who’s handy with the code—Elias Limneos.

What do you think about CallBar? Will you use it? If you’ve already purchased the previous version, then the update is free of charge. If you’re new to the mix, CallBar is $3.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Sound off in the comments down below.


  • byronchurch

    It still locks me into safe mode on my 5s!

  • nigel

    callbar always makes my phone crash…

  • Chris Ryan

    How do u change the opacity of the drop down bar? Mine is so light I can barely see anything

  • Mike Farmer

    It’s a great app, but it crashes the phone way too often. Usually every other call (Iphone 6+ with ios8) I make outbound it will crash, leaving the person on the other end saying “Hello? Hello?” until I come back from the respring into safe mode. I ignored it for awhile but it happens atleast every other outgoing call now.

  • Jonathan Collins

    Awesome jailbreak tweak. I can’t have an iPhone without it!

  • Randy Hall

    Cannot handle call waiting if 1st call was an out bound call using the stock phone app

  • Eddie Hines

    its causing my phone to crash to safe mode too much so i got rid of it

  • Meet

    “Touch to return to call” does not work after installing callbar. I use a mac as well, so i use the continuity feature a lot for calling. After installing call bar i cannot return to call on my iphone, when ive an active call on the mac. Anyone having the same issue & any suggestions for the fix?

  • crz6662

    Need an option to turn off transparency. Can’t see shit in the sun….