Beats Solo2 Wireless (image 002)

A re-engineered version of Beats by Dr. Dre Solo2 headphones, revealed last week in FCC documents, officially went on sale Wednesday morning. Like its predecessor, the new Solo2 Wireless offers much the same features while ditching the cord in favor of Bluetooth-enabled connection which lets you listen to your music wirelessly from up to 30 feet away from the device that you’re streaming from, The Verge reported.

Compared to its wired counterpart, the Solo2 Wireless has the same on-ear design and is available in the same red, black, white and blue variants, with the exception of the red version that remains a Verizon Wireless exclusive through the end of 2014.

It’s kinda interesting that the product is still branded as a Beats accessory as the Apple logo is nowhere to be found on new Solo2 Wireless.

The $300 Solo2 Wireless Headphones mark Beats’s first new hardware product since the $3 billion Apple deal closed. An improved version of the original wired version of the Solo2 headphones debuted the day after Apple announced it was buying Beats Electronics LCC and Beats Music.

“Solo2 Wireless offers the same dynamic sound and streamlined design as Solo2, but with the added benefit of wireless capabilities,” said Beats. The Solo2 Wireless enhanced Beats’s wireless portfolio which includes the Studio headphones and Powerbeats2 earbuds.

Beats Solo2 Wireless (image 001)

Like before, you can take phone calls, skip songs and change the volume using the “b” button and volume buttons on the ear cup. The Solo2 Wireless has a rechargeable battery providing up to twelve hours of wireless music playback.

The included RemoteTalk cable complete with inline mic and remote allows you to continue using the headphones after you’ve run out of juice. Market research firm NPD says the Solo family leads the global headphone market.

Standard edition goes on sale later this month in the United States at and select online retailers with a price tag of $299.95.

The $199.95 Royal Edition of the wired Solo2 with a satin finish in Stone Grey, Hunter Green, Imperial Violet, Blush Rose or Sapphire Blue will be available later this month as well.

[Beats PRBeats by Dr. Dre via The Verge]

  • Dani Hayes

    Over-priced junk.

    • Mini Apple Genius

      Agreed. Samsung charges way too much for pieces of junk.

    • Based on what? Do you have a review of these new headphones stating this or are you just assuming that since the old headphones to many people are “Over-priced junk” that these ones will be too?

      • Diego Milano

        Beats is popularly accepted to be 90% packaging+advertisement and 10% quality. They are overpriced due to the amount of budget they invest on marketing, merchandising and such, but not on the actual devices/products they offer.
        I’m surprised Apple bought this company except for profit.

      • TwinSon

        Uh I had a pair of studios and they sounded great. So….

      • Diego Milano

        Good to know.

      • Alberto Espinal

        Noooo don’t get them, I had them for my birthday and I returned them, and I tell you why: any facial expression you do they will pop out of your ears, the sound is horrible, I played with every settings in the iPhone and I couldn’t get the sound that I wanted out of them, the stock Apple ones sounded better, I kept pushing them in so they will start in my ears, sorry but not worth it, I hope Apple fix them

      • TwinSon

        I’m actually gonna try the Motorola S11, Plantronic Backbeatd or the Jaybirds. The Motorola pair were rated the best wireless earbuds overall and they are only $70 so it’s not so much of a commitment.

      • Valinor

        Seeing as these have the same build as the Beats studio 2 wireless, which I own, I can agree to the fact that these are over-priced junk.
        Got them as a gift, would not have bought them myself.
        Sound is ok, not great.
        Build quality is ok, but the used materials are cheap.
        Not worth 300 dollars, 150 dollars would be more realistic

      • What you are referring to is commonly known as “The Apple Tax”

      • Valinor

        When I bought them, Apple wasn’t in the picture yet. Does this mean I can expect an Apple Tax claim anytime soon :O
        Guess you’re right, they do keep my ears warm, now that its getting colder.
        100 dollars for being Beats
        100 dollars for being wireless
        100 dollars for keeping my ears warm.
        Now the price does make sence 😛

      • Of course the pricing doesn’t make sense unless you look at it from a business perspective. My name is Mr Beats I live for profit I have a huge market share in the highend headphone market. If it ain’t broke why fix it?

      • Gleesh

        You must have something up your ass everyday lmfao

      • yungcinnabun

        Well the regular solos are $150 and on Black Friday they’ll be $80 the beats studio are amazing though

      • Dani Hayes

        Based on a culmination of Beats headphones. All beats are just gimmick products. They offer the same quality sound as their knock offs and poorly made headphones from Wal-Mart. For the price as Beats you can get professional studio headphones with much better sound and build quality.

      • You do know that “beats” producs only use a EQ profile to get a “better” sound right. They use monster cable and most likely the same speakers and internals as any other brand that exists,

    • Diego Milano

      All the reviews I’ve heard and watched about Beats products confirm the quality of these devices is extremely poor for the price tag they offer them.
      I wonder if anyone has a realistic suggestion on a good wireless+mic combo headphone or earbuds -ideally Bluetooth- capable of matching at least the original wired headphones included in every Apple product or even beyond.

  • Chindavon

    Audiophile Homer Experts: “pretty sure these are junk cuz it’s too popular to be any good.”

  • George

    Beats are trash

  • Beats and overpriced are synonymous. Beauty is no excuse for being overpriced, and Audio Technica is a materialized proof of that…

  • yungcinnabun

    Everyone says beats are overpriced junk and sound like crap but beats are made my dre a RAPPER these headphones are made for rap so bring out every part of the snare, bass and loop they still sound good for other genres of music but when you listen to a rap song with a lot of bass they sound insane ie: Camron-killa cam,

  • Tommy Gumbs

    I am in need of new headphones. I will wait to see how the products change next year as Im sure these were designed without real input from Apple.